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  • Frost
    5.9K 399 2

    Jayme Campbell's older brother commits suicide on Christmas Day. Except she's not sure it was suicide.

  • Bus 44
    14.9K 1.3K 13

    a lot can happen on the upper deck of the forty-four.

  • Lilbrooke Lane
    4K 546 20

    I watched a world change from my house on Lilbrooke Lane.

  • A Year of Winter
    259K 10.2K 29

    For seventeen years, Henry’s always been content with a cup of tea and a good book. But when he decides that he wants to write one of his own, he realizes he lacks something to write about. So, when the enigmatic Winter McLane transfers to his school, he thinks he may have finally found what he’s been looking for.

  • Iridescent
    199K 10.3K 15

    They weren't supposed to meet. But life does that sometimes; it throws in a couple of new faces that bring you the utmost of joys in the most unlikeliest of places, and every now and then, you'll come across someone who changes you - someone who's genuine and wonderful and full of hope; someone who changes your perspe...

    346K 27.4K 31

    Henry's grumpy. Isaac's lonely. And then Isaac rings the cereal helpline Henry works at, and things get a lot more complicated. [short story - #48, 1st october 2014] [teen fiction - #226, 1st october 2014] PLEASE NOTE: this story is currently being converted from all lower case to sentence case. this might take some t...

  • Trivandrum Mail
    131K 5K 14

    They met on the Trivandrum Mail. They rediscovered love on the Trivandrum Mail. Fourteen years have passed - they have changed. But the Trivandrum Mail hasn't.