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  • My Idiot (Naruto X Reader One-shot)
    7.2K 229 1

    I always saw the same boy sitting alone in class. My eyes always drifted to him, as did his to mine. That's how it all started, that's how I fell for this idiot. My Idiot. (Slight Sasuke x Reader)

  • Love Struck [Modern! Youtuber!Naruto x Reader]
    24.2K 903 29

    16-year old Y/N, is going to 11th grade! All she wants to do is go to school, get her education, and have as much fun as possible. Otherwise, when rumors spread that THE Naruto Uzumaki is going to your school, things can get complicated.... (P.S. This is my first fan fiction ever!) <- and discontinued 😅 I DO NOT OWN...