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  • Dark Attraction
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    Dark Attraction- One shot story (Read full story here: Claiming Olivia link: When nineteen year old, Olivia Payton found out her adoptive parents decided to marry her to her Benefactor -a mysterious man named Declan, she decided to ran away with her boyf...

  • Captivated
    67 5 1

    The war was at it's end when Jonathan was captured. The Werewolves were nearing their extinction as the humans who called themselves "Hunters" became more and more advanced. With their secrets and weaknesses exposed to all of mankind due to a betrayal from generations even before them, will the last pack be able to s...

  • Romantic Endeavours
    1.3K 52 11

    •a growing collection of my romantic one-shots that I hope you love•

  • Habiba & Bataar
    156 11 2

    Ethiopia is miles away and Habiba misses home. While out on a solo run, she meets a young male wolf who's just lost a fight. They roam the city together in the Spring evening, when the night is rich with life.

  • Tails from the Fallen Worlds
    411 76 15

    Stories uncovered from realms that have fallen to the Darkness. Hold tight and stay in the Light, it's about to get spooky.