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  • Midnight: You Haven't Seen The Evil Yet
    3.9K 247 63

    You've been a natural born Brine this whole time. There's a possibility that our family ties into Herobrine's actually." Midnight didn't say anything at first she couldn't handle it; normally she could handle anything, but not this time. Midnight let out a small cry and covered her eyes, now she knew the truth and the...

  • Dimensions
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    This series, although it will vary and will have many lovable and hated characters, this story holds a whole bigger meaning but to under stand it, you'll just have to read it. It does contain violence and some vulgar language but is a good book nonetheless.This is just the start of the series. (special thanks to Toxi...

  • OceanDoesStuff
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    Random book of stuff! :3

  • Wretched
    6.4K 206 31

    After the war with F.E.A.R, The Black Veil Brides were lost and they had separated from fights, terror, and Eve, only seeming to be seeing each other when the time was right. Until Rebekah came along... this story is of how Rebekah came to realized that this forbidden kingdom was her home all along. She was never goin...

  • Midnight: The Fiery Flames of the Nether
    9.4K 446 64

    "What-Just how?!" I screamed. "Magic.." He said with a sly grin as my now brown eyes, darted back and forth from the mirror then to him. "Enjoy your stay." Was all he said before walking out locking me back in. I clutched my stomach as a knife like piercing released itself through me. He was right I was no lon...

  • Are we brave enough?
    12.4K 1K 41

    For the 600+ foxes who have joint the Fox Armada, the characters, Phil an I invite you to make us do embarrassing, funny and hilarious truths or dares on us. And the catch, there is none. We have to do every single one. Find out if we're brave enough.

  • Q&A For the foxes! (200 follower special)
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    Ask me things and I shall answer!

  • Herobrine
    11.5K 682 16

    The story of Herobrine himself. He wasn't always how he is now.

  • Friday 13th Flop (Minecraft/PJ crossover)
    7.3K 373 14

    Do I really need to go into detail? Basically what happens is Crystal, the daughter of Herobrine, is taken out of the world of minecraft and placed in camp half blood after the giant war. How will Percy and the gang respond? What. Will Crystal doin this new world? Read on to find out. (You might also want To read the...

  • The Troubles of Herobrine's Children
    195K 6K 42

    This is the sequel to ' The Daughter of Herobrine' please read that one first so you don't get confused. I will not put the description here but it will be the first or second chapter

  • Funny as Sh!t!!! (Pick Up Lines):
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    Funny pick up lines to give you some material to work with or some laughs, enjoy lovelies!

    Completed   Mature
  • Herobrine's Curse (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
    167 7 3

    Earl Byron is getting married and has a child on the way when his wife dies and he is cursed, cursed to live an eternal life with no love, until, in the future by 200 years (2014, he was in the 1800s) he is now called Herobrine, and he terrorizes the citizens of Minecraftia, all because the curse gave him a cold heart...

  • The Sapphire Dilemma
    68 4 1

    My life used to be normal- until I found the Sapphire. After that, well, my life was a living Hell. This is my story....