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  • Sinful Desires - Recommended Books (Book 1)
    25.6K 1.1K 106

    "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one." - George R.R. Martin Follow me on Instagram - @Sinful_Desires_Books2Read

    Completed   Mature
  • A baby for Dana #wattys2016
    3.9M 186K 29

    Dana Jones wants a baby but not a husband or to have the father of the child in their lives, she will do what-ever it takes to have a baby. Jake Rayburn wants his inheritance but in order to get it he must marry and remain married for one year. The two agree to give each other what they want, little did they know that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Evil Intentions
    642K 41.1K 37

    COVER MADE BY SummerLyin---------------Twenty-one-year-old Romero D'Angelo is the only son of Xiomara D'Angelo, Chicago's most feared Italian mafia boss. He would someday take over for his father. Romero was tall, dark hair and because of his good looks had the ladies swooning. One night he and his father were going t...

    Completed   Mature
  • She's My Wife
    453K 32K 32

    Cover made by JeniRaeD-----------------------------------Carrie Matthews lost her husband, Dante almost two years ago in a plane crash, his body was never found. For over a year she was a mess, depressed and heartbroken with having lost the love of her life. But with the help of her husband's friend she was able to fa...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Christmas Promise
    135K 12.3K 21

    COVER MADE BY JeniRaeD-------------------Leah Russell, a twenty-four-year-old from San Diego left her husband of two years on Christmas, divorcing him. Christmas time was always a sad time after that, not wanting to celebrate the holiday she decides to go away, to be alone and forget about her ex. Leaving her family s...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Boss Takes A Wife--Book 2
    245K 16.5K 27

    Cover by JeniRaeD--------------------------------I suggest you read book 1 first to understand the characters. Gabriel Maestri, a wealthy Italian marries the woman he blackmails into sleeping with him when she becomes pregnant. He's arrogant, cruel and ruthless, everyone fears him. Those who cross him live to regret i...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Midnight Caller
    298K 21.5K 36

    Cover made by LilaRose------------------------ Logan Foster, a twenty-seven-year-old male from Boston with dark brown hair and brown eyes works for his brother Alexander's construction site. On Friday night's he hosts a radio show and has been given the title, The Love Doctor. He is arrogant and pure alpha and a playe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blind Love
    921K 53.6K 36

    Cover by JeniRaeD---------------Drake O'Rourke, a twenty-nine-year-old ex-cop from California who now works as a bodyguard has the reputation of being tough, arrogant. He's tall, dark hair with the looks and body that has the women drooling and their panties wet. He drinks too much and plays the field, he doesn't take...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wattpad Favorites
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    For those of you who are looking for some new favorites❣️ (Most of the stories in here have romance in them! Soooo if you don't like those kinds of books umm... I would just go now...) ❥ ❥ ❥ "Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world...

  • It's Just Sex
    3.4M 104K 29

    COVER MADE BY JeniRaeD----------What happens when two people meet, take an instant dislike to one another but are sexually attracted to each other. Both highly addicted to sex and never finding anyone who can fulfill their lust. Meeting at a party they end up having sex, parting ways without even knowing the other one...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pink Dandelion Quarterly_Fall 2019
    1.5K 325 20

    A Chick Lit-erary Magazine for writers & readers of contemporary women's fiction. In this premier Pumpkin Spice Chick Lit Issue you'll find: Short Stories Flash Fictions Author Interview Essay on Chick Lit Book Review How to Write Good Sex Scenes Two CONTESTS! Enter our Pumpkin Spice Contest Drawing for a chance to...

  • User Guide to WPAfterDark
    8.2K 196 7

    What is Wattpad AfterDark? How do I become a featured author? Who is the team behind the profile? Find this out and more here in the Wattpad AfterDark User Guide

  • Amazon Warrior | ★★★★★
    21.6K 2.4K 65

    FEATURED IN HUMOR I understand that you may think you're hilarious, but you're not. You're hurting my rating which is hurting my business. Take down your review. ___ Hello GideonToysLLC I understand that you may have a stick up your butt. Did you ever think that there was actually a reason why I gave your product a lo...

  • Hero of the Knight
    118 19 2

    Darkness lurks in the dead of night. It has come to seek, kill- hunt and destroy. Its wrath will consume my past, present, and future until there is nothing left but mysterious myths. These myths are my reality- my only enlightened dreams come to life. Full teaser inside. Coming soon. Add to a reading list for update...

