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  • Pregnant With The Bad Boy's Baby || Lucaya
    32.7K 1.1K 43

    Maya attends a party after she was invited by her friend, Katherine. Only to get caught up in a surreptitious bet made by the bad boy and his friends. Which results in her becoming pregnant.

    Completed   Mature
  • Senior Year Of Unexpected Events (UNDER RECONSTRUCTION)
    22.9K 720 22

    Freshman year Maya left. Two and half years later she's back with a something that catches everyone's attention. Especially a certain someone who goes by the name of Lucas.

  • Caught In The Middle
    43.1K 1.4K 48

    Maya Hart begins a relationship with her customer Lucas Friar who is recently in the middle of a divorce and a father to a 10 year old girl named Maggie. The two end up falling for reach other but then drama arises when Maggie's not too keen on having Maya be a part of her life. In all of this Maya discovers that sh...

  • Room 221 || Lucaya
    35.3K 1.5K 19

    College. College is like a pool of students all trying navigate their way and find themselves all in the process. Thousands of them all at one time. The chances of meeting a certain person are slim. If you happen to meet someone in college, it was meant to happen. Maya Hart, the rebellious and uncontrolled teen wit...

  • tainted.
    34K 1.1K 32

    noun- dullness of color; loss of brightness

  • Thirty One Things I Never Told You
    55K 2.9K 28

    Based on Lucaya. Maya is in love, she has liked Lucas for such a long time but she always holds back and never tells him what she feels. This is a story of their collage life as friends, and all the things that Maya never said.

  • The flower stall. (Lucaya//GMW)
    3.2K 185 26

    After starting a new life on his own, Lucas Frair receives mysterious flowers followed by bundles of flowers each day, but due to his memory loss back in collage, he can't recall who this secret admirer may be..... A mystery/ romance story. //LUCAYA GMW// -Minkus

  • Summer Love
    20.1K 1K 26

    What do you get when you stick a nerd, a rebel, a flirt, and a cowboy in a trailer for a 2-week road trip together? Total chaos. Or maybe not? Riley Matthews is excited for summer break, and a road trip to visit family all over the east coast. But when her BFF Maya and two of their friends, Farkle and Lucas, join on t...

  • His Whole Life Stand
    8K 265 26

    Lucas Friar is the biggest fuckboy at NY college, hook up with Maya Hart, the new student from California, she was supposed to be his one night stand, what happens if they stay a little longer ?

  • Don't Hurt Her
    20.3K 907 22

    "Let me go!" I heard someone yell. "Shh, Zay do you hear that?" "Let me go!" I heard once more. "Shit! It's Maya!" I yelled to Zay and ran inside the house. TIME SKIP "Lucas? What's going on?" She said groggy. "Maya... I- how- how much did you see." "Lucas answer my question what the hell is going on!" "Maya calm d...

  • Breaking the Bad Boy↣lucaya(completed)
    57.4K 2.6K 31

    in which a girl manages to break the bad boy. WARNING: MY FIRST COMPLETED BOOK! CRINGE FEST AHEAD!

    Completed   Mature
  • Going Viral
    28.5K 1.4K 31

    Meet 'Hope xo' other know as Maya Hart, yet no one except her bestfriend Riley knows that. Shes your average girl by day and a blogger who's went viral by night. During the holidays something unexpected happens and she meets the boy of her dreams. How will she learn to live a double life whilst keeping her online fame...

    Completed   Mature
  • privileged » lucaya
    20.9K 693 16

    but all you really want is for me to stay .

    Completed   Mature
  • The Un-Loved Ones
    35.4K 1.4K 47

    What will happen when five unloved strangers will find love in each other? Lucas is the school's fuckboy and is always getting into trouble with Maya, the school's badass. Riley and Farkle are always getting bullied and Zay is a loner. They're all unloved, but together they'll find the love they never had. (Lucaya ~Ri...

  • Good Girl Gone Bad
    92.7K 4.3K 38

    Lucas got new friends who have bad influence on him. He changes and hurts mayas feelings. She disapears. Will Maya ever come back? Will she forgive Lucas? A Lucaya / Laya Fanficition.

