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  • Don't know what to do
    25.4K 733 69

    Credits to the one who made this cover. A bump will cause a wreck in the internet but a chemistry between 2 idols, will they fall for each other? It's kinda ugly at the start but soon, you'll like it. THIS IS A JENNIE X MALE READER. 🥇 #10 jenniexmalereader #629 xmalereader #1 jenniekimxmalereader #5 jenniekimxreader...

  • Stranded (Jennie x reader)
    4.1K 145 8

    Intercom: Flight 160808 is ready for departure. Please make your way toward the gate. ------------------------- Y/N: No, I have to make it for my sister! ------------------------- Kai: You cheating b**ch!! ------------------------- Jennie: KAI STOP!!! I LOVE HIM!! ------------------------- Jisoo: Please make it Y/N. I...

  • BLACKPINK FF [Assistant Manager] (Fanboys)
    10.2K 220 13

    Y/n, a guy that comes from a poor family applied for a position as an assistant manager in YG Entertainment, hoping to seek higher income to support his parents in the village. Y/n is taking up 2 jobs, assistant manager in an entertainment company and an employee in a restaurant.

    Completed   Mature
  • Unfortunately Bloody Love (COMPLETED)
    79.8K 5.9K 74

    A guy who is not ordinary. Already 155 years old of age but does not look ageing. Looks just like 25. A 25 years old girl who is just ordinary. Her beauty and kindness has totally got him interested in her. This story looks ordinary but no. It is not really that way. * every single thing I write is fictional. If it ha...

  • Against All Odds (Jennie x Reader)
    16.1K 620 12

    A Korean K-Pop idol. An American street rapper. A story of rags to riches mixed with a burning love - it all seemed impossible, until you met her and your worlds collided. Jennie x Male Reader #1 blackpinkxreader 11/04/2020 #2 jenniexmalereader 09/23/2020 *I don't own any of the images/songs used in the story. Credits...

  • Blackpink Imagines
    10.6K 321 9

    Imagines & oneshots with Jisoo, Jennie Rosé and Lisa of Blackpink! Mostly BP member x reader but some are about the group in general. Just check the table of contents to see. #4 blackpinkimagines 10/01/2020 #4 blackpinkoneshots 11/04/2020

  • Girl Groups Imagines
    77.9K 1.7K 23

    kpop girl groups x male/gender neutral reader imagines requests open via messages, please be specific with your idea. no smut or wlw

  • Really | Blackpink x Reader Imagines
    13.3K 348 12

    A collection of stories involving you and Blackpink...! really hope you'll enjoy them! #1 readerxblackpink #8 lisaxreader #9 blackpinkxreader

  • Blackpink Reactions
    98K 923 80

    Blackpink Reaction/Imagines Male/Neutral Reader I am taking requests and I am doing boyfriend preferences for our girls. Sorry if there are some mistakes in writing because English is not my first language. As I said I am writing this for a male reader, but I will do my best to keep it as gender neutral as possible. ...

  • Forbidden [CHAELISA & JENSOO] Gender bender Student X Teacher
    59.5K 2.1K 26

    School rules forbids a lovely relationship between a student and a teacher. But love makes you do crazy things without even realizing it. And love makes you crazy in such little things. (A/N: As you can see, LOVE is the 6th sense that makes a person NONSENSE. Jk XD)

    Completed   Mature
  • Blackpink x Male Reader Oneshots
    9.2K 113 4

    blackpink imagines with a male reader which is yourself! hope you enjoy the book. members in the book. Kim Jisoo Park Chaeyoung Manoban Lalisa kim Jennie

  • Rookie || [ Jisoo × Male Reader]
    14.1K 402 16

    Jung Y/n, a normal 19 years old boy who was raised in an orphanage. What if... One day, a casting agent approached him and offered him a contract that could change his whole life?

