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  • Believe in Second Chances
    3.4K 273 29

    [TW: flashbacks of sexual, emotional and physical abuse, drugs, eating disorder] DON'T BE DISCOURAGED BY LACK OF UPDATES, I'M STILL WRITING AND WILL UPDATE EVENTUALLY, NOT DISCONTINUED!!! Kylie Sprinter. Just a normal 25 year old with no idea about the future, living with her soon-to-be-moving-away best friend. Of cou...

  • It's Time
    1.8K 166 31

    Sequel to Love Is A Polaroid.

  • Imagine That
    5.8K 215 22

    Before Imagine Dragons, the guys were just... That. Guys. Dan Reynolds was the star of his grade. Athletic, great looks, good grades. Everything was going for him. Isabelle Chandler was pretty much the opposite; a couple of friends, music and art filled her world. That is, until both of them throw each o...

  • It's Time
    8K 350 33

    Aja Volkman is a teenage girl who gets abused by her parents. Her parents and her brother don't give a crap about her life. She gets bullied in school and she's hardly getting good grades. Can her life get any worse? Then she meets a handsome boy, Dan Reynolds, her life changes. But is it for the good? Pg.13

  • Imagine Possibility
    6.8K 311 35

    By Madison Larson

  • What if I can Imagine Dragons?
    2.3K 62 13

    Rachel is 18 years old and her best friends are Dan and Wayne but will 'just being friends' change?

  • Guess Which Imagine Dragons Song
    8.2K 551 34

    Test your lyric knowledge of some Imagine Dragons songs-- no cheating! •°•°•°• Cover by @RagingTsuki •°•°•°•

  • Sorrows Tied
    3.1K 177 50

    Imagine Dragons fanfic This is the sequel of "Hell And Silence". Amy and Daniel are still together after high school. But now they're 25 years old and so many things have changed. Amy has her own band and sometimes it seems like the tours are ripping everything apart. Calls at irregular times seem to be the savior f...

  • We Are Fallen-Imagine Dragons fanfic
    21.9K 698 13

    Carlie goes to an Imagine Dragons concert and soon falls in love with the lead singer, will their relationship be perfect?

  • Hell And Silence
    7.4K 497 45

    16 year old Amyrose Blom has always been a outcast. She is a little different than others and constantly depressed when she's alone. Her life has been filled with things a child should never experience. Being constantly moved between different foster care homes, she has trust issues. Maybe there's light in a room full...

  • The Dragon I Imagined
    389 22 1

  • Speak To Me
    757 45 7

    Sequel to "Imagine Possibility", (An Imagine Dragons Fanfic). Dan begins his new life, but he's missing something.. With that empty feeling inside, music is the only thing that runs through him.

  • "Honest Mistake"
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  • Dream | Imagine Dragons
    4.8K 286 19

    We all are living in a dream, but life ain't what it seems... - Imagine Dragons ☣ Cassandra Phillips and Dan Reynolds are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. Where he is dark, she is light. Where he is deep, she is shallow. They are next-door neighbors, and being near each other often has brought them to h...

  • Seeing Eye to Eye
    1.4K 46 8

    What happens when two lyric masterminds who are complete opposites at first glance, begin to see eye to eye?

  • Living In A Dream
    3.5K 258 51

    In some nights, Jade dreams of a guy. It has been like this since, oh, how long now? A couple of months? For the last couple of months Jade can remember; she has dreamt of a guy with long chocolate brown hair and ice blue eyes. He has a sweet voice that she always carries with her. The guy and Jade are best friends a...

  • A Cold Night's Intake
    306 10 2

    It's the last little bit of touring for the 2015 leg of the Smoke + Mirrors tour for Imagine Dragons. They are working their butts off to make these last few shows count. Combatting cold weather, pain, and exhaustion to end the year on a high note. But this little bit more pushing could become a bigger issue for a cer...

  • Love is a Polaroid
    3.2K 189 22

  • You're the only one who can save me
    554 34 3

    Dan Reynolds love story. This is just completely based off a dream I had , personal background, and other stuff. Mostly fiction. Hope you like it. Love u my fellow FireBreathers(:

  • Something New
    2.6K 103 12

    Dan Reynolds. That type of guy you'd think has courage in every bit of him.

  • The New Kids
    1.9K 58 19

    Jackie is a shy teenager who does't have much going for her. How will that change when a new band moves into town? How will her relationship with them affect everything else in her life?

  • Maybe If I Fall Asleep: Imagine Dragons Fanfic
    12.8K 546 12

    Ryan Staff is a medical student living in a dingy apartment with her roommate, Callie. Their favorite band, Imagine Dragons, is playing in their city. And they go. Sounds pretty normal, right? Wrong. When Ryan runs into- and I mean runs into- Dan Reynolds, things begin to spiral out of control, and she soon learns tha...

  • If I Recover
    753 64 3

    "I'm a fuck-up. Aren't we all just drunk on our own misery?" :::: Dan Reynolds has just been admitted to Third Oak psych hospital. It might as well be hell to him, and after what he's been through, he just wants to leave. But amidst white walls and fake smiles, he may just find true friendship. :::: trigger warning if...

  • Sometimes
    507 21 1

    You're afraid, maybe of the others, maybe the pills, maybe yourself.

  • Take Me Back
    813 53 2

    Wayne Sermon is the guitarist of the biggest rock band in the world. No, not Imagine Dragons, they broke up years ago. Smashing Fairytale, which he definitely didn't name after a lyric his old band wrote a long time ago as a way to remember them. But still, he feels something's missing. On a trip to his old favorite c...

  • Love You
    638 29 1

    Sequel to Hate. Wayne and Dan are 2,717.6 miles away, starting their freshman year of college. All they have for communication is technology. This is their story, told through text messages. tw//dark themes

  • Imagine Dragons Imagines
    34.8K 1K 31

    Imagines about one of the most talented rock band in the world. Including chapters with Dan, Daniel, Wayne, and Ben. Made for all Firebreathers!

  • Demons - Imagine Dragons Horror
    3.2K 289 14

    I was normal. My life was normal. My friends were normal. Everything seemed to be normal. That is until that one night I came up with the stupid idea of taking the band camping. Nothing could go wrong right? I was wrong. Terribly wrong. I regret it to this day, I just wish everything would stop. The continuous nightma...

  • Tales From the Dragon Cave
    3.6K 187 13

    Writing and recording an album has a way of bringing people closer. Every song has a story.