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  • Mobile legends ship 2
    7.5K 250 24

    This is my 2nd acc My 1st acc got hacked (maybe) If ya guys want to read part 1 Ya guys can see in my reading list Thats my 1st book :')

  • Dawn of Legends
    123K 4.1K 152

    Nite's Collection of Oneshots, Shitposts and all for Mobile Legends! Second Volume coming soon!

  • ❤Mobile Legends❤ Love Storys
    15.5K 476 31

    We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and frienship can we creat the illusion for the moment that we're not alone...Shadow of iga❤Omnyouji master. Mobile Legends Bang Bang

  • The World of Mobile Legends[✔Completed]
    35K 1.1K 18

    X Reader story Now Read!! XD

  • [DISCONTINUED] Mobile Legends Thoughts and Randomness
    4.6K 254 29

    [DISCONTINUED] A book where I put my thoughts, roleplays, and other things related to MLBB.

  • Mobile Legends Randomness
    1K 42 55

    Mobile Legends randomness book filled with one shots, randomness, chatroom, and a lot of swearing. None of the fanarts used in this book is mine unless I say so. Requests are open ^^ 2017

  • Ask or Dare Mobile Legends
    14K 425 16

    So the title says it all! Technically this is an ask or dare book for the heroes of mobile legends also I'll be taking in the crackships here since well I kinda love well yaoi.. To elaborate further I meant this will have some boy x boy and I'm sorry if some players cringe because of this but well I love this ships an...

  • Mobile Legends Ask or Dare!
    29.2K 1K 38

    All your favorite Mobile Legends Characters have gathered into an Ask or Dare shenanigans with a crazy hooded host, a lovely amateur writer and an awesome author! Well, that what I think anyways... xD All the power is in your hands readers! But please, make it PG 13+. :) Updates once a week~