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  • chubby → taehyung
    3.5M 183K 55

    how does it feel to weigh more than your boyfriend? © ZAREEN H. KIM TAEHYUNG TIGGER WARNING: death, violence, eating disorders. 「#STOPBODYSHAMING」 「STARTED: 17th December 2015」 「ENDED: 19th December 2015」 「#46 IN SHORT STORIES 21ST D...

    Completed   Mature
  • 24 hours | kth
    1.3M 65.2K 27

    Status : COMPLETED Best ranking: #25 in fanfiction Chaemin, a very smart, decent girl gets locked in a mall for a day with Taehyung, an extremely reckless and indecent boy. Her hatred for him is obvious, but can she survive 24 hours without chopping his head off or worse...falling for him. ✨ If you'd like to watch the...

  • art ▰ kth
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    ❝―no one will love you if you're unattractive.❞ © lofangs [completed]

  • shy girl » kim taehyung
    404K 14.5K 23

    ❝Maybe the school's kingka fell for the mysterious & unknown shy girl❞ what if I said the girl that no one knew existed was in deep love with the school's kingka? started: february 6, 2016 ended: t/b/a •this story is cliche asf but lovely•

  • biased - taekook [complete.]
    799K 52.2K 43

    ❝i'm going to sue v for hurting me in these ways!❞ ㅡ in which jeongguk is obsessed with k-idol v. [ COMPLETED ] highest ranking; #94 in fanfiction [thank you!] started; 1 Oct 2016 ended; 5 Mar 2017 © -thirstae 2016

  • bribery | taehyung
    1.1M 56.6K 16

    "oops. i saw that." in which a girl saw taehyung spraying paint on the principal's car and now taehyung has to treat her to food to keep her quiet. [ story idea from peachytae ]

  • how to survive a one sided love • kth
    314K 14.5K 35

    ❝ i've never felt so close, but now i know it's almost over.❞ ; oh minsoo knew she can never get over kim taehyung [Completed] highest rank ; 1 in nonfiction (137 in fanfiction)

  • 15 Days / kim taehyung
    807K 34.2K 20

    i know im supposed to be acting but holy shit i'm actually in love with you. © lambskwer // a cliche love story that was written in 2014 so excuse the bad grammar [ trust me im not proud of this book either | not editing ]