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  • 7 Days of the Week
    23.8K 335 7

    7 sexy Lucy one-shot stories each centered around a different day of the week. Monday is for Laxus, Tuesday is for Rogue, Wednesday is Jellal's, Thursday is for Cobra, Friday is owned by Rufus, Saturday is all Sting, Sunday belongs to Freed. Rated Mature for all kinds of lemons. Hiro Mashima owns Fairy Tail.

    Completed   Mature
  • Fairy Tail Yuri Lemons
    551K 3K 27

    (Mature Content)(Slow Updates) Yuri Lemons, as the title suggests. All my favorite female Fairy Tail characters will be in the lemons. as much Yuri ships as I can think of. LucyxJuvia, LucyxErza, ErzaxJuvia, ErzaxLevy, JuviaxLevy, JuviaxMira, and a lot more. Please don't report this, I will put up Mature Content warn...

  • Tower of Heaven
    128K 4.1K 39

    What if Lucy was kidnapped? What if she knew Erza, Milliana, Jellal, Cobra and the rest of the gang? What will happen to her? Days, Months, Years of the same torture... Will she ever get out? Who will there to save her in the end??? Spoiler: If there ever is a hint of Lucy with some character doesn't mean she will end...

  • The Poison Dragons Mate
    16K 318 11

    Lucy being in the tower of heaven ended up being mate with Erik, but what happens when he leaves Lucy on her own, and join Oracian Seis. They meet after 20 years including the 7 Years slumber, Erik having found another girl named Kinana, Lucy being heartbroken, sets the trigger off.

  • My Queen /discontinued/
    1.9K 86 3

    What if someone's arrival and a misunderstanding made the light of Fairy Tail leave once and for all? What if Lucy had 2 older brothers that no one knew about...? What If the Brightest person alive will fall in love with the Darkest?? And What If that person is Zeref?? 《Previously known as My Demon. My Queen. My Eve...

  • Traitors || Fairy Tail: Lucy Heartfilia Fan-Fiction
    535K 17.8K 40

    "I have been beaten, and I have been bruised; And by my own friends, how long was I used? Though, now is not time to dwell on the past; I shall leave them, for I am an outcast. Moving forward is what I will now do, But I still know the pain they put me through. To become strong, a fierce mage I shall be; So prepare fo...

  • One Of The Boys
    41.6K 1.6K 18

    "I love you, Natsu," Lucy had whispered. Natsu smiled and replied, "I love you too, Luce. Like a brother." Nalu AU in which Lucy and Natsu are childhood best friends. Oh, and she's desperately in love with him, but he's too dumb to notice. After leaving to attend an all-girls' prep school, she returns, a changed woman...

  • Just catch me || colu~
    36.9K 941 20

    "It all started with that guild 'Fairy Tail' didn't it?" "It's going to END with Fairy Tail." "The end of the wretched guild is soon upon us." ...... Everything is going down hill. Most of Fairy Tail disbanded. Out of all the S class wizards, 2 are still with us, while the others, along with my team, are gone. The on...

  • Fairy Tail - Lost In The Majestic Moonlight (JeLu Fanfiction)
    29.9K 762 8

    The Tartaros Arc was one of the most dreadful event where things have never been the same way for our Celestial Mage, Lucy Heartfilia. In order to summon the Celestial Spirit King, to save her family, a sacrifice has to be made and with that, a part of her was also taken. But then, a lot of things still had happened...

  • His Antidote (CoLu Fanfiction)
    84.5K 3.3K 31

    Following the Eclipse Project incident, the dumb Magic Council arrested Lucy and Yukino for being parts of a life-threatening fate, and Lucy also for being part of the Infinity Clock; a threat to humanity. But then, a certain independent guild broke her out, guilty of being one of the reasons she was in prison in the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Luminous Keys (StiCy/StiLu)
    113K 4.1K 30

    Not the typical Lucy joins Sabertooth plot. After getting back from Tenrou and putting an end to the whole Infinity Clock event, Fairy Tail had three months left to train before the annual Grand Magic Games. During these days, two hearts were fated to meet. A StiLu/StiCy fanfiction. [Completed 031218] Disclaimer: I d...

  • A Shadow's Light (RoLu Fanfiction)
    80.5K 3.2K 30

    December X784, During the S-Class Trial Exam, Tenroujima was obliterated by the Dragon King Acnologia. Lucy Heartfilia survived the attack with the help of her spirits, but having believed that her friends were gone, could not accept the fact and lost courage to come back to her guild. And so, embarked on her own jour...

    Completed   Mature
  • The One That Stole My Soul (Zeref X Lucy ZerLu) REWRITING
    39.9K 282 8

    REWRITING Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail or any of its characters. As well as any of the pictures. Lucy had a dark secret that even she didn't know about till she met 'him' She will leave Fairy Tail. And then Acnologia attacks. What will happen?

  • overcome!
    105 6 1

    " we'll overcome this. alright, wendy? i promise. " they tried. they truly, and most certainly, did. they gave it their all and yet, it still wasn't enough. first came the depressed state, then came the urge for something new. they craved change, they craved for happiness ever since the fateful day in which the guild...

