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  • Something She Was ✓
    1.6M 3.3K 1

    Even if Amelia Jameson is seemingly immune to the idea of love, she's not immune to feelings. And maybe, maybe, someone can make her feel again. cover by @hepburnettes

  • Yours Truly
    10.9K 354 17

    Imagine falling in love without knowing what love was. Imagine having to pick up your life and move across the country from the little boy who stole your heart. Imagine your love growing stronger, every day you spend apart from each other. As I grew older and we grew farther apart, my love for him was truer than ever...

  • My Marine Man *Editing Time!*
    383K 8.3K 33

    *This story is undergoing MAJOR editing!* Zoe is an east-coast girl stuck three thousand miles away in California for graduate school: she's young, beautiful, and hardworking, but terribly shy and lonely. Nathan is a US Marine recently home from deployment in Iraq: he's handsome, fun, and chivalrous, but a haunting pa...

  • Mind and Matter
    6.3M 348K 53

    Ever-inquisitive Emerson Castell lives to observe people and gobble up facts. When new-boy Leo catches her eye, she realizes her brainy personality has a use outside of school: to convince him to turn his life around, one fact at a time.

  • A Tale Of Two Best Friends (EDITING)
    142K 3.2K 36

    Have you ever experienced falling in love with your own best friend? Well the fact is, the other doesn't feel the same way as the other does. Love is mysterious and has its own ways of entering your life. It is up to you if you would let it enter your life or to just ignore it. Meet Sophia Wright, an average 17 year...

  • Falling For Tyler
    59.9K 2.1K 19

    He was everything she ever wanted. She was the girl that could teach him to love again. Cassie was just a regular sixteen year old when she moved into the Black house. The last thing she expected was to fit in with the Black family. A twist of fate leaves her staying with the family for one year while her parents are...

  • Unexpected
    304K 12.2K 25

    For recent law school grad Charlotte Maxwell, real life has never been so good. On a post-graduation vacation with her best friend, the last thing Charlie is thinking about is meeting anyone: all she's looking to do is eat, drink, and get some sun (although not necessarily in that order). After three stressful years o...

  • In Case of Heartbreak
    2.3M 78.2K 26

    After a devastating accident, Dean Adams finds himself drawn to his classmate, and nurse-in-training, Katie Reynolds. What he doesn't expect to discover is that, as much as he needs her, she needs him even more.

  • Love, Aria
    292K 16.7K 36

    Long-distance relationships are often met with rolling of the eyes and the sympathetic "Hope it works out!" response. Yet after seeing her older brother Connor make it work with his long-time girlfriend, Aria Hall thought that she too could make it. Brenden Sarth didn't understand what Aria did. He didn't know how to...

  • Dear Sydney (2016 Wattys Award Winner)
    3.1M 143K 52

    **Winner of the 2016 Watty Awards in Visual Storytelling, and officially a Wattpad Featured Novel!** Two juniors in high school, each fresh out of a breakup, thousands of miles away from each other. Connor Hall and Sydney Porter didn't expect anything to happen when they were assigned to be each other's pen...

  • All This Time
    9.6M 311K 53

    Christmas Break spent in the Netherlands sounds like the perfect way for Charlotte Wright to relax with her best friend - until she sees the family that they'll be spending Christmas with! Wolfram van der Waals makes no secret of the fact he isn't Charlotte's biggest fan, even though he's never met her before. A quitt...

  • The Wedding Planner (Sample only)
    381K 10.2K 44

    Victoria Boulanger is definitely a definition of lucky. Being one of the most famous and richest bachelorette in New York, she has it all. She has the fame, the wealth, the beauty and not to mention she is smart and also is the most famous wedding planner in the country and has been hired to plan 90 weddings. However...

  • When It Rains In Ocala
    3.3M 93.2K 40

    Never was there a girl so innocent, so good. So clueless to how this world works. She fell hard and fast for the boy in the rain. Never was there a love so pure, so perfect, so right. They were living the perfect fairy tale, if only she could see. But that poor girl was only dreaming the perfect dream, for fairy tales...

  • The Bed She Made #Wattys2015 Winner!
    1.6M 48.3K 40

    Journey Durant's father warned her, "Someday you'll have to lie in the bed you've made." But she didn't believe him... until now. She has just received news that her ex-boyfriend is about to be released from prison, and this reformed bad girl can't shake the feeling that her troubled past is coming home with him. The...

  • Just A Tourist
    31K 1.7K 11

    He's only here for the summer... Halle Clements, a carefree and confident teen, lives on Minute Island, a very popular tourist destination. Her life takes a turn for craziness once she meets Evan Heath, a tourist with a cute smirk, and falls for him. However, there's serious tension between locals and tourists on Minu...

