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  • Yellow.
    3.3M 147K 99

    Harry is a single autistic father, ready to prove his love for his little daughter and willing to break the ableist stereotypes placed on him. This is a heartwarming story, following Harry's growth while making friends and finding love through a common love for comics and milkshakes. Book 1 - Coloured Series.

  • Earned It [zarry]
    330K 14.6K 33

    Zayn had everything under control. He doesn’t get distracted by customers, and he definitely doesn't let it effect his studies. Work is work. Until a mysterious business owner comes into the club demanding his attention.

  • Freak [Zianourry] - COMPLETE
    183K 6.4K 22

    Louis has always had something a little bit strange about him, whether it be the way his supposed 'family' treats him as though he is different, unworthy, events plan out differently to how he expects them to... Or maybe the fact he can hear what everyone is thinking? Welcome to Newtations School, the school for frea...

  • Blasé
    2.6M 138K 58

    I won't stop until that boy is mine ©All Rights reserved. Danny Knight

  • Yours Truly, Louis- Larry AU
    6M 209K 58

    "It's true, I crave you." Where Louis' a hardcore fanboy and loves Harry Styles a lot. (One Direction is Four Direction)