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  • EMPIRE. bg survival af !
    18K 1.5K 29

    a battle commences between the members of five boy groups who all debuted in the same year in order to determine the "real number one". ▎© milktops

  • PROJECT X. co-ed applyfic !
    53.6K 5.1K 91

    #3RD BOOK male and female trainees compete for spots in a ten member co-ed group. ▎© milktops

  • PROJECT VEROSE. gg applyfic !
    66.9K 5.4K 85

    #2ND BOOK female trainees with similar hopes and dreams take on the thorny road of flowers together with no regrets. ▎© milktops

  • PROJECT SOLSTICE. bg applyfic !
    48.9K 5.1K 95

    #1ST BOOK male trainees from two different places are brought together to form what they call, an "ultimate lineup". ▎© milktops