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  • FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS {Angelina Jolie/You)
    2.4K 152 5

    being Angelina Jolies Lawyer was simple. Until it wasn't. Angelina: 35 Years old Y/n: 28 years old and G!P

  • Saints and Sinners 2 | COMPLETED PART 2
    137K 5.8K 36

    Part 2. Newly wedded, The Fentys try to navigate life as life partners, parents and also individuals.

  • Saints and Sinners | COMPLETED PART 1
    293K 10.6K 33

    A gangster falls for a southern belle. Will she be able to tame her? A Rihyoncé story

  • Kameron Jenner
    202K 2.4K 31

    Meet Kameron Jenner, Kylie Jenner's twin sister. Instagram//Storyline mix. hope you enjoy :)))

  • The Cop (Ariana/You)
    142K 4.9K 32

    When I'm with her, for the first time in a long time, I didn't have to be on guard.

  • Hers 2 (Ruby Rose)
    131K 5.9K 31

    BOOK 2 After fleeing to Mexico for a fresh start, Ruby and Ellis hope that they can live the rest of their lives together, free of problems that they once faced. However, trouble is only beginning, as Ruby not only faces demons but is also recognized by a model scout who slowly makes her famous. Will Ruby's increasi...

  • Hers (Ruby Rose)
    747K 25K 52

    Ellis has never been with a woman. It is not until an attractive and rebellious Australian girl named Ruby Rose enters her life, making her question her sexuality and showering her with mixed signals and money. However, her new roommate doesn't seem to be too fond of Ellis, but continues to be overprotective over her...

  • A SwanQueen Story
    58.2K 2.2K 37

    Henry feels something is missing in his life, he feels like Regina doesn't love him so he goes to find someone to make him family whole.

  • Illusions
    40.7K 2K 30

    Undercover detective, Emma Swan, is sent from the big city life of New York to small town Storybrooke, Maine to follow a lead on her new case. She's a determined woman, one of the best undercover cops, but can she remain focused when ghosts of her past are constantly distracting her? Not to mention, a curious little b...

  • The Mindreader, Emma Swan #wattys2018
    75.3K 3.5K 29

    I am Emma Swan, a regular high school student but I have a superpower... I can read minds I have everything I could ever want, loving parents, the greatest friends and the highest marks Everything except the girl's heart I yearn for When I develop a crush on Regina will I get the girl of my dreams with a little help...

  • The Past Revealed
    19.8K 637 17

    After eight years of not seeing her past lover, Emma is asked a favor by Regina. The woman wants her to pretend to be her wife for a week and Emma agreed. As she spends more and more time with Regina, she discovers new things about their past. *This story contains mature content (smut) *You don't have to have watched...

  • Twitter (Kendall/you)
    45.9K 1.1K 7

    Y/n is a rising pop sensation. She is openly gay and proud. Her and Kendall have a friend ship that may lead to more. My descriptions are sh*t.

  • Kylie Jenner love story ❤️
    81.6K 1.5K 17

    Y/n Hadid Is the half sister of Gigi and Bella Hadid.y/n is singer,rapper, and a model for different designers such as Nike,puma,Jordan's, and many more What happens if a certain someone known as Kylie Jenner bump into y/n in New York for the fashion show. Will Kylie catch feelings for y/n as they become friends and b...

  • BᎬᎪuᏆᎥfuᏞ (ⓖⓘⓖⓘ/ⓨⓞⓤ)
    256K 6.7K 84

    Social media series book 1 Y/n g!p English isn't my first language And sorry for mistakes

  • Demi Lovato Imagines GxG
    22.9K 301 10

    Sheesh I'm finally getting my shit together and writing an imagines book about the one and only Demetria Devonne Lovato. 13 years. That's how long I've been in love with her. ALL of the imagines will be gxg and also partly based on irl things coz why not. (yes that's where I get most of my ideas yeet) All imagines ar...

  • Pure | Cate Blanchett
    64.6K 2.6K 30

    Amanda is a small town bartender just trying to make ends meet. Cate is the wife of a Millionaire feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. When the two cross paths, they do the only reasonable thing. Come up with an agreement that is a win for both sides. But what happens when sudden feeling threatens to break that agree...

  • Miss queen bee
    9K 135 8

    Meet y/n black 18 years old she's gay as hell shes nice to anyone and everyone whose nice to her or helps them but she's the nerd also of Miami high the whole school knows she's gay she was outed freshman year by the same 5 bullies that bully her now Lauren,Dinah, Camila, Ally and Normani y/n's five bullies but Lauren...

  • The truth will set you free
    20.6K 643 13

    Khloe has been with Tristan for sometime she was away modelling and when out one night with her friends after the shoot they all got really drunk she sleeps with someone that night but neither of them ever talked about again khloe when home and never said anything to anyone 9 months later she had true she also never l...

  • only || Camila/You
    18.6K 1.2K 12

    "How do people do it? How do people just move on? Accept all those memories that were the best moments of your life and just decide, 'hey, it was good while it lasted'. Are they just normal people? Is that it? Am I just... not normal? Why can't I just accept it and go?" "...Almost like you did."

  • My "Hot Neighbors"
    106K 3.2K 20

    (Complete) book 1 Case Matthews is a normal Teenager. Her father and mother divorced six months ago. She has two teenage brothers. Last year a lot of things changed for her. This year looks like a lot more. Megan Walters and Skyler Samson Just moved to town. Now they live nextdoor to a very Beautiful young woman. Th...

    Completed   Mature
  • You're the risk I'm willing to take
    236K 5.5K 36

    Bella is in her senior year, and she meets her new chemistry teacher, Ms. Brandon. Why does Bella feel so drawn to her? Contains rape, so consider yourself warned. The Twilight Saga is the property of Stephanie Meyer, I only take credit for my idea's.

  • Celebrity gxg
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    Gifs and preferences!!

  • Always open your eyes to the truth (jauregui/you(
    15.9K 288 8

    Y/n shes been through a lot in her life when she was little she had amazing life she was very close with her family including her little sister she was protective when y/n was 13 she started dating Lauren jauregui after 2 years together lauren accused y/n of cheating on her because she would leave randomly and she wou...

  • She's drained (gxg)
    9.4K 114 14

    Avery Tyler she was always alone now but a few months ago this wasn't her life she had friends and amazing girlfriend named Camila Cabello they had been dating 3 years until Austin Mahone ruined that by lying and saying Avery cheated everyone left her she had gotten called a slut but only one person truly knew what wa...

  • College Teacher Crush
    63.1K 1.6K 21

    Emma swan is a 18 year old girl who was born with a males part , when she starts at her new school things start to get out of hand when she start to fall for her new professor Regina Mills a 25 year old female who was more than intrigued about Emma's behaviour.

  • Swan Queen 😘
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    What will happen when Robin finds out Regina cheated on him with Emma Swan?!!

  • Your Love is Mine
    152K 4.7K 25

    "Mate" I whispered loud enough for my BestFriend to hear. "What?! Where?!" She replied trying to look at where I was staring. I saw her talking to some guy. I growled loudly. "Mine!" I said stalking towards her but stopped. "What's wrong?" Mia Asked. "She's human." I said smirking. Lelia is a werewolf wanting her mate...

  • The Classy Hooker
    4.9K 132 6

  • Assassins
    20.3K 843 17