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  • She Resides In Me -love Shines
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    #6 in short story On a very heavy demand...The story is back .. this time.. Love shines! .. Gear up to witness an unconditional love Is always about giving not hurts a lot..but still it gives you a feeling to die for.. "Manik! It's been one are still standing there..".. dhruv sai...

  • She Resides In Me {Completed}
    442K 21.2K 43

    #13 ky2 stories on 18th July 2016 Written by - Kajal [@angelove2]

  • AvNeil SS : "Dus Din Ladki In.!" ✔
    33K 3K 15

    Highest Rank #15 in short story What happens when U discover U have A Secret Admirer.? Someone Is There for You, Silently Looking for You, Pampering all throughout. How do You React to Such Sudden Development in Ur Life.? Tune in To Know.!!

  • Poems - Voice Of Heart
    6.2K 553 11

    Hey people.. As most of you know that am a crazy poet as well..who loves to write and experiment things.. So here is my small section for the random poems written by me..hope you all will like to read it.. Cover edit : rajkonna creations

  • AvNeil OS ~ The Day's End
    6.1K 345 2

    Home is not a structure build of bricks and cement. It is a feeling build out of emotions and companionship. ~Home is not a set house or a single place on a Map. It is wherever the people who love you are, whenever we are together.~ After a fight won, home is where they return back to the family and love. A subtle tak...

  • MaNan : You Live In My Soul {Completed }
    566K 26.4K 53

    #7 ky2 stories on 18th July 2016 It's written by My Friend Kajal [@angelove2]. So whole credit goes to Her I just post it here Want to read all parts then follow me and remove book from library and re add it

  • 30 Days, 30 Moments ( Manan FF)
    527K 28.2K 87

    . Manik malhotra. Duh, he is arrogant and rude but dil se he is a softie. He is heartbroken when he gets to know about his father's murder. He sets out to take revenge. Nandini moorty, she is the weird and crazy girl who resides in US. When she gets to know that her best friend, ( who happens to be Manik's dad) i...

  • I NEED U TO BE THERE..... for a little more than Always!!
    1.2M 100K 116

    Written by Navya Mishra

  • My McDreamy
    2.9K 347 4

    oh no it's not about derek shepherd and meridith grey.. it's all about the loving love story of cutest and hottest couple manan! peep in to know more

  • MaNan ff - L@nd of $weeties
    71.9K 5.4K 45

    Do you believe the thing which is known as BEST FRIEND FOREVER .. do u want to see and enjoy the most COLOURFUL the most ENJOYABLE the most LOVABLE phase of everyones life known as **FRIENSHIP**..and if you believe the famous dialouge of my fav actor "PYAR DOSTI HAI " ..than mere dost this story is only for you...

  • Same Old Love
    23K 2.6K 20

    To know more about the story peep in it . What happens when you discover your grandparents diaries ,in which they have written their saga of love story .

  • Manan - Imaginary Girl✔ (watty 2019)
    221K 14.6K 62

    Highest rank:- #1 in imaginary Hey guy I'm not new in wattpad I read many manan story that's why I want to write a story Hope you all like it It's my first story please support me Some parts are private you have to follow me to read that 08-11-2016 ranked #623 in random 17-01-2017 ranked #608 in random 14-05-2018 ran...

  • MaNan FS - When Cutie Meets Naughty✅
    84.3K 7.8K 22

    Hello people... So here's one more short story from my side... And as a request from one of my readers, I present u A CUTE MANIK and A NAUGHTY YET CARING NANDINI at a time... Haven't decided of number of parts for this story, so for now, I'm putting it as an FS...

  • U R the ONE for ME
    0 189 8

    Manik Malhothra - The name it self gives chills to the Girl Fans.Yes he is the Celebraty,Main Male lead of " Kaise Yeh Yaariyaan " TV Show and Hero of " Google Ho Gayi " Movie.He has Perfect Family , Perfect Life.And now he is waiting for his Perfect Better-Half aka his Soulmate.Lets see ,By seeing whom he declares a...

  • Manan: it's a mad mad world (On Hold)
    20.6K 1.8K 7

    Peep in to witness a hilarious love story yet again ! Highest rank #10 in humor Cover credits - @firefliesAndstarx

  • MANAN - I LUV U means I TRUST U
    1.5M 86.2K 137

    Hello readers..... Dis story starts frm d court incident frm d moment NANDINI reaches d court to give her statement on SOHA's murder case for MANIK

  • MANIK FOR SALE ( On Hold)
    1.4M 86.3K 104

    A cute, twisted and hilarious love story! NOT EDITED Highest rank : #1 in humor

  • Manan - Monster's star
    453K 28.6K 63

    Manik and nandini are the complete opposites of each other, where on spreads happiness to anyone she touches or meets, the other sets fire to the world. How can love blossom between fire and ice?? The story has some scenes similar to the actual kyy, but unique and cute in it's own way. #love #trust #friendship #betr...

  • Manan ss: LOVE in airport(on Hold)
    36.4K 3.8K 12

    Is it possible? Peep in to know!