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  • Yara & Yuhan ✔
    5.1K 1K 35

    She is Aimen Yara Rahman. He is Yuhan Abdur Rahman. She is an engineer in profession. He is a doctor in profession. She is broken. He is broken. She loses her mother. He lost his mother. She prefers to mingle. He prefers loneliness. She's an orphan. He's like an orphan. The story revolves around the two main role...

    2.5K 410 5

    Now a COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES :) ~@WattpadShortStory featuring~ love diaries ~Featuring on The Wattpad official @CommunityTeam handle, short story list. ~Featuring on The wattpad official @CoffeeCommunity handle, short stories list. ~Featuring on The wattpad official @coffeeCommunity handle, Frappuccino list. Par...

  • The Game Of Destiny
    17.9K 1.1K 13

    "I declared a war for you. I loved you enough to risk dying for you. And you say that it's not love", he said. "You are living in an illusion which you think is love. If it was love, you would have never hurt me the way you did", she said. A love story which may end up consuming the lovers. ••○○•• This book has an A...

  • Rainbow Awards 2020 (Closed)
    67.6K 2K 37

    The very first Rainbow Awards 2020 is here ! Open (❌) Voting (❌) Results (❌) Closed (✔️)

  • Love in Lockdown
    1.8K 222 11

    Sanjh Gupta and Harshvardhan Rane, its there story which include many ups and downs that started during lockdown period of India due to covid-19. "I wish, you once try to understand me" sanjh repeat this words everyday by watching beautiful sunset... "Hey No.34 don't you hear? Come on get in your cell" lady constable...

  • Family in Chaos
    8.3K 952 22

    Six brothers. Six Men. Six Success Stories. Six Heartbreakers. Six Strangers. Six Women. Six Struggles. Six hearts broken. One Big Family. The Reddy Jhaveri Mehrotras. Four Crazy Couples. Four Crazy Couples who were waiting to get their Heirs married. Four Crazy Couples who were waiting to have Six Daugters enter...

    756 104 12

    WARNING: This book contains violence, mild scenes, and touches on sensitive topics. You have been warned. A girl who lost a father A soldier who only knows war and logic. A boy how wants to love and to be loved. Love, sex, and revenge is great but it's not enough. *** *** *** *** *** "I know.'' was my reply. Getti...

  • Jalti Naar
    2.4K 339 8

    A story of lady who fight against dowry.. Cover credit - Jalati Naar - TEEN_FIX

  • Broken
    6.3K 949 27

    A girl has woke up and blinked her eyes to adjust the brightness of the lights and became shocked after looking her surroundings, suddenly past day events has come into her mind which makes her break............ are you happy Mr..? This is want u want right now enjoy seing me suffering you are the sole reason of my c...

  • The Rajputs..Story Of Love And Revenge •||Coming Soon||•
    20.7K 1.2K 6

    Rajveer Rathore, Virendra chauhan, Uday Rawat.....The heirs and the prides of their respective clans. None of them can tolerate the other one's presence and starts to blow the fire with thier eyes. It is the story of the three men and women from three fire-born Rajput legandary clans... The Rathores, The chouhans, and...

  • Best Thing I Never Had
    4.7K 779 25

    Woman. A breed who is hated and judged by every pair of eyes and is pulled down whenever they start conquering their dreams. Anaisha kush Virani is a hardworking hacker whose hacking license gets banned because of her rebellious nature. Well, in other words, because she is a woman. Suffering through a mental breakdo...

  • The Raven and the Rambler
    680 121 10

    Life gave you all sorts of situations to deal with. I was given two such really horrible ones , first which tortured me , and another which turned me into a crumbling mess. You don't have any choices in real life it's all in the flick of a minute. Isn't it horrendous that the thing which is wrong feels atrociously rig...

  • Ruined By Him
    115K 5.7K 35

    " Please Rehan... Make love to me... I am begging you" I said sitting close to him my eyes down having tears. " free my hands... I need my hands to make love to my beautiful wife " he said smilingly and I smiled back shyly. I moved to open the knots to free his hands. He was breathing hard with what I did to him. I op...

  • Abhishree ~ The Queen of Mahabaleshgarh
    666K 62.1K 61

    Losing this war means captured by the enemy empire and considered as their prostitutes and servants. Dreaming that situation made my heart race even more. I settled myself on the floor, close to the door. Time passed but no one came unlocking the door and allow me to fight for our pride. "Attention..." the speaker sa...

  • Once Upon A Chance Encounter |✔|
    905 120 2

    (Wattpad Featured in One Shots of the Coffee Community and Winner of the Rainbow Writing Awards) This is the story of a girl who hates dating. She has a lot to hide. Hidden behind that smile is fear. What happens when she goes on a blind date? What happens when she commits a mistake? A mistake that will cost her, her...

