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  • Smile
    214K 9.4K 27

    Daiha Smith has everything, or, so it seems. Her dad received a promotion, and with that promotion, her family seemed to gain everything. But Daiha lost a lot in the process. Her parents are never home anymore, her sister cares more about her friends than her family, and Daiha has yet to escape the cruel remarks, evil...

  • Snowcones
    137K 8.5K 31

    A WATTPAD FEATURED SHORT STORY She liked blueberry, but he claimed cherry was the best. He was the expert on snow cone flavors, but she still didn't believe him. Because of this, they fell in love.

  • The Billionaire of New York City
    209K 6.9K 26

    Kyla Owens is in desperate need of a job or else she will be forced to go back to her unwelcoming family in Chicago. Fortunately she finds herself working for one of the few billionaires in New York City. Did I mention he was dark, tall, and unforgivably attractive?

  • 69 Days Without You ✔ [COMPLETED] #Wattys2016
    1.6M 107K 45

    {Highest Ranking: #1 in Short Story} Liam Walker's life changes drastically when he watches his best friend Allison Parker get hit by a car. The injuries are so bad that Allie ends up in a coma, leaving Liam devastated. He visits her at the hospital as often as possible, wishing for nothing more than to see her wake...

  • Prank Call
    86K 5.1K 24

    Would you do a dare? Even if it means risking your ass from getting called the cops on or even roasted?...... ❝ Are you alone? ❞ ❝ What excuse you? ❞ Is that really the kind of question you would want to ask a girl? At night? At exactly 3:00 am? Especially Quinn Williams? I...

  • Mr CEOs Assistant
    446K 14.7K 44

    Alec Smith is a 23 year old American C.E.O. He is handsome,gorgeous, hot and cold hearted. He is the C.E.O of the Smith's and co. company that owns a hundreds of hotels,bars and five star restaurants. He isn't friendly to anyone but his family and best friend. While Samantha William is a typical 21 year old American g...

  • Whipped (Editing) ✔
    5.1M 276K 35

    When Sheriff's daughter, Maisie, is about to lose her grandmother's bakery, she enlists the help of four delinquents who are seconds away from prison.

  • Lost Royalty
    2.7M 117K 40

    |COMPLETED | HIGHEST RANKING #1 IN HISTORICAL FICTION| Her presence was once one that enamoured the masses. A beautiful young princess whose destiny seemed to be set in a life of royal balls and princes. But her abrupt absence filled the hearts of so many with anguish and sorrow. On her seventh birthday, Princess Eliz...

  • It Started With A High Top
    14.4M 592K 29

    Anne De Ville accidentally drops her new shoes down the stairs and they hit Hunter Denegan's head - will the bad boy become her prince charming? ***** Anne De Ville is in no way exceptional - or so she thinks. On an ordinary sunny day, Anne decides...

  • 00:00
    4.9M 368K 64

    At 00:00, Cinderella ran away from her prince, leaving a glass slipper on the marbled steps of the grand staircase. At 00:00, I ran away from him. But unlike Cinderella, I didn't leave a single thing behind. - All Rights Reserved © sonderingly on wattpad #1 in short story [030916] Best Short Story [The Fiction Awards...

  • I'm Back Bitches
    14M 496K 66

    "Hey there beautiful, wanna go out sometime?" He asked with a slight smirk. "With you?" I asked in a sweet voice. "Sure thing baby girl" He replied. I faced him, slightly moving closer. "You know what I really want?" I asked in a seductive tone. "Mhm?" he asked, his eyes filled with lust. I slowly leaned forward, plac...

  • The Girl In Black
    19.6M 909K 70

    Nova can't escape the rich town of Riverside, where a tragedy follows her every step, but she can work to uncover who's been lying to her all these years. ***** When seventeen-year-old Nova Nightingale returns to her late mother's hometown the last...