  • VOICE - (Rosé x Male Reader)
    4.3K 234 12

    Kim Y/n, the school most famous student and Rosé Park, his childhood friend who recently transferred to Y/n school. Can they be together? Everything is pretty normal for the two of them-except for the fact that Rosé is... mute. For this reason, she immediately became the target of the school most famous bully group; B...

  • Blackpink Imagines
    8.6K 178 8

    This will all be male readers, just imagine Y/N is a woman if you want gxg.

  • Falling For You
    1.5K 55 4

    4 professional girls fall in love to Y/N, a graduating high school student Blackpink X Male Reader Story

  • Blackpink Rosé X Reader
    74.6K 1.5K 35

    Y/n slowly falls for Rosé... but will they get to be together. First time writing a story like this, please enjoy it.

  • Blackpink's Male Member (BlackVelvet + Others x Male Reader )
    102K 1.6K 29

    What if Blackpink turned into a 5 member group. But the 5th member is actually a boy. Even though it IS a Blackpink x Red Velvet x Male reader fanfic. There may be some other girlgroups interested on our boy.

  • Entitled Rich B!tch⚠️ON HOLD⚠️
    3.3K 175 5

    Imagine that one person you hate most coming back into your life and acting as if the torment they gave you never existed. Hi! My name is y/n, and I am here to let you in on the story of how I had to live with the one person I despise most in this world and how she'll see. Started: August 3rd, 2020...

  • Outline of You | Jensoo
    90.6K 4.8K 20

    An up-and-coming architect Kim Jisoo stumbles upon a high-flying CEO Jennie Kim sobbing alone in heartbreak. This fateful night brings them together on a project to remodel Jennie's villa on her private island, but when the lines start to blur between not just the two of them, will things stop at purely professional? ...

  • My Sunshine (Rosé x Reader) Completed ✔
    196K 6.7K 34

    You, an ordinary person, meet Rosé by accident, completely unaware of who she is - and she prefers it that way. But she can't keep her secret forever... Will discovering that she's Blackpink's Rosé ruin what you have with her, or blossom into something beautiful? Male or Female Reader - contains 18+ scenes but it's...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blackpink Imagines/Reactions
    18.2K 525 41

    Trying to do this once again let's go ugh

  • BLACKPINK x Reader One Shots
    103K 2K 22

    Knock Yourselves Out. All readers are gender-neutral.

  • Side by Side [Jisoo X Male Reader]
    8.5K 273 7

    A normal bodyguard namely Park (Y/N), unbeknownst to himself saved the charmingly beautiful and famous idol, Jisoo of BLACKPINK. Typical and cliche plot because I'm an amateur writer so if you could just proceed with reading it, then have fun and I love you!

  • Love Never Dies | Jennie X Male Reader
    33.3K 787 19

    Jennie X Male Reader | AU Y/N was just a normal Highschool student...until he bump accidentally to the School's Princess, Jennie Kim. Based on the anime: Toradora!

  • Fifty shades of Jennie Kim (Jennie x reader)
    909 19 1

    This story contains Smuts. It is about Jennie meet a rich Guy.This is like the movie Fifty shades of Freed But the story is different.(18+) only.Hope you Enjoy.

  • Chances With You // Jennie X Reader
    15.5K 512 21

    When Tyler Park, the school's well-known naughty boy encounters Jennie Kim, will he be able to win her heart or will he only become a dog on a leash? Jennie X Reader

  • Break my heart again. (Jennie x Reader)
    46.3K 1K 16

    She's cheating on me purposely over and over again. And I pretend I don't care. We break up and she gets into an accident. After that a lot things happen and I found myself falling for her again.

  • One shots; Blackpink x Reader
    130K 3.3K 23

    "Or maybe you like me.." "No, you're a girl.." "Girls can like girls."

  • Midnight's Cold Touch (JENSOO)
    100K 4.5K 48


  • Blackpink reactions
    580K 13.2K 75

    Some this is blackpink x female reader and the rest is blackpink x reader (gender isn't mentioned)This is a book about how I think blackpink would react to you doing or saying certain things. Just read the book and you'll know more