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  • sweet | yoonmin
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    "sugar is sweet just like you" based off the anime ore monogatari. NO TRANSLATIONS. lowercase intended. started april 2016.

  • B-Nights •yoonmin•
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    PRELUDE/SEQUEL TO D-DAYS "Who are you?" He cries as his head throbs in pain. "I'm Mr. Park, your psychiatrist." 6/13/16 -12/13/16 completed Highest ranking: #555 in Fanfiction /Dec 2016/ /13 April 2017/ /23 April 2017/ /25 April 2017/ /28 April 2017/ /18 May 2017/

  • D-days •yoonmin•
    747K 26.5K 29

    "Aren't you new here?" He drops his lollipop, transferring his interest on the Raven. "Min Yoongi, flirting is forbidden." ©-jhoehoehoe [5/25/16 - 6/12/16] [completed]

  • Fake Boyfriend|| my.pj
    75.8K 1.8K 6

    Jimin Park. simple, nerd, ugly, fat? thats all he thinks he and everyone thinks he is, he always wears those thick round eyeglasses and those ugly braces because he don't want to be noticed. he hates almost every one especially Yoongi Min. that bully who always makes fun of him. Yoongi Min. Jerk, The "Bad" Boy, Hot, e...

  • Strip ||Yoonmin||
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    Jimin steals from a store and Yoongi catches him. "Strip for me"

  • perfectionist
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    jimin does what he can to get yoongi to love him, including embarrassing himself. warning: smut, vulgar language lowercase intended

  • dalliance
    117K 6.1K 30

    dalliance; a temporary affair or relationship warnings: smut, lowercase intended, daddy & princess kink