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  • moved in | e.d
    2M 42.8K 60

    in which bailey has suffered through sexual assault, soon being stuck in a position where she must move in to an apartment with ethan dolan. the boy every girl wants, but not her. [currently being heavily edited] highest rankings: 19/05/18 #1 in dolan #1 in dolantwins #1 in ethandolan #11 in fanfic #7 in fanfiction

  • boo | e.d
    547K 18.5K 36

    in which ethan and bailey suffer while being apart. Sequel to Moved in - e.d

  • addicted lessons E.d
    465K 6.5K 44

    It was just sex lessons. Nothing more nothing less.

    Completed   Mature
  • Dumb Dirty Boy (e.d)
    192K 4.6K 36

    He was just a dumb dirty boy. _______ 2015 ©majestic

    Completed   Mature
  • Arranged Marriage (Ethan Dolan)
    72.1K 1.2K 31

    "Do we have to?" I asked my mom. "Yeah." She said. I hate my f*cking life. I thought. "You must." My dad said. Read to find...... P.s: English is not my first so

  • Scars(Ethan & Grayson Dolan)
    79.2K 1.7K 47

    A girl lives her life forever feeling alone being moved from place to place because of her mothers alcoholic boyfriend getting into trouble she has no friends and spends most of her time depressed and thinking of a way out until she moves to this school everything changes does it get better or worse?

  • Typing | e.d
    582K 16.7K 40

    Everything starts from something. At first she thought she was just texting another fangirl. Turns out she wasn't even a girl. One thing led to another and she started sexting a hot stranger. Little did they know how complicated things will get. "when I saw you today, I swear you took my breath away..meeting you in pe...

  • Color : E. Dolan✔️
    267K 10.4K 39

    Ethan has been color blind all his life, only seeing in grey. Then that one fateful day, he met a girl who taught him how to see in color. completed : april 14, 2017 Highest rank: #3 in poetry

    Completed   Mature
  • Hey, Again | E.D
    81.7K 1.8K 21

    "Jasmine?" "Yeah.. hey, again"

  • Overboard || E.D.
    28.7K 538 18

    Our love was Overboard. But who was there to stop us? One night everything flipped. (First book I've written; unedited)

  • Doubling Dolan (A Dolan Twin Fanfiction)
    16K 343 40

    Madison and Addison (Madi and Addi) Smith are 15 year old identical twins from Oklahoma that have to move to New Jersey. They are upset about this, not knowing that they had just moved down the street to a pair of identical twin guys. Keep reading to find out what other adventures these twins face.

  • Life with the Dolan twins
    9.1K 176 25

    Two girl bestfriends Madison an Ryleighs parents both got a job transfer in New Jersey. Along the way they became good friends with The Dolan twins. Read to figure out how there life's go in New Jersey.

    Completed   Mature
  • HIM E.D.
    14.2K 207 29

    "I just fucking want you!" You never thought they'd remember who you were. You missed them and somehow they ended up missing you too. Who would have ever guessed you'd fall in love with someone of your past that will soon become your future? Read to find out who, why, when, where and well haha you should know the re...

  • Roommates // e.d
    63.5K 1K 22

    "and thats my final decision!" "but...its my life!"

  • A smile can cover up a lot
    20.5K 321 16

    ⚠️ WARNING: Mentions of suicide and self harm are in this book! If that triggers you, DO NOT READ!¡ ⚠️ ~Ethan has been depressed since their dads diagnosis with cancer however he doesn't like to talk about his feelings and decides to keep it to himself which doesn't do him any good~ "Why can't I just die?" "Because...

  • 𝙨𝙘𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙚𝙙 - e.d. [ completed ]
    208K 5.7K 28

    "why do you always wear a hoodie?" "because if i don't, people stare." ---- But scars are not only external... they're internal too, and they go deeper than skin deep. started 6/7/17 best ranking: #49 in ethandolan

    Completed   Mature
  • Trust Issues | e.d
    4.7M 109K 99

    "Why can't you trust me?" Daddy Issues | 1st book Trust Issues | 2nd book

  • •Daddy Issues• Ethan Dolan
    9.3M 162K 63

    "What's my name?" "Daddy."

  • Look At Him Go // Ethan Dolan
    136K 5.1K 28

    "What's your name?" He asked. Shit, I had to think fast. "Um... Cameron. Cameron Jennings." I said, worried that I wasn't convincing enough. "Oh cool, my sisters name is Cameron." Wow, just what I need. To be compared to a GIRL.

    Completed   Mature
  • Brothers best friend {E.D}
    185K 3K 29

    In which best friends forever may not be the case, but friends turned to lovers are the best kind.

  • Rough Heart | ethan dolan
    3.3M 103K 61

    some people say that the most important things in life cannot be seen or even touched; they are felt with the heart. in that case, ethan didn't feel anything at all. his heart had almost become numb as a result of everything he had been through. but when an ordinary but somewhat alluring girl named jess stumbles upon...

  • Don't Leave • Ethan Dolan
    270K 5.7K 21

    "Please don't leave me." ~Completed~ Sequel: Die With You Top rankings: #165 in Original #24 in Ethan #73 in Viners #17 in Jack Dail ©dirtyhaz

  • she lived || e.d
    239K 6.6K 30

    Play the music louder so you don't hear my breaking heart.

  • mute e.d
    630K 19.8K 26

    "is Ethan really shy or something? I've tried to talk to him all day and he just ignores me" "actually he's mute" - // my original idea please don't steal the plot :) - highest ranking: #139 in fanfiction #25 in dolantwins #22 in ethandolan #1 in edolan

  • fugitives//ed
    36.9K 934 38

    ; in which two girls are fugitives to two wanted criminals