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  • tampon boy | ethan dolan
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    he was called "tampon boy."

  • the nanny {d.t}
    908K 22.1K 63

    "If I'm just the nanny then you wouldn't care if I quit, or would you, Mr. Dolan?" {completed} highest rankings: #23 in fanfiction #1 in dolan twins & ethan dolan

    Completed   Mature
  • precious ↠ e.d
    364K 11.7K 46

    sequel to ; glitch. where two high school lovers that split, meet each other again at a mutual friends event three years later. will they reconcile all their issues and confess what secrets and lies they kept, or is too late for that now? [ lowercase intended ] ©ethansabs - mature content - started : january 1st 201...

  • glitch ↠ e.d
    694K 16.6K 44

    where a girl sends the wrong nude, to the wrong guy, and the only way he'll keep quiet about it, is under one condition. [ lowercase intended ] ©ethansabs - mature content - started : august 10th 2017 ended : september 16 2017

    Completed   Mature
  • blind ↠ e.g.d
    714K 21K 36

    "why are you staring at me" "because you're beautiful" "you must be blind" "i am" "then how would you know i'm beautiful?" "i just do" warning: this book is so so so so cringeworthy and cliche and poorly written ! written before i had any idea how to develop a story lmao. slowly editing

  • CAM GIRL ; E.D.
    120K 2.7K 21

    are you lost? - warning: mature content.

  • mute e.d
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    "is Ethan really shy or something? I've tried to talk to him all day and he just ignores me" "actually he's mute" - // my original idea please don't steal the plot :) - highest ranking: #139 in fanfiction #25 in dolantwins #22 in ethandolan #1 in edolan

  • miss you • e.d.
    325K 9.1K 31

    miss you read at 4:26 am - all rights reserved.

    Completed   Mature