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  • graveyard ☞ jenzie
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    their loved ones lie beside each other in the graveyard they bond over their loved one's deaths they fall in love ●●● genre; romance/teen fiction status; on going all rights reserved

  • summer camp [ firis ]
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    Finn is closed off but excited for another year of camp and hanging out with his friends when a girl named Iris comes to camp and gives him a sense of adventure and fun... but it has consequences.

    Completed   Mature
  • I Slapped Mr. Popular
    2.2M 89.9K 74

    This is the old version!!! New version of this story is titled "In a Heartbeat." Braelyn Sawyer is the invisible little sister of Nick, Nathan, and Kyle Sawyer. Each of her brothers are popular, handsome, and players. Braelyn always hid in their shadow. A year ago Braelyn had her heart broken by her long time boyfrien...

    3.1K 240 6

    [firis] most people say that carnival games are rigged; others say there's a certain skill to be mastered in order to win. but according to finn wolfhard, it all depends on how badly you want the prize. [short story] [COMPLETED]

  • it cast imagines
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  • finn wolfhard imagines
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    started: 18/11/17 -finn wolfhard -richie tozier -mike wheeler Highest Ranking; #100 in Fanfiction

  • CRYBABY ♤ IT // richie tozier *2020 EDIT*
    658K 19.7K 88

    "One day, I'm gonna save your ass and you're probably gonna wanna make out with me." Lizzy was getting really sick of being hit on by Richie Tozier, but then again a weird annoying horny preteen boy was nothing compared to a shape shifting inter dimensional being that fed on the souls of humans and loved the taste of...

  • Not Just Any Loser (Richie Tozier x Reader)
    413K 7.8K 47

    Who knew it was possible for Richie Tozier to have a crush? Who knew it was possible for someone to like Richie Tozier? Well, there was finally that special person. You're both awkward, have a strange sense of humor, make shitty jokes, and are afraid of clowns. This story contains angst, spoilers, fluff, and a LOT of...

  • One Contact
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    She finds a phone on the sidewalk. There is no trace of someone ever owning it, except one single contact, 'Unknown'. When she texts the number someone replies.

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    This is a story by me kenzie is getting a lot of hate the people think that she is lying that she s hacked and she s unfollowing people and she says i m not faking that she cryied

  • mileven oneshots
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    "you're my world and i hope i'm yours." a close up of mike wheeler and jane hopper's journey

  • | mileven one shots |
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    just random one shots of the purest ship in hawkins indiana ;)

  • madhouse / fillie
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    "Whatever he was up to, I knew that he would never like a girl like me- no one is capable of loving someone as damaged as I am."

    Completed   Mature
  • seven deadly sins. | st cast
    4.4K 240 4

    the deadly seven are as followed: wrath, sloth, greed, envy, lust, pride, and gluttony. that is how the townsfolk branded them. started on april 29th || plot and cover are mine

  • Crushes|Fillie/Nillie
    16.5K 444 39

    A Fillie and Nillie fan fic😋 (COMPLETED)

  • [Nillie]it started with a mistake. // completed
    17.3K 336 20

    We were best friends... but I think we're more that that now... oops? Will Finn get jealous and steal her away from Noah, or will Noah get Millie in the end. Read my story and Find Out!❤️

  • all alone || gmw
    10.1K 476 20

    "everything I've loved, became everything I lost." [lucaya/riarkle/zayadora- CRINGE] [a year after high school graduation] #16 in filey!

  • just broken || gmw
    19K 506 18

    "even something really beautiful can be broken sometimes." [lucaya/riarkle] [set in high school; cringe warning // SUPER CLICHÉ] #4 in mucas!! #2 in filey!

  • all in my head || reddie / kasbrough
    16.2K 879 16

    "WAS IT REAL OR WAS IT ALL IN MY HEAD?" started: 9.23.17