  • A Day That Changed Everything
    21.9K 2.1K 30

    Wattpad Featured on LoveStoriesIN in the Hum Aapke Hain Kaun reading list. Dr. Saumya Mathur, the reckless girl that was, the responsible woman that is. Three years ago, she lost the only people she loved in an accident. Now, an eight year old to look after and the hospital shifts barely give her any time for herself...

  • Key To My Heart (On Hold)
    3.8K 275 12

    "I... sorry.. " I stammered while the fear was building in my veins under his scrutinizing gaze. "I dint mean to disobey you" this time I dint stammer but the words left my mouth was just above an whisper. Still no reply from him created discomfort in me. so, I raised my head to see his face which was blan...

  • My Painful Love ❤️ (Completed)
    2M 76.9K 69

    "Why the hell did you tell them that you are my wife?" he whisper yelled at me. I stared at him in disbelief. "Answer me you useless" he yelled again. "They don't want me to say that I am their daughter and you don't want me to say I am your wife then what should I introduce myself?" I said to him in a...

  • | our beautiful hate | book 1 in trilogy | [completed✓]
    98.3K 5.3K 53

    #2 in wattsy2019 #2 in fuckedup #3 in twistedfairytale #5 in angelsanddemons #19 in fuckedup #45 in mystery-thriller #69 in toxic #285 in romance NOTE: This book is the first part ( PHASE 1 ) of OUR BEAUTIFUL TRILOGY. I'd recommend you not to judge or come to a conclusion just on the basis of the first book. The stor...

    Completed   Mature
  • | our beautiful pain | book 2 in trilogy | [completed✓]
    84K 7.8K 86

    #1 in twistedfairytale #1 in fuckedup #1 in mindfuck #3 in wattsy2019 #4 in mindfuck #5 in deaths #9 in sexualabuse #51 in dosmeticviolence #58 in cruel Book 2 in 'OUR BEAUTIFUL TRIOLOGY.' ( NOT A STAND ALONE BOOK ) THIS BOOK STARTS WHERE THE BOOK ONE ENDS! N O T E + W A R N I N G Before reading, make sure you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Wolf ✔️
    228K 10.5K 24

    Avery's parents are extremely rich. She should be a very happy child, surrounded by the best of everything... All except friends and a family that is kind to her. One day, a helicopter accident leads to her escort dying and Avery being stranded in the deep, dark forest. Her only company is a large, lone wolf who see...

  • Werewolf Committee
    33.3M 923K 49

    Every year a student is chosen to get a scholarship to graduate at the official Werewolf Committee. No one gets to meet or even see the high society wolves unless they are lucky enough to be born into a family of wealth, or to be chosen as a scholarship graduate...

  • Falling For The Enemy
    54.5K 1.2K 27

    well enjoy this cringefest

  • Daughter of the Goddess
    142K 6.5K 16

    Every hundered years, the Moon Goddess sends one of her thirteen precious daughters to roam the Earth, help those in need and protect those too weak to do so. At the end of a hundered years, the daughter is called back to the Goddess and another one replaces her. Lycans are in charge of training her. Protecting her. ...

  • i'll take this pain (trigger.)
    1.1M 28.1K 33

    ❝I, Caleb Dominic Asher, reject you, Scarlett Rose Davis.❞

  • The Alphas Prizes
    21.7K 663 18

    Elsa found her mate and soon when he rejects her infront of everyone she soon is kicked out of the pack. If she lays a paw in any Alphas territory she will pay the price. When Elsa is taken for prisoner she soon realizes that the Alpha is her mate. But that's impossible you can only have one mate...right.

  • The Alpha's Unwanted Son
    436K 9.7K 31

    When 19 year-old Casey Reid, Alpha Luke Greyback's mate finds out she's pregnant with his baby she is forced to give up the baby as soon as it's born leaving it unknown to whom it's parents are. Almost 17 years pass and their baby boy still doesn't know who it's birth parents are. What happens when shortly after his 1...

  • Dark Lies (Jelena)
    200K 8.4K 59

    [COMPLETED] I had trusted him more then anyone else I knew; I had given him all my trust, whether that being in trusting him in what he said or what he did. But that trust is now broken. He lied to me. He had lied to me right through his teeth, and I was foolish enough to fall for his dark lie. The worst part of this...

    Completed   Mature
  • Oblivious Alpha
    4.1K 134 17

    She is an Alpha. One that has been independent. One that does not wish for a mate. He is an Alpha. One that is a mystery to many. One that has no intentions of falling in love. Mila, an Alpha female, is still mourning her parents death. She lives her life by keeping her one priority in mind; taking care of her pack...

  • Locked
    29.9K 888 41

    The story of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, before fame.