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  • The Dark Rebirth: A FNAF Security Breach AU
    16.1K 616 42

    After the events of Help Wanted, William (as Glitchtrap) decides to clone himself and transfer his soul into this new body since cloning is a form of technology available in the distant future. Using Remnant and mad science, a clone of himself is created successfully (with some assistance from Vanny). However somethin...

  • What I'm Hiding - Horror!Edd- WATTYS2018
    58.2K 1.8K 30

    //most of this sucks// #1 in Bodyhorror 5/24/2019 "Demons are shifty and clever creatures. They find you in your darkest most unstable moments, latch to your skin, and never let you go." -Eiden -*- Things never were the same after the Robot Incident. Surprisingly, Edd was the thing that changed the most. He shakes an...

  • Die Bloody // The Aftons - Fnaf
    7.6K 300 14

    - They seemed like a normal family on the outside; nothing seemed wrong, nor out of place. That was, until 1983, when things began to unravel. Dark secrets unleashed and rumors spread like wildfire of this "family". Who would've thought, that the charming businessman down the street and his three children could be apa...

  • Michael Afton x Dr. Phil // ❝He's the One ❞
    4.4K 160 2

    dear god I've lost my mind, why have I made this??

  • Blurred Childhood
    9K 224 19

    DISCLAIMER: I wrote this story before the Fazbear Fright books came out, more or less confirming that Foxy Bro is Michael Afton. I took this story down for a little while because I wasn't sure what else to do with it, but I decided to put it back up because I worked for a long time on it but I would like you to have t...

  • Gravity Rises (S3)
    66.1K 4.1K 125

    All ten members of the Cipher Wheel are now inside Gravity Rises. Ideally, that would mean the end of Bill Cipher - but the demon has plans of his own. His downfall will not be so simple. Mabel can hardly hold on as she, her family, and her friends fight to fulfill the prophecy and bring Bill to his knees. This winter...

  • It's Just Pretend - Stosuh [Discontinued?]
    88.9K 3.2K 16

    Disclaimer - I don't ship the real people, rather the personas they choose to put on their digital characters :) Slowburning fan fiction :0 AU where Stephen doesn't leave DP and Dan appreciates him more :,) Also Stosuh exists :P

  • Your body, your life (Eddsworld fanfic)
    7.3K 306 19

    Tord came back to apologise, but of course nobody accepted his apology. Who would? He killed Jon, destroyed his friends house and tried to kill one of them. Why should they forgive any of this? Why should they be friends with him again after everything? But after Tom follows Tord back to Tord's home and attacks him...

  • A True Hero [BNHA FanFic]
    942K 26.5K 55

    DISCONTINUED || EDITING A book that combines 2 AU's - Blind! Izuku and Sick! Izuku - and tells the story in quite a gruesome manner. This story contains vulgar language and discusses dark and disturbing matters. Sadly, I have no intention of adding ships in the story. Note: Romaji: Yuuei, English: UA. I'm following th...

  • The Fic Where Stephen Realizes He's Gay From a Picnic
    44.8K 1.9K 22

    He didn't like men, at least he didn't think so. Yet when he saw how Hosuh's eyes smiled in time with his lips, he couldn't help but stare, thinking of how beautiful he was. It pisses him off. ~~~ Also called TFWSRHGFaP for short. This fic was started before the drama! The art on the cover is by Reikenma!!! This is c...

  • Killing the tension | stephan x jay fanfic
    1.9K 54 8

    This of course has the following> Bloody gory description Profanity (swears) Abuse towards dans hair And more that I can't think of bcz I'm lazy This is a fanfic of two characters who would probably find love in murder. I am do best no judge of spelling or punctuation, I is try at school Thank you if you have read...

  • Not Exactly Perfect {StephenXJay}
    9.7K 301 13

    Cover by me! (Warnings: Hint at toxic/abusive relationships. Harsh langauge. Suggestive themes. Slow burning, seriously it takes them forever to get together.) [There is no 18+ content] 9/15 chapters completed(Discontinuing, recontinuing in a rewrite.) Stephen has been weirdly attracted to Jay's sociopathic tendencies...

  • Stephen x hosuh| I knew you loved me
    85.4K 2.6K 31

    ⚠️Gore warning, also, i had to cancel, so technically not fully completed (This was before the drama, I'm aware that Stephen is no longer apart of danplan) The classic trio of danplan- Stephen, Hosuh, and dan Stephen has been positive that he was straight his whole life, but he feels different around hosuh, a way he'...

  • Tomtord oneshots
    455K 13.7K 72

    This is gonna be a mostly fluffy collection of tomtord oneshots. If you Have any prompts or a request for what kinda of oneshots I should write let me know in the comments!

  • The New Girl (Zim x fem! reader)
    11.3K 265 10

    After a fight in her old school, Y/n has had to move to a completely new city and school. Not only is the word 'school' misspelled but the kids there are weird. But one of them peaks her interest. Note: this book is a slow burn and slow to update as I have school and a lot of family issues- (like any good fanfic write...

