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  • The Vigilante & The Dragon - Book 1 of the Guardians Saga [COMPLETED]
    47.8K 5.9K 63

    #1 romance fantasy #1Dragonlove, #2 Paranormal Romance highest rankings . Dark humor, justice, and love in the streets of New Orleans. Alex trawls the streets and alleys of New Orleans for pushers, pimps, and johns to beat senseless and leave naked in alleys. It's her revenge against the rapist stalking her. Morgan t...

  • Tangled Hearts
    337K 22.2K 73

    Zara Ahmed is your ordinary girl, or so she thinks. She wants nothing more than to make her parents proud and to just be happy, for once. She is focusing on her first year of university, and is keeping herself busy. She just wants to forget everything that happened earlier that year. How her life turned into a living...

    1.4K 369 11

    Sarah was engaged to be married in two months but the capital disaster befalls. Sarah, with her disabled and fragile parents meet their fate. Discover the challenges of Sarah and Jamal in this jungle of a city as they meet the DISASTER in the CAPITAL. Will she be able to get through this in one piece? Will he see the...

  • BIBA (The fulani girl)
    64K 7.2K 16

    A perfectly planned life; the prospect of living in the city as the wife of the most handsome man she or anyone in her village had ever seen. what happens when the life of an unsuspecting village girl is thrown into chaos as she faces the truth behind the glamour and excess of the city dwellers?

  • Contests
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    This is where you can find details of contests currently running on Wattpad both directly by us, and by our wonderful Community profiles. Some will have prizes, some will be specific to countries or genres or themes, some will simply showcase your work on a wonderful reading list. But all our contests will get you thi...

  • Plenty More Fish in The Sea
    996 98 28

    I grab Tooba's hand as we approach the 'Harder and Faster' strip club chain. I feel nervous. I don't know what to expect. Tooba guides me into a hidden staircase and we walk down it. The music is so loud it makes my head ache. As we approach the dancefloor, I see masses of people bopping around me. Must be popular, I...

  • All Men Are Not The Same
    18.2K 4.3K 53

    Inspired by a real life story. *************************** The names are fictitious, the places are imaginary, the dates are fake, but the story - a real one. This is the story of a little boy who grew up losing the most precious parts of his life. It is the story of a broken brother, a shattered son and a heartbroken...

  • CHASING AFTER HER(#TheWattys2017)
    90.2K 4.9K 25

    #6 in spiritual (11/10/2017) Asad Shaik being one of the most successful business man. He had everything, on which he lays his eyes on. Just name it, and it's already infront of him. Except for her! The girl he loved with all his being! Ayat jahan., but she was out of his league. Or so he thought. He do whatever to re...

    4K 787 13

    Six years after her abusive husband's life-scarring offense, Sky Cordero becomes the MPD's first female chief, ever repressing her bleeding heart. Yet, towards her elite entourage she appears outwardly dauntless. Sky is after the most wanted criminal in Chicago; her foster brother. Years after both escaping a...

  • Meant For You - Predestined
    284K 18K 43

    Inaraah, 23 years old muslimah working in Qureshi company. She is independent hardworking and steadfast but still holds on to her Deen. She is pious, modest and follows the principles of Islam while struggling to survive in modern and carefree atmosphere. Alhaan Rahman Qureshi, 25 years old handsome, youngest lad of...

  • Hannan
    241K 22.3K 49

    Hannan Rajab is a teenage Nigerian Muslim girl, who is broken hearted. She was betrayed by her only love Jafar Hafiz. Who broke her heart on their high school graduation ceremony. Hannan vowed never to have anything with any guy again. As she tries to run away from her past, she had an encounter with an handsome rich...

  • Tears Of Summayah ~Editing~
    87.8K 11.6K 78

    Tears are a sacred link between the heart and soul. They are not the omen of weakness, but a sign of power. They speak more eloquently than thousands of tongues and speak in lengths, no other language can reach. They speak beyond the true boundaries of love and hate, for, these two are such strong words that they can...

  • His Niqabi
    7.6K 602 20

    #53 in Spiritual on 30/11/2017 ××××××××××××× I looked away from Armaan when I heard someone say, "Hey man, check this thing out" and chuckle. I turned to see two guys eyeing my niqab. "Why do you have to wear this? Are you ugly?" One of them spoke, partly making fun of me. "I bet she's oppressed" the other smirked. "E...

  • My Reminders
    3K 882 35

    Well this book is full of wisdom,islamic knowledge,hadith of the prophet,quranic verses and short stories.may it be worth reading