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  • [ Revised - Rewritten ] STEPHEN BLOOD OF BLOOD
    169 13 5

    Grace Weiss is shocked to discover that the handsome businessman tycoon - Stephen James she met during a hospital visit is harboring a dark secret. Stephen is still learning to leave his past behind when it meets the beautiful Tulsa Oklahoma seamstress- Grace Weiss, instantly feeling the intense allure and strong pul...

  • Season of Sorcery
    889 93 14

    "We know what we are, but not what we may be." ~ The Colony of Roanoke was settled in 1585 by English Puritans in North Carolina near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. By 1587, all the settlers had vanished from the settlement without a trace, forever being known as The Lost Colony of Roanoke. Only one clue as to the...

  • Day 66 (Old Version)
    102K 320 2

    My life is like an hourglass. Unpredictable, dry, and on a time limit. DAY 54 "The disease is getting worse. My body feels like a timer, ticking down to its final moments. My eyes burn from the lack of sleep, and my body -which was once a healthy size five- is now down to a size one. I feel like taking a knife and kil...

  • Charmed
    689 62 10

    I bet you think being a fairy godmother is a dream job. Sure, I get to wave a wand around and send pretty girls off to get themselves hitched to princes, but what do I ever get in return? A thank you note? A Christmas card? An invitation to tea at the palace? I get nothing more than nothing. If watching airheads flit...

  • The Queen of the Prey
    240K 12.3K 31

    "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked Xander, my voice void of any emotions. I was in my warrior stance in front of the whole pack. Back straight, hands folded in front of me and feet shoulder-width apart. I know I looked composed because that's my training. Be composed; don't lose control. Don't lose the battle...

    8.7K 2.3K 105

    Fairy wishes are thistle seeds and not all dreams come true... at least not in the way that you expect. Seventeen-year-old Emily Moon is a window dresser. Not only is it an unusual career choice, it is extremely hazardous for someone like her who cuts and bruises easily. She has no name for her disorder and fears that...

    619 166 6

    Short Story- 4 Chapters - This is one of my stories which has been selected for the L. A. Neo Noir Novel, Film and Script Festival to be held on the 26th May 2018 at Dave and Busters on Hollywood Blvd. A small trailer will be made for the story and shown at the festival. Another of my books - Twenty-Three Hundred...

  • Perfect Addiction [People's Choice Award Winner '15]
    78.6M 2.7M 52

    Sienna Lane has finally got her life the way she wants it to be. A steady job at the local gym? Check. An awesome sister as a roommate? Check. A perfect boyfriend who adores and loves her? Check. Sienna thinks she has everything figured out. That is until she discovers that her boyfriend...

  • Queen of the Beasts✅
    1.6M 72.1K 56

    👑1 in Queen Series👑 (Warning: Dark themes & sexual assault) I will have you...all of you, Esmerleda," he said as his eyes raked over my body. I tried to get away. His other arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer. "No you wont!" I spat angrily at him, my body gradually welcoming in his warmth. I hate him. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Alpha
    213K 1.6K 2

    Sample Only The rest of this story is published to Amazon If the moon has made me this way, then I should be Moon-blessed, not Moon-cursed. He is the Alpha, and I am his Beta. It's time for me to bend straight; there are some lines I must not cross here. But every time I see him, the lines curve, gnawing into my sou...

  • For His Sake | Book-I ✔
    125K 16.3K 68

    [ C o m p l e t e d ] #Entire "Genre" Winner of Earnesty's Writers Awards 2019, Added to Their Hall of Fame. #3 in Romance in 12 June, 2019 U N R E Q U I T E D L O V E Twenty years. Two best friends. She loves him more than herself. He needs her more than he should. She couldn't deny him anything. And he decides to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Never been FOUND
    7.3K 1.5K 36

    HR - #8 in NewAuthor #29 in Humor and #144 in teen-fiction. I stopped blind walking when the cold breeze hit my skin stroking the hair off my face. I looked around and realized that we were in terrace. He pulled me to the edge of the terrace. I stopped to look at the beautiful sight in front of me. The city lights l...

  • King's Den
    178K 6.6K 35

    ++++++UPDATES SUNDAYS... And whenever I'm feeling happy...++++++ Highest Ranking: #32 in Werewolf "Run," I told myself. If I didn't they would rip me to shreds just like my parents. "Breathe," I told myself. My tiny lungs felt like they were about to collapse. "Panic," I told myself. I unwittingly ran right into the j...

  • The Fifth Element
    4.4M 248K 101

    In Elemental magic you can be one of four magic types; water, fire, earth, and air. The only problem is Violet is none of these things. Is she what they call a magic dud, or is she something rarer, more powerful, and more dangerous than anyone could have imagined!? Teasers, "Em, most girls sneak out fo...