  • A Christmas Wedding
    155K 3K 9

    Sam Al Kilanjar attempts to negotiate her first holiday season in a country with different customs, a big fat Ubarite wedding and the arrival of her drama-loving family, all without losing her mind-or her beloved, who is called away to deal with a crisis on the eve of their wedding. Veronica Baxter is excited about he...

    8.6M 261K 34

    Grace Willow has enough problems in her life as it is. The bullying at school is out of control, with students that torture her physically and mentally, and will stop at no end just to see her miserable, an abusive dad, and a mom who is always M.I.A she has no one to turn to. Having life always throw knives at her bac...

  • Nothing More
    3.6M 121K 30

    (This book will be expanded and published by Simon & Schuster / Gallery Books in September 2016 & many other foreign publications have been and/or will be announced! xo) Book 1 of a new series featuring After worldwide fan-favorite Landon Gibson as he leaves Washington to navigate love and life in New York City. At t...

  • What A Girl Wants (A Brookhollow Story #2)
    7.3K 87 1

    Friendship is overrated, if you ask her She's always just been one of the guys...until she falls in love with one of the guys. Except Bailey Sheppard has carried a torch for firefighter Ethan Bishop since high school. And now that his long-term girlfriend has left him brokenhearted, she's free to go after what she's...

  • The One Who Loves (EDITING)
    45.7K 1.2K 42

    You may think that when a person has it all, it literally means that that person has everything. As for E. Matthews, Elizabeth Francesca Matthews to have everything means nothing when you don't have him. As a kid she always thought that having everything is the key but growing up, she knew she was wrong. Her fiance's...

  • Unbreak Me- Editing
    918K 22.7K 32

    An impressive Yale degree. Great friends. An even greater boyfriend and a bright future- she thought she had it all. She thought her life was perfect. She should have thought twice. Hundreds of lies and a single confrontation changed everything she thought she knew. It...

  • It Started in Paris
    525K 16.1K 43

    Lauren goes to Paris for a business trip. She ignores the countless love letters that arrives at her door in her apartment in Paris. Her curiosity clicks her into opening the letters. Someone named Jean Hughe is the writer of the letters for Helen Conrad. Lauren have no idea who these people are but one of the...

  • Unknown Identity
    200K 9.4K 26

    “Where am I?” “Who are you?” “What happened?” “Who am I?” “Why can’t I remember anything?!” These were just some of the questions that are unanswered after she woke up from the accident. On the bright side, she wakes up to an obnoxious Prince Charming named Elliot. However they both want to contact her family, she doe...

  • How A Player Seeks Revenge
    198K 6.3K 29

    When Danny hears about Kizzie's return, his blood boiled with anger. She was the reason why he became a player, having a hard time sticking to one girl because of the trauma he had when Kizzie cheated on him and now she's just going to come back and crawl into his life? Danny doesn't think so. With the help of his...

  • My Brother's Wedding. (Book #2)
    219K 6.7K 24

    "Divorced. I'm divorced. I have to get used to saying that," I whispered to myself in the mirror. It had been a long hard two years. Danny was gone and had moved to England to pursue his dream with some video game animation company, so I was alone. The good news? My brother's finally getting married so...

  • Sleepwalker
    8.1M 322K 26

    When the quiet girl in Clayton Hugh's chemistry class comes knocking on his door at five in the morning barely covered up in her little pajamas, inattentive, and drooling like crazy, he has no choice but to take her inside. But once Lucy Walker wakes up inside a room she has never seen before wearing an over-sized t-s...

  • Bon Bons to Yoga Pants
    2.6M 143K 56

    Lexie Greene has always had such a pretty face. Unfortunately, that's where it seemed to stop. She's grown up hearing her Mother constantly remind her that she needs to lose weight. And twenty-two-year-old Lexie knows she's overweight. With her younger sister's wedding on the horizon and a crush to stalk on Fa...

  • Someday The Waves ✔ *Wattys15 Winner*
    391K 16.1K 33

    Life in Pesmo Beach is consistently slow and uneventful. A never-ending cycle of hot humid days and cold lonely nights. Moving to the small coastal town is Scarlett Ryan's only option since quitting the prestigious internship she'd secured after her senior year. Leaving it all behind, Scarlett heads across the countr...

  • Write. Eat. Repeat.
    42.8K 1.8K 4

    Food columnist and aspiring fashion journalist, Ava Woods is already on her last rope. Given an ultimatum by her editor-something fresh on his desk first thing in the morning or she's fired-Ava gets working on the article to save her career. But when her best friend's Singles Group crashes her apartment, Ava's forced...