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  • Hello, Heartache ~Uchiha Sasuke Love story~
    308K 10.4K 61

    Of all the people I could have fallen for, I fell for him. I knew better than to, but I still did. Before he left, he gave false hopes. Making me think it was possible for us, but then making me think it wasn't. Constantly. My friends and I tried to persuade him to come back. He tricks me each time. But when he really...

  • 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐊𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐮𝐧𝐨 • under construction
    265K 8K 39

    ❝Who am I?❞ Kireina has been neglected for the majority of her life, and she has no idea why. It didn't make any sense, why name her "beautiful" if her parents didn't love her in the first place? What was the secret to unlocking their hatred? She needed to know, it was a truth that'd been hidden from her...

  • Ouran Host Club with the American
    198K 7.3K 91

    This takes place after season one of Ouran at the start of the new year. But somethings start to change when the newest foreign student comes to Ouran all they way from the U.S. Who knows what this new student will bring to the Host club.

  • Kyoya's Twin
    25.1K 833 38

    I was having a club meeting when my phone rang. When I answered the phone, I said "this better be good" but what he said, made my heart skip a beat. "They found her. They finally found her." From hearing that, they world felt like it stopped. I ended up hanging up after running out of the club room, with the Host clu...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Shadow Queen(OHSHC FANFIC)
    42K 961 10

    When a female version of Kyoya Ootori shows up at Ouran Academy, how will the Host Club react? Will she find love or new enemies? Will they support each other or be each other's doom? Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Ouran Highschool Host Club characters, only Ryoko and her family and a few OC's. I know this descrip...

  • *On Hold* The Half Sister(Kyoya Ootori)(OHSHC FF)
    75.3K 2K 21

    Kinaki Yukio is Haruhi's older sister who went to america for a program to help her with schooling. When she comes back her younger sister doesn't know she's home.

  • Kyoya's Twin Sister (OHSHC)
    48.3K 1.2K 6

    * I don't own OHSHC. As much as I want to explain I don't want to be a spoiler. Enjoy reading.

  • Mori's "Twin Sister"(OHSHC love story)
    175K 5.4K 25

    Version 2.0 of this story is out now! Go check it out!

  • Hannie-chan [OHSHC - Kyoya Ootori] -COMPLETED-
    128K 4.2K 19

    Haninozuka Hannie, is the younger sister of Haninozuka Mitsukuni [Honey]. When Hannie enters the Host Club she meets charming Ootori Kyoya. Fallen in love at first sight by Kyoya she has difficulty loving him for she is already dead. The story revolves around Hannie the resurrected sister that falls in love with Kyoya...

  • The Animal (Ouran High School Host Club)
    60.9K 2K 14

    Mizura lives her life be her family's only rule. While it may seem harsh, she has no trouble following it. Then she meets the loveable Mitsukuni Haninozuka and everything begins changing. She's struggling between what her heart desires and her family's rule. No friends, no fun.

  • The Beautiful One
    37.5K 993 9

    A long time ago when Mori started kendo he faced a beautiful girl. His sensai's daughter to be exact. He deafeted this girl time after time but she would always stand back up and brace herself for this pain.' Unfourtunetly her brothersand sisters could defeat him easily and she was pretty much shunned.She was treated...

  • Feeling Emotions |Takashi Morinozuka|
    157K 4.4K 27

    Zafeíri Lemieux is a sixteen year old girl. Seeing that she's not rich, she hasn't been many other places other than France, where she was born and raised. One day she was offered a musical scholarship to Ouran High School and knowing she wouldn't get anywhere coming where she was from she took it. When she runs into...

  • Opposite yet Alike (OHSHC Mori x Oc)
    8.7K 166 11

    Asako Torinozuka (Asa=moring, ko=devoted child) is the sole daughter of the Torinozuka family, a family of martial artist in league with the Morinozuka and Haninozuka families. Dispite her position as heir to the family she prefers adventure and is constantly running off to different countries, her father finally sick...

  • Kakashi's Secret Wife
    180K 3.8K 50

    The wife people didn't know.

  • You Wouldn't Choose Me
    8.2K 186 35

    Even if you chose me as your best partner, you wouldn't choose me as a lover. " you're so sure." kakashi replied. " because I'm a nightmare. " she smiled.

  • Lady Hatake's Snack & Drinks Bar
    29.8K 713 23

    She wasn't used to be called Lady Hatake. Until she became my wife. She was a normal lady like everyone else. Except she worked in a bar and used to be a ninja for a while . She then quitted after her father died. She then went to help out at the bar her mother opened. Her mother died short after. She took over . Her...

