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  • Female DB Characters X Male Reader: Love in the Dragon Ball World.
    102K 871 19

    Sooo you guys should already know how this works. I think of one female Dragon Ball character and I make a chapter about her and you. And yes, this book will be mostly filled with lemons. Just a warning. Anyways, I won't be taking requests for now. Once I finish with all the Dragon Ball characters, then I will. Also...

  • 18+[-Male Reader Insert Lemons-]18+
    167K 858 18

    18+ content Warning the following includes porn pictures to identify the visualization of the female characters body, wattpad do not delete said pictures. This is my warning to all under the age of 18.

  • Son of The Ghost of Sparta (HighSchool DxD x M!Reader)
    543K 6.7K 35

    Hey Minna... This will be my very First Story here.... I hope you liked it... After getting his revenge on the Olympian Gods, he returned to the Loom Chamber to go to the future to keep his Son away from the other Gods.... This Story takes place after saving Asia

  • Thin Lines (Goku Black x Reader)
    171K 5.4K 28

    "You know, Y/N, there's a very thin line between love and hate, and if you're not careful..." He pushed your hair off of your forehead and smirked when a thin line of blush began to cross the bridge of your nose. "You may very well end up crossing it, and you wouldn't want that, now would you?" His face was right in...

    Completed   Mature
  • The New One [An R6-Siege FanFic]
    128K 1K 20

    Lethal. Hidden. Most of all, Silent. These are words that describe *******, a renowned freelancing "operator" whose works and skills have peeked the interests of even the most presitgious of CTUs. But hwat happens when Team Rainbow calls to him? Will he answer it? Or reject it? Find it all out in this tale of action...

  • Operation Forever Legend (Male Reader, Rainbow Six Siege)
    45.3K 326 18

    Bio First Name: (y/r) [use your own name or made up one] nickname/codename: Redback Last name: (l/r) Date of Birth: 23rd September 1995 Height: 177.8cm (5ft 10in) Weight: 72kg (158.73lbs) Born: Bowrel NSW Australia CTU (counter terrorism unit): SASR Special Ability: uses special gloves and boots to give you the abilit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Growing Threat (Rainbow Six Siege x Male Reader)
    39K 279 14

    "This isn't good. They're recruiting so many people." "Their bombs are more high tech-" "Look at the guns... look at the numbers!" "They're so much more organised-" "Six-" "Shut up! I'm working on it." The screen showed an image of one operator. "You can't be serious..." "We need him." "Alright. You're mission is gra...

  • The Guardians Risks (Rainbow six x Mreader)
    120K 1.2K 27

    A kid on his knees watching with tears in his eyes the house in front of him burn to the ground... that kid made an oath that day that as long as he can help it nobody he cares about will die even if it means he will

  • "Flash Incoming" Ying x Male Reader
    9.6K 74 12

    Well Heres my second go at this story hope you enjoy. Ying is one of the 3 new operators to join team rainbow (in this story blood orchid came after para bellum) and from her arrival she is not met with the best reception she is often teased at how short she is and just overall how physically inferior she is compared...

  • R6s oneshot collection - By: Veriase
    98.8K 466 12

    Stories with lovely ladies from Rainbow Six Siege. Game is owned by Bug... Ubisoft.

  • Unrivaled Fury - Low Class Saiyan x Female Saiyan Harem
    221K 4.6K 60

    What if the saiyans on planet vegeta learned how to use the power of the mighty super saiyan and finally ended frieza and his years of using them as slaves and made themselves the strongest race in the universe. This story is about a low class saiyan who lost his parents in the fight against frieza and is left to fend...

  • Male Gogito Reader x Dragon Ball Super
    84.6K 995 20

    No one dared to challenge the most powerful being this world has ever seen.

  • Zoey X Witch
    21.4K 171 8

    The World of Left 4 Dead and There something stang about a witch that secretly following Zoey even though they don't know till latter. but there's something out there that's possibly more dangerous then any Special Zombies.

  • Alone(male reader)(Rainbow six siege)
    165K 1.1K 28

    (Y/N) (L/N) was and an elite member from a black list group named primis.Ever since their death Y/N isolated himself from others.No one to trust,no one to love,a soldier without an army.That all changed the day six found and got him to join team rainbow.

  • Male reader x female Jason vorhees
    169K 2K 14

    you and Jaylene were best friends even though people saw her as a freak she was your best friend no matter what but what happens when she dies and you go to try to save her but it's too late? Many years later you go back to camp crystal lake and you see some people camping there and they end up being killed by a perso...

    Completed   Mature
  • I will have my revenge
    4.3K 74 2

    OP! Male Jaune Reader x Yandere RWBY Harem. Y/N Arc was a normal boy with a not so normal life. He wasn't exactly the strongest fighter there is and never was. His life was something you would call 'a living hell'. His so called 'family' abused him, the others on Beacon bullied him and even his teammates thought of hi...

  • female various x male reader 2
    1.2M 5.2K 142

    this is female various x male reader story and i also i don't own any of the female characters as well i do not own any media content in this series Warning: This following book series may contain depression,incest,sucidal,yandere, lemon and loli characters if you are weird it out or gross it out or even offended o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Female Venom x Male Spider-Man reader
    579K 9.3K 50

    This is a story that was inspired by this story♥♥♥-male-reader-x-females-♥♥♥-venom%27s-antidote I really liked this story so I wanted to make my own version of it so enjoy

    Completed   Mature
  • Various female x male reader (Request Close)
    1.2M 8.1K 190

    I do not Own any Character, they belong to their respectful owner, you belong to yourself, also I do not own any media content

  • Rwby And X sayian male reader
    16.6K 222 16

    The title says it all

    Completed   Mature
  • fem Goku Black x male saiyan reader beauty of a rose
    221K 2.5K 25

    You are Y/n Briefs the adopted son of Vegeta. You proved to be stronger than him at a young age. And because of that. Many major villains died at your feet. You killed Freiza with Goku. Killed Cell with Gohan. Even killed Kid Buu before Goku could finish the spirt bomb.

  • Remnant's Love Stories [DISCONTINUED]
    155K 1.1K 12

    This book is finished. Move along

    Completed   Mature
  • Male Reader x Yandere Female Various Season 2
    634K 3.6K 91

    The Second Season for Male Reader x Yandere Female Various Characters by their owners The images belong to their rightful owners I'll always do specials for certain events and holidays. applications used for editing: Paint(PC) Season 1:

  • Male Reader X Fem Yandere Various
    2.1M 11.8K 200

    This isn't just a Yandere book. Sometimes it's also for spoilers and information.

    Completed   Mature
  • RWBY babies x Prototype Male Reader
    263K 2.8K 17

    What could possibly go wrong when team rwby is turned into kids again and left in the hand of a genetically altered guy.

  • Male reader x Female Yandere characters
    547K 2.7K 59

    Just a bunch of one shot stories of crazy girls who want you all to themselves. Plus Yandere vs when two actual Yanderes face off to see who's is a better Yandere.

  • Boku No Hero's +18 One-Shot Series
    1.9M 12.2K 53

    A series of one shots with our favorite cinnamon sun child getting all the girls attention. Izuku is such a pure hearted child, now tossed and turned into a series of love lifes and drabbles. Izuku you lady killer you~ Requests Accepted

  • DBZ Girls X M reader
    856K 4.3K 35

    This is a story of the Male reader getting romantic with the females from the Dragonball franchise. To Android 18 all the way to the Supreme Kai of Time, you will date them all. (WARNING: Some of the stories may contain lemon)