  • WAR ➳ nalu vs. graylu
    189K 5.5K 22

    [COMPLETED] When Lucy Heartfilia, a confident Celestial Wizard, is completely dumped from her beloved 'Team Natsu' and replaced by Lisanna, Natsu's first love, her mindset changes completely. Being on the 'rebound', Lucy finds a deep feeling for her comrade, Gray Fullbuster and the feeling is immediately returned by t...

  • Innocent |Fairy Tail Fanfic| •StingLu
    446K 12.6K 31

    Lisanna came back from the dead after the Edolas incident, you know what happens from there. Blah blah blah, Lucy hates Fairy Tail now, stuff like that. And so Lucy joins a different guild and there she meets two dragon slayers. Finally, after months of being gone from Fairy Tail it's time for Lucy to reunite with Na...

  • Love by Chance (Sting x Lucy fanfiction)
    156K 4.5K 22

    Sabertooth's Sting Eucliffe and Fairy Tail's Lucy Heartfilia just met. They don't seem to be close, and they're almost like fighting every time they meet. But then one tragic moment happened, and it's a Love by Chance. --- Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail. Warning: May contain some minor, bad words. Oh, by the way...

  • Heartifilia Of The Grandline
    32.9K 968 6

    Lucy Heartifilia is a normal celestial mage, or at least was until her friends kicked her off the team. She goes on a solo mission to prevent unnecessary fights. But she could never guess that her life would change just from that mission. She could never guess who her true family was. A New world, New Nakama and m...

  • I Will Find You
    94.4K 2.3K 35

    What if it was Freed x Lucy!?!? I am actually a LaLu fan but I want to know what happens if it was Freed x Lucy!!!

  • Tough Iron Heart (Book 1)
    72.8K 2K 20

    GaLu book 1 When Lucy starts to fall for a certain guild mate, it takes all her strength just to make sure they can be happy without problems, but as usual, you can't have fairy tail without some mishaps running their course and other drama to follow in it's path.. ((IN EDITING CURRENTLY))

  • Very much an accident (lalu/ laxusxlucy)
    45.8K 833 12

    Low and behold it's mating season. A season where dragon slayers find there mate for life. And here's a guy who just can't find his mate. And a girl waiting to be found. Laxus is very angry because he can't find his mate and he is the only one without one. To calm him, master sent him on a mission to the heartfilia es...

  • Daughter of Acnologia
    74.4K 1.8K 10

    what happens when you're the daughter of acnologia, king of all dragons? everyone who has ever known who lucy truly was, they ran away or cowered in fear. that is until she came to magnolia, where the story begins. +under major editing

  • Dragon Keys
    79K 1.8K 10

    After being ignored and called names... Lucy, Wendy, Gajeel, and Yukino decided to leave their guild and form a new but strong guild known as Dragon Keys. Disclaimer- I don't own Fairy Tail. Hiro Mashima does. I only own my oc's

  • Fairy Tail Magazine
    1K 57 26

    If you're looking for quirky and humorous Fairy Tail fun, then this is definitely the place for you! You can see funny pictures of your favorite characters, read amazing one-shots, figure out your magic with your birthday, laugh at random articles and more at Fairy Tail Magazine! If you want a random subscription (lik...

  • Yuri one shots
    58.1K 909 40

    Taking request if you have some characters you want to read about. Pictures don't belong to me or the anime shows Sorry if updates are long

  • Fairy Tail Yuri One-shots
    1M 11.4K 41

    Sure, there are fanfictions about Fairy tail guys x female readers. But what about the beautiful ladies of Fairy Tail! I also won't be taking in any requests unless I run out of ideas. If I do, I'll look through the comments for a request I like and then write it Credits to @JuliaVeronik8 for the cover! <3

  • Lucy's Yuri Harem
    16K 204 4

    Lucy gets a harem but not any harem,a Yuri harem! She also has a secret she's been hiding from the guild. I'm not good at summaries but I hope you enjoy anyway❤️

  • Teenage Spies ( Fairy Tail High )
    158K 4K 26

    The brains: Lucy Heartfilia Code name: Lucky Star The hacker: Juvia Locksar Code name: Aqua Blue The combatant: Erza Scarlet Code name: Scarlet Knight These 3 teenagers Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia and Juvia Locksar are spies that go to Fairy Tail High. How will they be able to balance their lives? What will happen...

  • ✨A secret star✨ (on hold til further notice)
    25.1K 485 33

    Can this secret star keep her secret? Lucy is a Celestail Mage, or is she much more than that? She has finally made her way to Magnolia, where the infamous guild, Fairytail, stands strong. Lucy is determined to keep her secret, well secret, on the exception of a few people will know. The guild knows that Lucy has oth...

  • A Slightly Different Fairy Tail
    56.8K 1.2K 25

    What if Lucy was in the Tower of Heaven with Jellal, Erza, and the others? What if she had all the gate keys and was the last spirit mage? What if she had the star-dress ability, dragon slayer, and transformation magic? Slightly OP! Lucy. Lucy x Harem