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  • Wild Space
    2.7K 275 53

    Lillian liana parker was never a person to mull over romance and such shenanigans. But when her eighteenth birthday came around with much secrets that can last until her lifetime; she was met with many Catch-22s forcing her to make choices and take sides. But, whatever it may be, Lily never thought she could fall in l...

  • Haunted.| ✓
    7.2K 630 24

    Haunted: Some stories are best left alone. Hidden beneath thick layers of folded memories lies an old mansion, laced with mysteries, uncertainties and secrets. Accidentally discovering the existence of such a place; the trio who was back home from college for their vacation, decided to have a look around. Never ever d...

  • Chubby Cheeks.| ✓
    174K 5.3K 49

    Chubby Cheeks accomplished #3 on 7/4/16. ♥ #2 on 7/11/16 When Lena mocked Angela that she will die as a Dry Hag, Angela cried a lot cursing her grisly fate of being the fattest girl in her school. But, who knew that falling in love was this simple. Every love has to pay a price... ...