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  • Strawberries and Cigarettes | jikook ✓
    768K 35.9K 23

    Jeon Jungkook loves his cigarettes dearly. But the only thing he'd give them up for is the taste of strawberries on his lips. (or) AU where Jungkook loves leather jackets and tats and Jimin is an innocent sweetheart who's too kind for the world. [ a jikook fanfiction ] started - 21.09.18 finished - 12.01.19 #1 in lgbt...

  • varsity | vmin
    801K 39.6K 46

    ❝Our secret is safe with me.❞ In which the nerdiest boy in school, Park Jimin, falls for the biggest jock in school, Kim Taehyung. ©magicjimin | 2018 ↳ COMPLETED.

  • Bonjour//Jikook
    778K 57.8K 68

    "Again, Mr. Park!" Mr. Jeon Jungkook shouts, as Jimin misses his footing yet again. Going away to France to practice ballet, wasn't exactly the dream come true Jimin had hoped it would be. Every night Mr. Jeon holds Jimin back, practicing and yelling at him. Jungkook is a mysterious man, who many of his students fal...

  • Indoctrinated- JIKOOK
    62.9K 5.4K 15

    It's 2088. Every male and female must complete 5 years of MASS Service. The world has turned apocalyptic, run wild with inferior humans turned in to Roaches. Roaches are scary and intimidating. They have the form of humans but they sport sharp teeth and devil like black eyes. Jimin is sent in to service as a soldier...

  • Second Chance
    100K 6K 25

    Jungkook had a huge crush on his senior park jimin but he never had the chance to confess.. because jimin already had min yoongi and they were inseparables. Jimin and yoongi got married couple years after high school, that's when jungkook lost the hope of having him Years after, jungkook became the director of one of...

  • Seoul United - JIKOOK
    516K 32.9K 35

    Park Jimin's dream is to become a professional football player. He's been playing all his life but has never had the opportunity to show his skills. That's until he accepts an offer to become the new ball boy for the most famous team in South Korea; Seoul United. Jimin thinks this will be the time of his life, howeve...

  • Puzzle | JiKook
    978K 63.6K 27

    "You killed me, so now I'm here to haunt you - bitch."

  • banana milkㅣjikook
    445K 33.9K 32

    ❝ you're my sunshine on a rainy day. ❞ ❝ who's my sunshine on a rainy day? ❞ ©aestheticallyjikook 2016ㅣcompleted

  • smileㅣjikook
    978K 49.1K 28

    ❝ just smile for me baby. ❞ ❝ but, hey, isn't it sad that you were the one who wiped it off my face? ❞ ©aestheticallyjikook 2016ㅣcompleted

  • mafia leader.
    23.8K 1K 8

    he vowed to himself that he will never let his feelings took over him again ; but some ordinary boy made him broke his promise [ S L O W U P D A T E S ] ranks ; #10 in jeonjimin #4 in jeonjimin #366 in kookmin #477 in kookmin

  • Petals and Ink (DISCONTINUED)
    21.5K 1.2K 11

    DISCONTINUED PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR UPDATES! Jungkook runs a tattoo parlor with his hyung, Yoongi. Jimin opens up a flower shop across the street. The two meet and become friends. But it seems they both might want more then that. ☆jikook ☆realistic ☆collab with @ChiminieOppa ☆discontinued This is a collaboration between...