  • Cowboy's Tombstone (Completed)
    12.9K 556 32

    Maya, Lucas, Riley, Farkle, Zay and Charlie are all in High school and have interesting encounter with some not so good things. Gangs, Farkle has a secret and Maya and Lucas get dragged into it. but where will this bring them some where bright to where they can shine together. Riley why so sad, Charlie may have somthi...

    Completed   Mature
  • SCREAM [ GMW ]
    7.5K 461 27

    ❝the best secrets are the most twisted❞ clutterfriar 2016©

    Completed   Mature
  • maybe ❊ m.h - l.f
    11K 553 17

    "will you ever tell me who you are?" "maybe" lucas falls for maya, but he doesn't know it yet ❊ warning: mature content ❊ completed: 08/15/17

    Completed   Mature
  • Came With a Scream
    1.5K 38 7

    Halloween special! Lucas and Maya have gone through some shit but beside that, there's been a murder. Everyone's a suspect and the killer will have everyone with their jaws to the ground.

  • messages • m.l
    416K 20.4K 69

    everything starts with a little crush and ends with a hell of a lot of tears. ♡ won best lucaya social media book in fall gmw awards and best lucaya book in gmw account/stories awards ♡

  • but you want her » lucaya
    147K 4K 20

    "i'm jealous of the rain, that falls upon your skin, it's closer then I've ever been" .

  • Scandal {LUCAYA}
    65.3K 1.6K 17

    Maya & Lucas had a little too much fun after babysitting one night. What happens when Rucas is supposed to be the "it" couple and word spills out about Lucaya? Read to find out

  • ✘Con Artists✘ {lucaya|riarkle}~[gmw]
    37.5K 1.8K 52

    "Be careful with who you trust, the devil was once an angel." [lucaya|riarkle| a little zayadora] (lucaya dominant) {lowkey "Now You See Me" inspired}

  • Captivating
    16.3K 423 34

    Lucas has been dating Riley for a few years but what happens when he starts to realize there is someone else who he feels "captivated" by?

    Completed   Mature
  • Maybe (lucaya)| AU
    649 17 8

    maybe I'm a fool for distancing myself from you maybe that why i couldn't end with that i loved you because for some reason i couldn't accept that maybe just maybe you might of loved me too - a story in which he let her go... ...but she hadn't let go of him

    Completed   Mature
  • Girl Meets Beacon Hills || TW + GMW
    7.5K 387 27

    A Teen Wolf / Girl Meets World crossover. Following nine main characters, a story divided into three parts gives a deeper insight into the secrets hidden within the town of Beacon Hills. Part A - Maya Clutterbucket, Lucas Dunbar, Stiles Stilinski Part B - Farkle Martin, Malia Dunbar, Lydia Martin Part C - Riley McCall...

  • My Sister's Legacy
    10K 717 23

    Cara Hart is a superstar. Maya Hart is an ordinary nobody. Cara Hart is seventeen and living her dreams as she travels the world. Maya Hart is seventeen and dreams of the world she wished she lived in. Cara Hart is the model daughter, while Maya Hart is just... not. What will happen when Cara comes home to see her you...

  • the blonde new girl | lucaya
    93.6K 2.5K 21

    this is a story in which the crazy matthew's family meets maya hart. the matthew's include ava, the yougest, lucas friar the most popular jock in school aka riley's older brother. riley = cheer captain most popular girl in school.. well until a certain hart is introduced. anyway, in most stories the cheer captin and t...

  • Falling For the Nerd// Lucaya
    66.1K 2.1K 22

    Maya Hart is your average nerd, with the thick glasses, jokes that make no sense, and her clothing choice isn't the best. She has one friend...Riley Matthews Lucas Frier is the hottest guy around, getting all the girls and dump them the next day, plays football and of course is the quarterback What happens when Lucas...

    19.7K 477 29

    On maya harts first day of Baby sitting she expects an easy night, when she first arrived the child is missing and His parents had already left for date night. Plus she showers... But not by herself

    Completed   Mature