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  • seasons | ᴵᴷᴼᴺ
    7.2K 297 8

    ㅡ ❝I hope our memories are like the sunset, short and beautiful.❞ collection of my iKON oneshots/imagines.

  • response of souls | ᴷᴴᴮ × ᴷᴶᵂ
    18.8K 932 34

    ㅡ ❝there are no words for what I did, what I did for you.❞ all those years ago they had lost two of their best friends & Hanbin also lost his 'one true love'. now, four years have passed, but Hanbin still had to suffer due to the memories hunting him by day & by night. little did they know that two dangerous men were...

  • Sherlock Holmes Series
    74.2K 2.2K 21

    Kumpulan cerita sherlock holmes yang mungkin belum terbaca

  • Work Hard, Love Hard | Double B (In Bahasa)
    9.5K 761 5

    [ iKon Fic ] Maybe Hanbin works too hard and thinks too much. While Jiwon loves too much and shows too little. [DoubleB ; Bobby X B.I ; Jiwon X Hanbin]