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  • The Lodge Season 3 (Completed)
    15.3K 157 25

    After the lodge season 2 episode 15.See what life is like for all of them.Will there be new relationships?What happened to Alex?And most importantly What happened to the lodge?

  • The lodge // Naylee
    23.3K 684 31

    (This is based off the music video for If you only knew, so it's a big camping trip between all the characters in the lodge.) Kaylee is still thinking about moving to the city but she still hasn't told anyone except Noah about it. Skye planned a camping trip for them so they could get away from the lodge for the week...

  • The lodge season 3
    3.7K 56 5

    The lodge carried on from the end on season 2. What will happen to the lodge, will it burn down? Will there be any new relationships?

  • the lodge 3 years later
    16.4K 240 13

    this is a story about the tv show the lodge. the gang has already met and are friends but skye left for the city 3 years ago so every ones 18 now. this starts when skye comes back.

  • the lodge Sean and Skye
    574 21 6

    Sean and Skye are the newest couple at the lodge but will everything work out for them or will it all coming crashing down

  • the lodge 20 years later Character Profiles
    4.4K 36 7

    the cast of the lodge now are 35+ and have children of their own but will the fall for the same mistakes as their pearents

  • The Lodge Sean and Skye
    13K 223 22

    If you don't know what the lodge is then go check it out at or on the Disney channel app. However if you DO know what it is then you will like this story (#SeanandSkye4life)

  • skye and sean
    128 0 3

    what happens before the first episode. will skye and sean be together... or will it all fall apart

  • The Lodge: Sean and Skye
    10.5K 122 9

    After Skye chooses between Sean and Ben watch her go through ups and downs as she navigates true love.

  • Bringing Better Back -The Lodge Fanfic ❤️
    21.5K 349 15

    I do not own the lodge I only own Taylor

  • The lodge
    60.3K 1.5K 58

    RE-WRITING. OLD BOOK. I wrote this when I was really young so the Grammer is really bad and it kinda makes no sense. _ Samantha Keyper. The step-sister of Josh. The best friend of Skye. Samantha, Josh and Skye were inseparable as children, preteens, and now as teenagers but they do get separated after the death Skye...

  • skye and sean ;; the lodge
    4.5K 77 2

    just some one shots of my favorite couple on the lodge :)