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  • Haunted Palace & Police Officers
    39.1K 3.6K 31

    Group of police offices( Avneil, Swasan and Abhiya) went to Mahindra Kingdom to investigate serious of murders happening at the Haunted Palace every full moon in Mahindra Kingdom. Its almost 7 years that case was mystery and challenging for police and whole Mahindra Kingdom peoples(include villagers who live around th...

  • Healing Each Other....!!!
    17.3K 1.6K 20

    I think that the creatives of the show did not do total justice to the track after leap and the change in writer after a few episodes of the track is one of the reasons. I liked the initial episodes but I don't want mitali. So, this story would go according to the track but with no mitali this will also have all the t...

  • Avneil short write ups!
    9.6K 395 4

    These are short imaginary romantic scenes written by me.. As what they could have done in the show!

  • Avneil - A Beautiful Love Story
    6.6K 491 6

    A love story of a cricketer and his lady love

    234K 5.6K 38

    (To-be-published) Highest Rank - #1 in #naamkarann #courtship #avneil #adiza #aditirathore #zainimam #arrangedmarriage #avni #neil #2 in Millionaire #21 in Fanfiction. An age old Romance saga of A Millionaire, set in the backdrops of Arranged Marriage filled with bumpers of Mysteries. How amidst twisted turn of event...

  • Naamkarann: Avneil FF: Change or Revenge
    1.6K 116 1

    AVNI AYESHA who spent 6 months in jail (prison) and now she is free from jail because of Vidyut R..... Yes because of vidyut as he was suffering from cancer and was on last stage so he thought to do Paschataap /Prayashchit (Paschataap is the guilt feeling you have after some wrong deed, or realisation of your wrong d...

  • The journey of Love ...... Once again. (Discontinued)
    8K 482 8

    Avni has just discovered a terrible truth..... The truth even Neil is unaware of

  • Falling For You
    138K 10K 38

    Highest rank- #1 in Naamkaran #1 in Neel #3 in policeofficer #36 - 19/04/18 in General fiction #34 in short

  • The Old Silent
    108K 8K 52

    Avneil story

  • Avneil FF : Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
    4.5K 472 4

    There is a boy?‍ Who makes fun of love , Calling it blind There is a girl ?‍ Who tells the world , Love is just loss of time For there is a story They both secretly wish, If they could rewind !!!! Cover credits : @_shetroublemaker

  • Avneil OS: Do you wanna play?
    65K 3K 6

    A small OS for Naamkaran's Avni and Neil. Neil gets rattled by Vidhyuts advances on Avni and displays possessiveness in a fierce way

  • Humnava Mere ♥️
    401K 25.6K 115

    Avni leaves Neil and goes to Goa to find Neil's daughter. This was all their plan and the successfully managed to bring misti back home and vidyut is now in jail. ( also in my ff misti knows that juhi is her mother ) All the copyright of the images in this ff goes to the owners

  • Avneil - One Shots
    173K 10.7K 46

    One Shots. Each chapter is a separate story. Not proof read.

  • Zindagi hai mushkil
    19.2K 1K 16

    This is a bit like naamkaran the same character and a few different characters avni and Neil are in college their last year of college Is about avni she lives with her family and later her life goes hard when her mum tell her to get married when she doesn't believe in marriage and is to get married to someone she doe...

  • AvNeil SS: Us Against the World
    38.2K 2.5K 16

    When Juhi's truth comes out alongside Mishti's real identity, Neil Khanna has to pay the biggest price. The nightmares he dreaded the most become a reality when Avni's life is threatened. To know what happens next, read on.

  • AvNeil Addiction: One-shots
    25.9K 1.6K 6

    These stories can be read independently by Avneil fans. OR they can be read after reading my Addiction series stories! These are single chapter stories featuring AvNeil!