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  • happiness ¤ jjk×myg
    45.7K 2.2K 23

    because jeon jungkook and min yoongi are destined to be together in every universe. - 》jeon jungkook × min yoongi《 [oneshots.]

  • Don't You Dare Jungkook
    59.5K 2.8K 33

    Yoongi and Jungkook go through a whole journey just to discover their past together and realize that Jungkook's family is crazy, Yoongi has weird tastes, Jimin doesn't know what's going on, neither does Tae, Namjoon has his own thing, Jin is tired and Hoseok just wants to help.

  • BLISS [y.kook]
    272K 19.6K 83

    what happened to bliss? #639 in fanfiction #444 in fanfiction #361 in fanfiction #287 in fanfiction #213 in fanfiction

    Completed   Mature
  • mistletoe
    1.1K 44 2

    yoongi finds himself standing under a mistletoe for a ten minutes while jungkook plays overwatch on the living room.

  • roof
    14.6K 1.2K 37


    Completed   Mature
    370K 19.5K 46

    Min Yoongi tries his best to give off a bad boy persona, and let's just say Jeon Jungkook is the only person that can see through his lies.

  • Bag Boy 無 Yoonkook
    1.6K 114 3

    The bag boy looked at the pretty boy as he skipped into the store, his big yellow bow and bright white hair making heads turn. His included. The mayonnaise jar he was trying to put into a bag dropped to the floor with a crash, and he gasped as he stepped back, slipping on the mayonnaise spilled all around his feet and...

  • UNKNOWN {Yoonkook}
    1.1K 74 3

    Yoongi gets a text from some unknown person who tells barely anything about himself. This 'person' lives in the same area, goes to the same school, and is the same age. But, the person is unknown.

    129K 10.1K 43

    ❝ When I'm fucked up, that's the real me! ❞ In which Jungkook can't hide his lies. min yoongi | jeon jungkook

  • camboy ♡ yoonkook
    473K 21.4K 44

    "my viewers control me, let me do things under their dominance. I am their slave, and I love it" started: october '17 ended: february '18 highest rankings: #1 in 'bottomyoongi' (MAY '18) #3 in 'yoongi' (JAN '19) #5 in 'yoonkook' (MAY'18) reached: 100k reads: february '18 200k reads: august '18 300k reads: january '19 ...

    Completed   Mature
  • 제발 ≪ YOONKOOK
    51.8K 2.1K 8

    "Don't tell him, please!" "What if we do?" "Okay, I worded that incorrectly- tell him and you're all failed."

  • The Shadow Boy | Sugakookie
    8.3K 365 10

    "why does that boy always sit in the corner and not talk?" "oh we're not sure either. but his name is min yoongi. we call him The Shadow Boy." "why?" "because he's always hiding in the shadows, away from society." began: 9/9/17 ended: -/-/- college au age alterations homosexual implied bottom yoongi (short chapters...

  • Snapchat-M.yg+J.jk
    19.5K 1.1K 15

    Jeon Jungkook and Min yoongi fall in love through Snapchat.

  • Beautiful Boy
    153K 5.2K 29

    Suga (Min Yoongi) loves Jungkook Jungkook is clueless... or is he??

  • My Best Friend II
    34.5K 1.7K 8

  • My Best Friend
    75.2K 3K 11

  • Red Rose
    41.8K 1.5K 12

    Yoongi meets a new man. When Yoongi thirst for this new man's attention, not realizing this man is Jeon Jungkook, his boss, he asks for help from a coworker and close friend because of her 'expirience' with yaoi (manga). Will she lead him to a direction, right or wrong? Yoonkook/sugakookie Yoongi-bottom Jungkook-to...

    Completed   Mature
  • |Correction|
    4.2K 327 11

    Jungkook sighed quietly, resting his chin on the palm of his hand as he stared out the slightly dirty car window- admiring the passing scenery. His dark eyes captured the many trees and mountains in the distance as his mind began running wild, thoughts becoming slightly jumbled together into a mass of nonsense. His mo...

  • new beautiful
    43.2K 1.3K 10


    Completed   Mature
  • thick skin, yoonkook.
    14.4K 736 13

    life is tough but so are you.

  • fourteen days » yoonkook [ #Wattys2017 ]
    143K 7.1K 23

    » [completed] « there's a silly belief that if you set your crush's photo for fourteen days, on the fifteenth day, you'll end up with him or her. [sloppily written | no editing made] © fuckedbyoongi

  • Mini Mimi | Yoon.kook
    27.6K 1.3K 14

    He was known as Mini Mimi; a cute name for a cute boy. But, why is Mini Mimi being ignored? ©cherryyoonki

  • GirlFriend | Yoonkook
    80.7K 2.9K 13

    "Be my girlfriend?" "Um I'm a boy."

    Completed   Mature
  • everything ||| yoonkook
    40K 2.2K 14

    Yoongi is bored of 'the Jeon' disturbing him with everything. But Jungkook will never stop until he gets what he wants. He wants his 'everything'. 》@allienJeon 《 Short chapters, short story. It's fluff ^-^ Nothing but fluff to be exact~ xD Not my first language, I might make mistakes, sorry. I hope you have fun readi...

  • Black {m.yg + j.jk}
    112K 6.3K 18

    Jungkook can see people's auras, either with how they react to things or with how they speak. Black is the only color he never wants to see. Yoongi is a transfer, and he doesn't speak. There is only one way for Jungkook to figure out his aura, and the results aren't what he wants. ~ Book 1 in the "Black" series

  • Cam Boy ft. MYG & JJG
    9.1K 299 9

    *MilkyWhiteSugaBaby is live!* *BunnyDaddyGuk joined the live stream* BunnyDaddyGuk: hey babyboy, wanna have some fun ;) A story where Yoongi (19) or better knows as MilkyWhiteSugaBaby is a cam boy And his favorite watcher BunnyDaddyGuk (Jungkook [23]) are having fun and maybe pm'ing later Side note: I know suga is old...

  • Sugakookie
    37.9K 1.6K 5

    In which Jungkook is in love with Yoongi, and Yoongi is completely oblivious.

  • teach [yoonkook]
    104K 4.1K 10

    "you've taught me a lot of things, hyung. i want to teach you something." (min yoongi + jeon jungkook)

  • YoonKook
    2.7K 59 4

    MYG+JJK One shots ©SiKook97 Started: 2017| 08| 28 --- BTS or anything related to them does not belong to me, the story line and any OC's that will appear are mine.

  • HAIR // myg x jjk
    46.1K 1.7K 10

    "why the fuck is my hair color pink?" - if you dye your hair, your soulmate's hair color changes too. in which yoongi frequently changes his hair color, and jungkook gets in trouble for that. [YoonKook Soulmate Series 1] © yeochin_