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  • Growing Up In Tartarus: One Wrong Move
    110K 3.8K 33

    What if, when he was twelve, Percy had been the one wearing the special trapped shoes? What if his friends and co-questers hadn't been able to catch him before he fell? This is the story of Percy as he grows up in Tartarus. We already know that he would do anything to protect his friends, so why not his former enemy...

  • Falling Through Portals
    1.2M 59.5K 119

    Portals are one of the most interesting travel agents in the universe. They can get you anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. But for Percy Jackson, falling through a fandom portal was the last thing he needed. After being plucked from camp, Percy finds himself on the run through the universe without friends or a way hom...

  • Captain Jackson
    49.4K 1.6K 32

    Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, but was better known as the Sea Wolf, captain of the Moon Dagger. A man with no mercy, who left a path of destruction in his wake. In reality, Percy's crew of misfits sailed the seven seas in search of ships to ransack and adventure, helping any demigods they found along the way. Their...

  • Percy Jackson : Bad boy in High School (AU) DEAD STORY
    359K 6.8K 22

    "Percy, Truth or Dare?" Piper said. "Uh... Dare?" I said. "I dare you to act, be and feel like like a bad boy in school for the whole year." "What!?" All of them thought it was funny. Be like that for the whole year? Be like the boss and the hearthrob of the school? Be the one in black leather jacket, aviator glasse...

  • Too late, I'm not your son
    494K 12.9K 34

    Percy Jackson was accused of being a traitor and working for Kronos. When Poseidon doesn't stick up for Percy, he decides he is no longer a son of Poseidon. He neglects his training as the son of the sea god, and slowly the ocean begins to die. Sense Percy is supposedly a traitor, than that's exactly what he'll be. He...

  • Percy Jackson The Dark Angel
    487K 10K 25

    Percy felt useless at Camp Half Blood. After David Roberts son of Zeus arrived at Camp Half Blood everyone started to ignore Percy. Even the Gods did. Poseidon himself was ignoring Percy. His own son! He didn't know why at first but then he figured it out. David had told everyone at Camp Half Blood that Percy left him...