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  • Please Forgive Me - (Dean Winchester x Reader)
    8.1K 214 5

    Imagine, Dean having to choose who dies, you or Sam. Then dealing with the fallout Dean Winchester x Reader Tumblr cross-post

  • Blue Eyes, Black Wings ((Castiel x Reader))
    22.2K 590 21

    This is a Supernatural Castiel X Reader hardcore fluff fanfic with a bit of angst and it's my first one so sorry if it sucks. Basically you're out hunting with the Winchesters and they have this friend Castiel who you haven't met yet. The brothers talk about Cas a lot and soon your curiosity to meet the mysterious an...

    Completed   Mature
  • On the Side of the Angels (UNDERGOING REWRITE)
    143K 3.7K 19

    [First in the Castiel & Celeste Series] Celeste, the daughter of a fallen angel and mortal. Ever since she was born, the angels were given orders to protect her, specifically Castiel and Gabriel. When she was 16, she was in a horrific car accident, which Castiel saved her form. When Castiel comes back to Earth, she's...

  • Hell's Angel (A Supernatural Fanfiction) {2}
    92.7K 2.8K 39

    (Sequel to Breaking Through) (Set in Seasons 8 and part of 9) ""You wanna know why I lost faith in you, Elizabeth? Why I was Team Throw You Into Hell instead of keeping you on Earth? You were in love with Humanity. It was too dangerous to have. You were simply meant to protect them, but you fell in love with a human...

  • Lost Hope Isn't What I'm Worried About
    67.3K 3.6K 19

    After the events leading up to Dean's death and Castiel's human reincarnation, things returned to normal for the two. Sam, however, is faced with the threat of his life when Gabriel is kidnapped by an unknown assailant, and he is left alone, bruised and battered. He sets out to find him, but he soon realizes that he m...

    Completed   Mature
  • An Angel's Heart~ Castiel X Reader
    79.1K 265 1

    It's a Supernatural fan fiction! Castiel X Reader. I'm currently rewriting this story! Y/n Winchester was supposedly abandoned when she was six months old, or was she? I will try to keep things as level with the seasons as possible but the reader has demon blood instead of Sam.

  • Supernatural One Shots
    105K 2.2K 24

    One shot collection for supernatural x reader. All sorts of different stories. So there will be notifications for things like lemony smuttiness, etc. *Not currently taking requests.*

  • The Demon Experiment [CASTIEL]
    450K 18.6K 16

    She is burning by his side.

  • Shattered Memories. (Castiel x reader)
    80.1K 3.4K 33

    It was an ordinary night of studying when you get a call from your friend. She had met two devilishly handsome men at the bar and wanted you to come by. You had been approaching finals, you had been writing papers non stop and she wanted you to come take a break. Something about the night seemed off when you arrive...

    Completed   Mature
  • Smile, The Worst is Yet to Come
    20.6K 643 8

    Sam has a mysterious illness that has been plaguing him for weeks. Dean's concerned but they don't realise it could be a little more serious. (Previously titled Plagued)

  • Supernatural Oneshots/Imagines/Sickfics REQUESTS OPEN
    16.7K 206 17

    This is just a collection of Supernatural sickfics, imagines, and oneshots. It might be mostly sickfics because I'm not that creative. Requests are always open. To request just private message me anything except smut. I'm willing to write anything with any ship except Wincest because NO. JUST NO.

  • Supernatural things
    383K 22.8K 200

    A bunch of supernatural one-shots, relatable things, facts, quotes, imagines & just funny stuff for the SPN fandom | not mine unless I say so| go get part 2 in my works thanks!

  • Supernatural Sickfics
    2K 30 1

    Now writing Spn sickfics! Requests open!

  • Spn Imagines
    8.7K 193 6

    A collection of Supernatural oneshots and imagines. I will be taking REQUESTS so please feel free to ask.

