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  • Graphic Wattys 2020
    20.6K 1.7K 38

    The Guild is hosting the Graphic Wattys again this year! Tag your book with #GraphicWattys2020 and head inside for more information on how to enter. Welcome to the Graphic Wattys! Every year, summer is a time where writers enter their stories into the Wattys (or furiously get in those last few thousand words...), but...

  • Mystery became surprise
    456 129 6

    The five young teens-Clara, Jack, Jessie, Stan and Phil are the best students in their school and passionate about mystery solving. One day while studying in library they found a strange yet unique book. Read the book to find out what happens. All the charecters are imaginary and fictional here. Any match with anybod...

  • •Deep In My Thoughts•
    962 302 35

    An ordinary person just wants to write, Wanting to shout out her thoughts, But her mouth is shut tight, Thinking she's an aught. ~Book Cover made by @LillieReading1! Thanks so much! ~A winner of Aesthete Awards

  • Death at Scarlet Leaf.
    72.3K 3.9K 10

    On the eve of a hot summer's day, a body is found in the summerhouse of a great estate. It is up to the young, inexperienced, newly appointed governess Alianna Winter to find the killer before he or she strikes again. -The first book in the Alianna Winter series. Her later cases: 2.The Merryweather Jewel Thefts 3.A Ho...

  • Daughter Of Shadows| Graphics
    60 8 4

    Where I show off my horrible graphics. Also may or may not be doing premades and/or requests.

  • Art Inside
    846 144 42

    Covers and Edits...... Made by....... MEEEE

  • You And Me (Mafia Romance)
    630 118 21

    It's true what they say. When you're not looking for someone you find the perfect imperfect one. Love has too many types. It's hard to keep a track of it. One of the type of love was here. The one where 50 percent imperfection of Alicia and 50 percent imperfection of James gave the two the perfection they needed. L...

  • Ruth-Less
    561 45 12

    Don't forget to appreciate the littlest things in your life,they might come handy. For the Mikaelsons it was their father whom they feared,for Mikael it was HER.The youngest and the most feared original that the history made them forget about is back after centuries of sleep. Will Ruth Mikealson step over her past or...

  • The Oath of Scars
    135 15 6

    Started- 12 September 2018. * * * * * I look him dead in the eye as he grips my jaw in a death hold. He lowers himself as he shuffles through my eyes,trying to find the slightest hint of regret. I can already feel the fresh bruises taunting my skin as he lets go of my jaw . " An Oath is bound to my blood and The onl...

  • One Direction!
    1.5K 272 59

    This book is s mixture of all the One Direction stuff. Like texts, memes, quotes, jokes and stuff. Hope you enjoy!!!😄

  • Mystic Falls
    187 22 5

    Chelsea is new to Mystic Falls who has come here with her mom. Find out the strange incidents she is acqauinted with!

  • Not Fully Human (Romantasy)
    637 139 18

    Molly took their hands and placed them on the frame pressing her palm on their hands. In a gesture of reassurance and confidence. "Don't just touch it, girls, feel it. Feel the power surging through your veins. The darkness, enveloping the light, hiding it from reach. You both must penetrate through this barrier. It w...

  • ♡Tangled Love♡
    1K 258 30

    What happens when 3 words from 3 totally different people changes a high school girl's life? What happens when Her childhood enemy Her childhood friend Her high school crush Confess to her at the same time ? Who will she choose? Read on to find out. A/N - Hey guys! This is my first book, so it's probably not that good...