  • One Final Story (Kakashi X Original Character)
    125K 4.3K 38

    Completed September 7th, 2016 In the small and peaceful village of Kisaragi, one woman desperately wished to become a Shinobi. Her chance to achieve her goals finally arrives one day and she's thrown into the Shinobi world. A journey that leads to many trials and tribulations come her way, but is it worth it in the en...

  • Oneesan Fujioka
    29.5K 815 9

    There is something that the host club didn't know Haruhi. She had an older sister. Sherri Fujioka has some back from her year long trip to America and like her younger sister, is an honour student At Ouran High school. What adventures will she go on with the hosts and her 'brother'?

  • Garden: Takashi Morinozuka Love Story
    131K 4K 30

    He's quiet and so is she - maybe not as quiet as him. Hibiki Sadeki, a scholarship student everyone mistook as a boy, gets wrapped up in the host club's shenanigans; by force, of course. Along the way, this new girl takes a liking to the stoic host of the club and he seems to take a liking to her just the same. --ob...

  • Haruhi's little sister
    88.6K 1.8K 23

    Haruhi has a little sister?!

  • Girl with the Cat Hoodie
    72.1K 2.9K 8

    When a girl stumbles and falls in front of the Souh house with a stomach wound, they immediately take her in and help her. When they find out she is orphaned, Mr. Suoh decides to adopt her, and Tamaki has a sister. But the new girl is keeping a secret underneath her cat hoodie. Will Tamaki and the club be able to get...

  • Firefly || OHSHC
    143K 4K 14

    Hotaru is the second cutest thing you'll ever see. She loves bunnies, cake, and she's always energetic and happy. Her father decides to transfer her to the prestigious school, Ouran Private Academy. Her best friend Honey attends there as well. Who knows what will happen when Honey deems it a good idea for Hotaru to me...

  • Kyoya's big sister, the only hostress
    17.3K 307 37

    Uta, Kyoya's older sister, twin sister. She was quiet but when she was dared to flirt nobody could resist her. She had the perfect figure, feminine face, motherly personality and all the things that was seen as beautiful. She rarely speaks above a whisper, which surprises people when they see her outstanding height. A...

  • The little sister type
    179K 3.6K 34

    Hi, I'm Akari and I'm 16. I started going to Ouran high school. I meet a girl named Haruhi, and we go to an abandoned music room where we meet 6 boys. One thing led to another and we became host in the host club. Oh well. ||Highest rank in Akari|| #1 ||Highest rank in Mitsukuni|| #1 ||Highest rank in Tamaki|| #1 ||Hig...

  • Mori x Reader: A Flower From The Strong-Silent Type
    149K 3.4K 16

    You are a quite unspoken girl who transfers to Ouran when you move back to Japan. You get lost and find empty music room. You open the doors and rose petals fly everywhere. Suddenly 6 boys are there to greet you. You notice a tall dark haired boy and stare at him. He seems familiar. Finally you remember! Morinozuka Ta...

  • The neko girl ( OHSHC ) ( Mori x Oc )
    21.8K 398 20

    Maki Makoto is new transferd student at Ouran Academie. She hide her ears and tail like that no one know about her secret. But what will happend when the host club find out about her being a neko?... You need to read to find out what happend next in this aventure of friendship and love ! ( OHSHC do not belong to me on...

  • Two Tall People (An OHSHC Mori x Reader FanFic)
    297K 9.7K 28

    #18 on the mori tag!!! ~Hello NerdNation!! This story is for all the Mori lovers ;) You are a student transferring from Lobelia Academy to Ouran High School Academy. You are very tall for your age. One day, your friend wants to go to the Host Club, but is too embarrassed to go alone. So you go with her. You find a ve...

  • A Beautiful Secret (OHSHC)
    164K 4.4K 21

    Yu Fujioka, a girl who hides her face, who hides her voice. Will the host club be able to break her shell?

  • Underneath The Snow (Kakashi Love Story)
    57.3K 1.5K 23

    Yamigawa Yuki was an ANBU since she was 14. Her dream was to be a captain in ANBU. But finally, after her dream has come true, she left ANBU to become a Jounin. Hatake Kakashi has never thought of being in the same mission with her again without her face covered with ANBU mask. What is exactly going on between them?

  • Mori x Blind! Reader
    77.1K 2.1K 15

    I do NOT own the characters or you. I DO own the plot.