  • Mαɱσɾiƚαi! 守りたい┊Invader Zim x Reader
    49.7K 1.5K 18

    ❝ 𝙄 𝙬𝙞𝙡𝙡 𝙖𝙡𝙬𝙖𝙮𝙨 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙘𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪. ❞ what would you expect to go right when a sweet kind of girl tried to befriend an alien bent on taking over the world? nothing. absolutely nothing can go right. (i'M TRYING MY BeSt OKaY) explanation of the title: mamoritai actually means "I will always protect you" in...

  • Remember? {ZADR}
    7.6K 346 4

    Zim losses his memory and Dib is closer than ever to exposing him as an alien

  • In Love With The Enemy
    45.7K 1.4K 36

    Dib and Zim had always been enemies. But when the two get in a bad fight and Zim fails his science class, the principal assigns Dib to tutor Zim until his grades improve. As time goes on, the two notice new feelings for each other. But their sudden feelings will be challenged when Zim is told the truth about his missi...

  • Human Feelings (Zadr)
    11.1K 320 11

    **F I N I S H E D** Dib has finally decided to look back over the years of fighting Zim, and now he wants to have a purpose so he starts doing real science, meanwhile Zim was informed about his whole mission to invade Earth was all a joke, and that the Tallests just wanted to get rid of him. Read to find out what happ...

  • Zombie Heart
    1.3K 63 5

    Basic summary, Tord is the red leader.. He is feminine-ish, he's about 5'9" Thomas is half monster.. He is about 6'0" Edd is just kinda human.. He is about 5'10" Matt is part vampire.. He is flipping tall AF, He is about 6'2" Happens after 'The End' Highest rankings: #216 ewedd #244 ewmatt #336 ewtord #378 ewtom #808...

  • Forgiveness? - TomTord (Depressed Tord x Tom)
    37.5K 733 19

    It was The End, but instead of the harpoon missing Tord, it hit him in the chest. He survived the crash and Pau and Pat saved him from massive blood loss by patching him up. One thing they couldn't fix though was his broken mind. ~Any art that I use in this story is not mine and all rights go to whoever made it~

  • Te quiero a mi lado (Tord x Tom)
    4.5K 304 12

    A Tom, aunque no lo quiera admitir, le gusta Tord. Y Tord aun no se da cuenta, pero a el le gusta Tom. Tord se siente muy mal por lo que hizo, ya que lo obligaron a hacer lo del robot. Entonces quiere volver con sus ex-amigos para arreglar las cosas. Mi primera historia! que emoción! Por cierto, Tal vez valla a haber...

  • Flowers and Alcohol (TordTom Hanahaki Disease AU) {Haitus}
    4K 111 13

    This is after The End! This is my first book, so sorry if it sucks -3- Anyways, I suck at descriptions, but I saw that there aren't that many of these types of books(Sorry if there are, I just haven't seen them around XD), so I decided to make this. OK SO, Description time. Tom. An alcoholic, no eyes and a bad problem...

  • Dear Fuckboi: A TomTord Satire
    50.2K 2.2K 15

    Tom is a fucking idiot. Tord is too. What happens when they both want to die? I hate Dear Starboy and the TomTord ship, so here's my (improved) take on the tragic tale. Wonderful cover art by me (This is a parody of the popular Dear Starboy. Plot belongs to the original author. This is all meant to be taken as a joke...

  • To be Children Again Eddsworld
    458 20 5

    Waking up back in your childhood would be weird. But what if it happened. Some people don't even remember they we're adults. This is my first story but please don't leave because it is. Now more slow updates sorry No pairs if you want you can write your own with the pair. But credit me please it would be nice. Ther...

  • Blame It On Me (TomTord)
    126K 3.4K 36

    After "The End," Tord has been kicked off the Red Army because he became too weak. Now, he's homeless because of his lack of money and lives in an alleyway. He had anorexia and depression for one year already, but will he re-gain his friends trust after Edd finds him passed out in an alleyway? And fight his depressio...

  • War Over You (TomTord)
    152K 5.2K 19

    TomxTord After the incident with Tord, Tom realizes just how much he misses him. But when Tord comes back to apologize, he starts acting strangely. I hate this book so much. It's absolute garbage.

  • You Weren't There| TomTord
    36.9K 1K 11

    Takes after end| Tords depressed, he's changed. Tords been doing some crap and seeing things, he's always having nightmares that haunt him. So one day Tord finally tries to go find the gang and apologize to them, but he's to scared to confront Tom. What if he chose the wrong time to apologize, what will happen next?|W...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love At First Cup
    3.7K 197 11

    what if the red army had disbanded before the events of the end happened?? TomTord coffee shop au! TW for heavy subjects in later chapters