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  • Ain't No Other
    240K 12K 35

    Still aching from her internet ex-boyfriend's scam, Tamitha finds herself in deep trouble when she meets Roosevelt Sanvictores, the man in the photos her ex pretended to be. She knows that he's off-limits, but when circumstances keep bringing them together, maybe fate's got other plans. **** After getting drunk from a...

  • He Sucks At Love (Lion Foresteir's story)
    319K 20.9K 10

    When she was only seven, a mysterious man adopted her from the orphanage. She never met him, but nevertheless called him 'Daddy' henceforth. What's crazy is it turns out that 'Daddy' is actually a young billionaire who is just three years older than her - he was only a freakin' ten-year-old boy when he adopted her! An...

  • My Psycho Billionaire
    3.1M 160K 52

    AUDITION GONE WRONG! Macey Ela Sandoval aspires to be a singer but instead ends up in The Search for 7 Wives- a harem reality game, designed by the insanely gorgeous Panther Foresteir, who's dubbed as the crazy billionaire. Red Note Society Leader | Stand-alone story | JFstories DISCLAIMER: This story is written in Ta...

  • He Doesn't Share
    20.1M 677K 48

    Ingrid is being stalked by a mysterious stranger. She thinks he's a psycho and is deeply afraid of him. However, her curiosity got the better of her, which made her seek him instead. She doesn't anticipate that by doing so, she has given him the power to mess her up so bad and turn her world upside down. RNS#1 A novel...

  • Fall For You
    14.3M 462K 51

    He is cursed. He is in heat and he wants she has *** Sampung taon lamang si Perisha nang kupkupin siya ni Kaden, ang misteryosong lalaki na kulay berde ang mga mata. Dinala siya nito sa mansiyon na pag-aari nito. Binihisan, iningatan, pinakain, pinagaral, at ibinigay ang lahat ng kanyang pangangailan... Nagda...

  • Obey Him
    24.1M 966K 72

    He's a 29-year-old mayor of the town and she's a 19-year-old orphaned student. Jackson became Frantiska's legal guardian before anything else. Their relationship does not conform to society's standards; it is unconventional if not scandalous, but to her, it is the only real thing in her life... not until she discovere...

  • Retired Playboy
    11.5M 337K 40

    Macario Karangalan Sandoval

  • Love Me Harder
    44.1M 1.2M 62

    "If that's the only way, then do it. Hurt me as long as you want." - Kyo Montenegro of MALAS SIYA. Parusa sa lahat ng kagagahan ni Ruby ang mga kamalasang nangyayari sa kanya. Pero ang kanyang pinakamatinding karma ay nang mahalin niya si Kyo Montenegro. Ang lalaking walang pakiramdam. Hindi lang basta walang pakiram...

    Completed   Mature
  • The God Has Fallen
    6.7M 207K 81

    Rogue Saavedra, the arrogant city's young billionaire, becomes stranded on an unknown island. There he meets what his sweetest karma - an illiterate jungle woman, Jane, who is also the goddess of the Amazon tribe that claims he is "god", and their last hope to avoid extinction. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FILIPINO LANGUAGE...

  • Trapped With Him
    24.5M 746K 48

    Jesusa, a homeless girl in Quiapo, Manila, luckily caught the eyes of Damon Montemayor, a young boy who happens to be from a prestigious family. Her life has changed from that moment on. She's indebted to him and greatly appreciates his clan's support and help. Her gratitude, though is not enough for him - as he wants...

  • His Indecent Proposal: Lander Montenegro
    22.7M 669K 34

    She was kidnapped by the mafia prince, Lander Montenegro, at the age of five. She must hate him for ruining her life, pero nang makaharap ni Aviona ang kanyang abductor ay hindi galit ang namayani sa puso niya... kundi paghanga. Paghanga sa kulay asul at walang awang mga mata nito. And despite of the monstrous things...