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  • Scars Of The Past
    42.9K 4.9K 50

    "Fine! Since that's what you want, I've divorced you. And I'll continue to repeat this. Last night meant nothing to me. It was just.... " she shut her ears not wanting to hear the rest of his words that had begun to cut through her skin. She watched him walkaway with teary eyes and flinched at the sound of the banging...

  • Huda
    309K 6.4K 16

    Huda Waleed, a very smart girl with an 'A' personality. She loved to be on top of everything she did, a perfectionist and very ambitious. She always wanted to be an independent woman, just like her father taught her to be before he died. Just when she thinks everything's fine, a man came into her life and ruined every...

  • Safaa
    629K 73.5K 71

    Join me as I tell you the story of the timid and naive Safaa.. And how her moderate life took a turn within a blink of an eye...

  • Everything I Could Ever Ask For
    242K 27.2K 42

    Highest rank #12 in spiritual on 15/07/2017❤ Meet Ikram Sa'eed.An average Nigerian Muslim girl.Strong hearted,Mischievous,Intelligent,Kind,Gentle,Selfless and of course beautiful.What happens when she meets the arrogant Adnan with his broken past. Would she be able to mend those broken pieces of his?And most important...

  • The Billionaire's Secret Babies (The Radley's 1)EDITING
    6.9M 178K 53

    Raelynn is smart and beautiful, but she hides behind her huge frames, ponytail, baggy clothes and high school status of being a nerd, because she hates being the center of attention. Bryce is handsome, rich and popular. He has a notorious reputation of being a player. Wha...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Possession In Discretion - DISCRETION SERIES BOOK #1
    36.3M 1.2M 67

    Brielle Newman A 21-year-old girl who was struggling to make life comfortable for herself and her niece, Delilah. Her sister left the baby the minute she could get up and leave the hospital. Brielle hasn't seen her since. She also hasn't seen her parents who walked out on her at 17 or her brother who went to the army...

  • Breaking The Bad Boy (Completed)
    47.9M 1.6M 74

    Ashley Martin has been through more grief than a person experiences in their entire life and carries baggage that no kid should ever entail. Tyler Miller is the school's scandalous bad boy who acts on impulse, blinded rage and will single-handedly destroy anybody who stands in his way. Then all of a sudden, they're th...

  • Arrows & Anchors
    552K 35K 69

    Brooke Fray wasn't expecting to fall for famous guitarist Julian Miles. Are they heading towards love - or complete destruction? ***** American journalist Brooke Fray is still rebuilding her confidence and her life, six months after a nasty break-u...

    Completed   Mature
  • La traviesa señora Maxfield
    65.2M 1.4M 38

    ***The wrong girl is sometimes The Right One.*** Charlotte Samuels thought she'd be stuck waiting tables at Marlow's until all her debts are paid off-in about ten thousand years or so. She definitely didn't expect a marriage proposal from the arrogant Brandon Maxfield who was blackmailed by his father to make her h...

  • Hired To Love
    20.9M 788K 68

    Henley agrees to pretend to date billionaire Bennett Calloway for a fee, falling in love as she wonders - how is he involved in her brother's false conviction? ***** Henley Linden's brother is in jail for a crime he didn't commit, and she'll take an...

  • Out of His League
    1M 29.3K 29

    After a spontaneous fling in Vegas with her favourite baseball player, Gretchen Harper starts to wonder if one night can possibly turn into forever. ***** Gretchen Harper didn't expect to meet her favourite baseball player, Joshua Malvern, on her wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finding Noor
    3.4K 429 3

    On the verge of giving up on life, Layla Fadoul stumbled upon Noor Junaid, a psychologist with an optimistic persona. She knew he was trouble the moment he started digging out what was buried for years, trying to fix what was in shambles, and build up what was long broken. She wasn't sure about anything else, but she...

  • Twice Upon Qadr - A Shot At Love **EDITING**
    2.1M 159K 71

    Houssam Shaykh is living the dream. He is a big sought after basketball star who has his pick of teams, is recognized wherever he goes, makes millions per game, and gets to play his favorite sport for a living. He is even being called the 'Muslim Michael Jordan'. But he has a void that he can't seem to fill, no matter...

  • Jadwa✔️
    442K 48.9K 57

  • Jannah
    129K 15.5K 16

    Read about Jannah Uthman, a twenty one year old girl who's trying to get justice for her deceased sister but everything becomes screwy when she meets Abdullah Abubakar Daggash, an ingenious state prosecutor, also known as Sheikh. She finds herself at a crossroads, teetering between vengeance and love.