  • Runaway Awards [CLOSED]
    15.5K 1.4K 64

    (❌) CLOSED for Entries (✔) WINNERS are being announced Runaway Awards, the right opportunity for all those authors who like to promote their books, but most of all, realize where their writing level's at. It's not only about getting more reads and just winning but getting constructive feedback and genuine suggestions...

    25.9K 1.9K 30

    Wammy Awards 2018 // all categories closed. judging in process. // HR || #99 in Random

  • The Four Baristas of the Apocalypse
    238K 18.8K 58

    When aliens invade, four baristas are forced to become the saviours of the world. Grab your double-shot of java and strap in - it's going to be a bumpy ride! ***** In the Earth's darkest hour, unexpected heroes are stirring... their coffee, that is...

  • Reign Of The Lone Wolf
    150 26 1

    (Complete-Short Story) Wolves. Pack animals by nature. The laws of the wild are what govern behaviour, the hierarchy, the pack. But why do we follow this? Well, to survive. It's all about survival.

  • Sun Kissed (The Encante: Book 1)
    317K 20.6K 47

    "They become like us, but beautiful. Dangerously beautiful. Oh yes. And they can make the sky do their bidding. They cast spells with their music that can take away your willpower. And their hair . . . is the color of blood." *** There's a legend in the Amazon that tells of attractive and dangerous shapeshifters known...

  • The Perfect Awards [OPEN]
    20.7K 1.1K 16

    The Perfect Awards is for you! If you're discovered or undiscovered! Whether you have 100k reads or 75! The Perfect Awards is fair and just, we aim to provide the best stories with the recognition they deserve!

    530 40 6

    One third of the angels have fallen from heaven. A flock of the angels, the amorini, were cast out wrongfully losing everything but their greatest weapon. The angels that once shot for love turn their bows against mankind and succumb to their wicked nature, shooting one of every soul mate to from the Earth and leaving...

  • Iron Frost - Clan of the Rim Chronicles #1
    143K 6.8K 35

    *COMPLETED* YOUTUBE TRAILER: When her first kiss turns into ice-cold murder, seventeen year old Eerika Arnesen's life is turned completely upside down. Her parents aren't her parents, this world isn't her world, and the only thing somewhat clear is that someone really wants her dead. Afte...

  • Christmas Cookies | ✔️
    1.6K 84 5

    Marissa had never really bought into the whole "love at Christmas" trope. Pity that a bright eyed boy armed with Christmas cookies is going to change her mind. Copyright © 2017 by @tragedious

  • War Prize (A Roman Britain story)
    4.4M 165K 31

    Aurelia, a Noble Roman woman, had heard of the savage British tribes, their mystic Celtic ways, and the battles the Roman army was fighting against them on their shores. The battles her soon-to-be Husband, Quintus Acquilla, was fighting in the name of the Eagle. But she could not have predicted that, when she crossed...

  • Flower Boy | ✓
    143K 5.8K 2

    He put flowers on her doorstep for her birthday. Too bad Nina was allergic to pollen. [ cover made by @incendia- ]

  • a jar of secrets
    1.2K 119 18

    "You're my little queen," he told me, gently placing the crown on top of my head. I giggled as I gestured for him to kneel down before me. "And you're my king," I squealed, awkwardly placing a flower crown on top of his head. He chuckled, pulling me into a tight hug. ❦ Seventeen-year-old Seph Callas has no memo...

  • Immortal Mistakes
    3.2K 552 32

    This is what Chloe remembers. She isn't sure if this is what happened but she's given up trying to work that out. It doesn't matter after all. If this is what she remembers, this is what happened. When her best friend Henry's brain explodes inside her 3D printing machine, Chloe is arrested and forced to become fertile...

  • A Crown of Bones
    1.5M 82.6K 61

    A teen monster will stop at nothing to get power, even if that means eating the forbidden fruit that will forever bind her to the keeper of death itself. ***** After rejecting the Wolf King and refusing to be his docile, powerless bride, Korin escap...

  • The Face Thief
    444K 32.3K 78

    ''You don't want to be going that way, my dear,'' the voice cooed from everywhere at once. ''Ancient things that feast on flesh have made their home there and just now, girls are melting away like snow.'' Kovya Karazamova, the storyteller's daughter, has many names. Soldier. Tretyak. Heretic. But there is one that t...

  • Five
    318 33 6

    **THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS BEAUTIFUL BOOK COVER IS leichter. PLEASE COMPLIMENT HER WORK AND CHECK OUT HER PAGE. SHE'S PRETTY AWESOME, AND SO ARE YOU :) ** No parents. No money. No college. That's where 22 year-old Aubrin found herself as she walked through the woods that night. She just got off a shift working at the...