  • True Love's Ghost
    4.5M 220K 52

    Heaven and Earth collide in the number #1 Wattpad hit 'True Love's Ghost'. "Before we came to Wentworth, my life seemed pretty ordinary. I didn't see dead boys. I wasn't in love with one, and any drama was of the regular kind..." When Angeline meets handsome Tom one afternoon in the derelict wing of a stately home, sh...

  • The Meaning Behind It All [Re-Writing]
    1.2K 158 17

    ■Completed■ This is a true story about a girl overcoming her anxiety to find her future husband. Brokenness aside, she found that God loved her, and that a wonderful man could too, despite what she had heard all her life. The real story starts when Bree meets Jack, a sweet and thoughtful man, a complete 180 from all t...

  • Riverside Reviews |OPEN|
    2.8K 364 38

    Hello everyone! I decided to write reviews! If you have a book that you'd like to be reviewed, please read the guidelines inside of this book!

  • Try
    7.7K 723 22

    "I want you, River. God, I really want you and all you do is push me away. Fuck what everyone thinks. Fuck judgements. I accept you as you are". • Eighteen year old River has been struggling with chronic pain for years. She keeps people at a distance, because she's afraid of being a burden to them, until she meets Daw...

  • Edition #4 Meet The Authors (April 2019 To September 2019)
    3.1K 519 200

    (Complete) Enjoy interviews from a wide range of Wattpad writers. Locate some similarities or differences, that you might share with a fellow authors. Find intriguing story recommendations. Cover by @Adrianna_over_here To become a featured applicant, please send me a private message or comment on the first chapter o...

  • Silver Bullets (Revamping)
    831 178 10

    HIGHEST RANKING #4-Suspenseful #2-must-read #129-terror #40-risk "You're lying he would never risk his face being seen!" "For you, he would do anything." Just then I heard the shattering of glass and felt a stabbing sensation in my neck. A red tranquilizer was what I found before turning around to see a blurry image...

  • Run Over
    29.8K 2.9K 35

    🎵Featured Wattpad Story🎵 "Myla is my spirit animal!" - *Wattpad reader. A recently dumped, accident-prone photographer is trying to get her mess of a life back on track when she accidentally runs over a mysterious man. In this hilarious, awkward, swoon-filled romance, follow the ridiculous adventure of Myla and her...

  • The Cover Cafe |Closed|
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  • Ethereal Affliction
    5.6K 26 4

    After a beloved teacher goes missing, Ethereal Summers' only hope to overcome her anxiety, was to forget about her past, including a boy she once loved. Greyson James didn't intend to be spellbound by the secretive girl who worked in the library. Her angelic beauty, outlook on life, and odd familiarity could easily be...

  • Gavin and Roxanne ✔️
    2.7K 266 11

    Orchestral percussionist Gavin McKee just might be having the worst week of his life. It wasn't enough that his longtime girlfriend dumped him for another man. Just a few days later, his dog had to die unexpectedly. It's no wonder, then, that Gavin falls into a deep funk. He tries to keep up some semblance of normalc...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rosalie Porter's Hot & Steamy Sex Scandal
    131K 6.5K 40

    Rosalie Porter is an instant celebrity...and not in a good way. When her secret affair with hot, young Congressman Jett Hunt hits the tabloids, the 22-year-old high school English teacher suddenly finds herself the focus of a media firestorm. Disgraced, dumped, and desperate for a do-over (and incidentally with a baby...

  • Make Me Yours
    1.5K 273 16

    This is a love story in honor of the 2015 Wattys. Make Me Yours is a story that is about a love story between a princess and her romantic interest. Love is everlasting-that is the theme in this story! Throw in a few twists here and there and you have a story that is build to show the struggles of an fantasy Romeo & Ju...

  • Perfect Lies -A Billionaire Romance
    1.5M 49K 61

    (Not edited. If you notice any typos or mistakes kindly point it out) ∆Featured in Wattpad's Dangerous love profile's 'feature on dangerous love' reading list~ ∆Hades(1st place) in Drama category and Moirae(most surprising) in Romance category in the Acheron Awards 2019~ ∆Runner-up in the badboy category of Earnesty'...

  • No Strings Attached
    2.9M 142K 44

    Two cities. Two broken hearts. And one pact. ... Vice President of a prestigious PR firm, Scarlett's life is consumed with work. To push back the harsh memories of her past, the untimely end to her short-lived marriage, she has managed to make it to the top by devoting herself to her profession... to everyone but he...

    Completed   Mature