  • Mi Amor, my love!
    813K 77.3K 36

    Abdulhameed: She's my dream girl. Fatima: He's always been my crush, every girl has a crush on him. Abdulhameed: I love her. Fatima: I love him. Abdulhameed: I'm doing it for my father. Fatima: I'm literally forced. Abdulhameed: But she still loves her ex. Fatima: But he still loves his ex wife. Abdulhameed: And its...

  • Hilwa.
    1.7M 34.7K 11

    Story of a girl who moved from a small town in Nigeria to the city, Abuja. Relocating to a complete different place, adapting to a new environment, the swanky life and bearing up with a new family with disparate characters, of course, wouldn't be easy breezy. Its a bumpy, emotional and an exciting ride. H I L W A. ~...

  • Catching Genesis (Completed)
    28M 1M 62

    Warning: CG has been published. The last ten chapters of this book have been taken down due to copyright reasons. When the future Alpha, a major player rejected her for the Queen B, Genesis and her two best friends came up with a plan to give the arrogant future alpha the taste his own medicine. What happens when your...

  • Alkyabba
    1M 84K 40

    He looked at me with so much adoration in his eyes that made my stomach do double flips and my heart just melted. "I will shield you from all the harm in this world. I will make sure everyone accepts the shade of your skin and your brunette hair. You will never ever feel like you don't belong here anymore. You deserv...

  • Prince with benefits (Royals #1)
    106M 2.1M 64

    After a bad break up, Emily moves across the world to find herself. Getting involved in a relationship is the last thing she wants, but that changes when she meets a handsome stranger, who's perfect in every way, except one thing: he's the Prince of England. Prince with Benefits is a contemporary fairy tale filled wit...

  • The Alpha's Mate
    381K 11.1K 32

    Alex finally finds her mate after a broken past. Will she finally have the fairy tale she has always dreamed of or will it all crumble before her very eyes?

  • His abused mate
    1M 26.2K 59

    When Cecilia Moon is abused and raped almost every other day in her pack by her mother and father she can't take it anymore and decides to run away. While she runs away, she finds herself in a unknown packs territory where she finds her mate. Will he accept or reject her? Will he show her to love again or show her ev...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shy
    18M 658K 86

    "She's shy," Brooke shrugged and looked at Indianna. "Well, come on, I don't bite," Greyson urged and Indianna stiffened, just like before. "Don't talk about that," Indianna said, but her voice was still quiet. "Struck a nerve have I?" Greyson said and smirked. "Somebody likes it kinky." * Indianna Hughs had always be...

  • My Very Own Alpha
    2M 44.1K 44

    Being Mates mean learning to love each other flawless or full of it. This is the story of Nicki and Royal.

  • Engaged to the Heartless Heartbreaker ✔
    42M 1.2M 67

    Highest Rank: #1 in Romance, #1 - painting, #1 - heartbreaker, #1 - one-sidedlove, #1 - unrequitedlove *********************** Still not satisfied with our physical contact, he leaned his face down to meet mine as his fingers gripped my chin. "Fiancée?" he asked, whispering the word. I nodded as the tension I felt fro...

  • I Was Never Yours
    34.7M 1M 42

    When Arianna marries Zach Price to save her family, she doesn't expect to fall in love with a man who'd always consider her a second choice. ***** When Arianna's older sister, Olivia, decides to run away on the day of her wedding, Arianna is forced...

  • What Happens In Paris
    491K 17K 70

    Liam Armstrong is America's richest and youngest billionaire. He is self made and proud of it. Arrogant and snobbish, there is no place for a relationship in his life and he despises the idea of love entirely. Faith Connor is a simple, friendly and cheerful girl who likes to live life to the fullest. Although she has...

  • Just A Friend?
    42.6M 1.2M 99

    Will I Always Be: Just A Friend? {Book 1} *** {Teen Fiction #1} Ashton Thompson is everything you'd want in a boyfriend. He's funny, caring, childish at times, loving, romantic...oh and he's drool worthy gorgeous. It's just a shame that he's my best friend...NOT my boyfriend. Being in love with your best f...

  • Journey From Hate To Love( on hold indefinitely)
    666K 24.7K 34

    "Stay away from me...don't you dare touch me" I yelled at him He pulled me flushed against him and threaded his fingers in my untangled mess pulling it back mercilessly "You are my wife ...I have every right to touch you" with that he grabbed my hands and pinned them against the wall near my head. He started sucking a...

  • The Lost "Amira"
    64.4K 4.7K 35

    Asli Ahmad is a 20 years old French hijabi, that moved to United States to pursue her education and maybe get a career in business. All her life she thought life in America will be great and easy but she thought wrong. To pay the rent, she gets an assistant job at Thomas Corporations. Asli starts working for the Big...