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  • Maybe One Day
    27.4M 742K 33

    Hayley Donovan has been in love with Jace Hammond for years, but as they finally begin to grow close, they're pulled apart by the ghosts of their pasts. ***** Hayley Donovan has been in love with her bes...

  • The Perfect Couple
    32.9K 1.3K 7

    He gave her his heart; he said, "don't drop this."

  • Rejected and Pregnant
    348K 10.1K 18

    Jessalyn mates with Ryder the Alpha of her pack. What happens when he rejects her and she's pregnant. Gone for 5 years Jessalyn comes back with gorgeous little Alexis while Ryder just digs himself a bigger hole. During a rouge attack Jessalyn ends up finding her second chance mate who isn't perfect but she's willing t...

  • Pregnant and rejected
    344K 11.8K 22


  • He rejected me and I was pregnant with his baby(Undergo editing)
    613K 15.8K 16

    Eva bluebird was sixteen abused and rejected. She was different from the other werewolves. One night she goes to the soon to be alphas party. The next morning she Wakes up in a strange room naked. something happens she runs then finds out she's pregnant. Start reading to find out more.

  • Pregnant Rejected and Found
    142K 4.2K 12

    I'm lacy and I left my pack because I got pregnant by my Alpha mate. He rejected me after he got me pregnant not knowing I was pregnant. Now 5 years later he finds me. updates are slow and I apologize for that but they will continute to be slow for awhile so read at your own risk and enjoy! :)

  • Pregnant By My Mate....To Bad I Was Rejected
    430K 11.9K 18

    Charlie a 16 year old werewolf whose parents had died in a rogue attack. Ever since that she has been tormented, bullied, by the kids in the pack and her own brother all she has is her best friend Tommie who is an outcast just like her. One night she convinces Charlie to go to Eli's 18th party he is the future alpha o...

  • The alphas babies(On Hold)
    305K 8.8K 17

    It started with a kiss and a party and it ended with triplets, a broken heart, and a rejection. Who nows what will happen next. The happily ever after or well not. Will he love her or not so much. Will she ever forgive him for rejecting her. You never know when you have the alphas babies.

  • Bully+Mate=Rejected With A Baby
    588K 17.9K 38

    Mary is bullied by her pack and her twin brother. She only has one friend, Jenny. Her parents died from a rouge attack. Austin is a player, Mary's bully and the-soon-to-be-alpha. when he turned 18 he found out that Mary was his mate he rejected her after sleeping with her.When Austin rejected Mary she couldn't hold...

  • Forever is Over
    13.9K 625 14

    book two to my mate left me the night of our wedding!!! cadence thought she lost it all.her mate, her pack and her best friend. she is still being hurt by the man that is supposed to love her but she just cant seem to get away from him. but things start to look up when three young kids join the pack and become the rea...

  • My Happily Married Mate
    152K 3.6K 15

    Victoria expected more for her future than the one that is currently in front of her. All twenty-two years of waiting and this is what she gets? A gorgeous married man beside his equally charming wife. All pieces have a fit, they say, and god knows what Vicky is willing to do to get what is rightfully hers.

  • The Rejected Alpha
    29.3K 865 37

    Selena Sky, member of the Humble Pack, when the pack falls down her life turns upside down in such a huge scale. After the attack her life turns to the exact meaning of hell but she managed to continue living it or at least she managed living it until the day she will die with the rest of her pack members. What she d...

  • Alpha Reject (ON HOLD)
    8.8K 330 5

    I step to him and he does the same, casting aside the girl that was once in his embrace. Placing my hands on his face, I study him, his dark hair that was woven by the night itself, his eyes that shone like the stars I fell asleep under, his lips as soft as a flower's petal. He was perfect. He was my mate. I would lov...

  • The Alpha King(on hold)
    181K 5.9K 25

    My life was as normal as it could get. I had an amazing brother, a great home, friends. And ambition. And if I'm being fairly honest, it was how I've always wanted it to be. But the truth cannot be hidden over the fact that I was a werewolf, and the daughter of a deceased beta. And...also, that I've found my mate. The...

  • Heartless mate
    221K 6.5K 33

    "You will obey me." He snarled grabbing my jaw roughly. "I will never obey to you." I said roughly. He slapped me once more and turned to the guard at the door. • Morgana has an ass of a mate! Will she be able to turn him into the lover she's always wanted or is she too late? • Please don't copy any of the characters...