  • Brother, I Say Goodbye Now
    1.8K 84 1

    What would happen when the Winchesters meet their untimely demise? Who would it hurt? Here, we take a look into what could happen in the Supernatural Series Finale. *This is my story though I do not own the show.*

  • Breathless
    175K 4.6K 16

    While at a SPN Con, Jensen is unable to keep his eyes off you.

  • Random Things I've Come Across
    9.9K 454 32

    I think the title explains it all. I DON'T OWN ANY PHOTOS I POST. PUTTING THAT OUT HERE NOW!

  • Cas, I'm sorry... [CastielXReader]
    42.7K 1.4K 23

    This is a story of how (Y/n)'s life unfolds after the event of her best friend's death. Castiel comes and saves the day, but there are more complications to come in the future.

  • Under His Wing ☆Castiel X Reader☆ (Book One)
    23.8K 808 19

    (Book Three Out Now!) Story Information: This book as you can probably tell is a fan fiction/ characterXreader. Additional information is at the end of the description, but here is an overlook of the story!(Only first book): The day it happened was two weeks prior to your 23rd birthday... the day you got your life ba...

    Completed   Mature
  • Supernatural Fanfic.
    15.8K 387 90

    This is a book full of Supernatural Fanfiction! Enjoy!Its full of most of the Characters and I also have preferences in here as well. I take request as well. Mostly consist of Dean, Sam, Castiel, and a few others. Ranks: #397 Castiel out of 2.94K #384 deanwinchester out of 2.82K #388 samwinchester out of 2.44K

  • Supernatural Imagines & Preferences ^Completed^
    103K 2K 162

    ~REQUESTS CLOSED~ I love Supernatural. I love imagines and preferences. I thought I'd make one of my own 💘

  • Supernatural Short Stories
    277K 11.2K 129

    Just a little mixture of short stories that I have written. Including different characters.

  • Supernatural || reader x Dean x Sam
    13.7K 401 23

    An actual description lads: The reader was born into the hunter life, which usually results in some supernatural deaths, so you either live long enough to retire or make a deal before you die. The readers killed her parents after a demon possessed her body and caused her family to make a deal with a crossroads demon...

  • supernatural imagines, one shots and preferences
    608K 18.5K 141

    Supernatural Imagines -[lack of better name] SPOILERS I don't own these characters Enjoy!! Mostly Sam, Dean and Cas

  • Supernatural Imagines
    2.8M 67.2K 117

    Just some Supernatural imagines. I do not own anything! They get better as you read I promise! Please feel free to comment and share and like and enjoy to your hearts content! I don't post very much anymore, my life has taken a different turn, but I do hope to try again soon! (UPDATED 11/24/20)

  • Supernatural x reader one shots
    280K 8K 77

    REQUESTS ARE WHAT I LIVE OFF OF. I do anybody you want just request. I do every ship I really don't care anymore #sophmore in high school I started this book in 8th grade. It gets better as it goes on and I advance as a writer!!!

  • Castiel x Reader
    102K 3.8K 25

    You and Cas have know each other for a while, since you were a kid and then you eventually fall in love with him, but a lot of shit happens. Will Castiel and you still be together. Features you the reader, Castiel, Sam, Dean, and Gabriel, probably more throughout the story I don't own the characters. This is my own c...

  • Supernatural Smut X Reader (Requests Are Closed Temporarily)
    1.4M 23.2K 94

    As the title says this book will be full of Supernatural X Reader smut.. I will do fluff if Requested but I'm more of a smut writer as I am a very dirty minded person. I harbor very naughty thoughts about the men of Supernatural which I'm sure you all do too, otherwise why would you be here looking at my book haha. An...

  • Her Angel, His Prophet |Castiel X Reader|
    88.3K 2.7K 26

    Your name is Y/n, you're 30 years old. Your life was once normal, nice house, good job, friends, but all of that changed once you met Sam, Dean, and their angel friend, Castiel. They were working a job, demons in town, you were taken from your home because you're valuable to them, you're a prophet.