  • I'm unexpected
    72.7K 2.9K 21

    "I will never love you, remember that" He whispered coldly in my ear as he held me by the arm. I breathed deeply and said, "You've already killed me. Your heartless and a man like you can never love" And without hesitation I snatched my arms from him and walked away. ...

    415K 9.4K 38

    HIS CHOICE *UNDER CONSTRUCTION* --------------------------------------------------------------- STORY BY: TaCoLoVeR890 COVER ART BY: Dovahcrap Contact Dovahcrap at:

  • Love after Marriage | Completed
    305K 31.4K 83

    ▪▪ COMPLETED ▪▪ ▪▪▪ Yeh Rishta kis mod thak jayegi ▪▪▪ What happens when two people who don't want to get married and don't believe in the concept of love get married? Will their relationship last or will it break before it begins? ▪ Cover Credit | ImLilMissComplicated ▪

    2.3K 170 15

    Sequel to "The Girl He Never Noticed" Transformed from a butterfly to a parasitoid, Taylor is back and she's more psychotic than ever. Taylor is still not over Harry and would do anything to get him back in her life even if it means destroying the ones that Harry loves. This time there are no rules and no limits. I...

  • The Beast
    46.7M 1.6M 57

    To the world he was a beast but for her he would do anything. He could have the world but all he wanted was her. They say the things we want most are the things we can't have. For she was so afraid of him that even the thought of him could have her running for the hills. Little did she know that she was the only one w...

  • My Broken Billionaire
    711K 24.9K 51

    25 year old Nikolas Taptiklis is an arrogant, demanding, heartless, sexy CEO of the most successful company in the world. Money, fame....and money is what his life unfortunately revolves around. Until 23 year old Isabella Williamson skips into his life as his conscientious secretary, leading him to discover something...

  • The Billionaire and The Baker (ON HOLD UNDER REVISION)
    63.5K 1.2K 8

    Amira has always tried to do the right thing when it came to her younger brother. But lately all she seems to do is help him out of one problem and he gets into another. Alex is owed a lot of money from Amira's brother, and when he goes missing, Alex is determined to take payment from Amira. Just not in cash, in the...

  • I Slapped Mr Billionaire (On hold till Nov)
    410K 18.1K 37

    #wattys2017 "This is a reminder to never mess with me. Today I only did this to you but next time I will make sure you won't dare to even look at me" With that he walked out of the room followed by the sound of the door being locked.

  • The Fall Of A Drama Queen
    14.1M 774K 53

    Emerald did not want anything to do with Harry Allen again. He broke her heart when she was young. But, when he offered her to make a crown for the Queen of England, she immediately accepted. The Queen's crown would be the highlight in her first jewelry exhibit. But things did not turn out according to her plan. Her...

  • Mr. Ceo & I
    6.6M 255K 55

    Highest Ranking: # 15 in Romance on August, 5, 2018 Highest Ranking: #1 in CEO on December, 15,2018 Asher, is the cocky, arrogant, rude, and closed off Ceo of The National Elect Industries. He works hard for what he wants. He has everything he needs except one thing... A personal assistant until Natalia fulfills the...

  • Sluts and Bad Boys (#Wattys2017)
    69.2K 4.4K 22

    [Highest ranking yet: #275 in Teen Fiction] People call Megan Wilson a slut behind her back. They call Ace Trainer a bad boy. People have labeled and blindly judged other people so many times, that they tend to forget that those other people too are in fact, just people in the end. And people cannot be categorized.

  • Untethered
    1.4M 55.9K 58

    [COMPLETED] Wattys2018 Shortlist! PROMOTED ON COSMOPOLITAN.COM Highest rank #6 on Chicklit What's Hot List FOLLOW ME FOR EXCLUSIVE UPDATES ❤ ----------------------------------------- When Emma's grandma dies, new evidence comes to light about the unsolved murder of her dad, 25 years before. While she hunts for a...

  • The Contract Bride
    52.2K 2.4K 24

    Dwayne Marshall son of Richard Marshall , CEO of Empire Enterprises, tells his son Dwayne to find a wife before he can hand over the company to him, Dwayne decides to find a wife with the intention of getting a divorce after he has gotten what he wants but unfortunately he falls in love with Jessica who was supposed t...

    Completed   Mature
  • What Vincent Wants
    24.1M 727K 54

    Daphne Dennings lost her virginity at sixteen. No one else knows about it except for her childhood best friend. After hooking up with some boy at her cousin's yacht wedding up in Saint Tropez, Daphne promises herself that her wild days are over. She regrets losing her v-card to a total stranger, so she repels every gu...