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  • Storm of High School
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    A Storm And Silence highschool!au !! also, a very Americanized version of them. None of the characters are mine! They all belong to Rob Thier and his amazing Storm and Silence series! ~~~ Lillian is at first mad when her Aunt hands her a diary, but soon finds it helps to record the goings on in her hectic life. Read a...

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    "It is your choice," he said, stepping so close to me that our lips were almost touching. "Either you do what I say, or get another job." My heart stood still as I gazed up into his deep, dark, dangerous eyes... In a modern yet still sexist world, Lillian Linton is determined to claim her independence. She is a smar...

  • Stone Cold | ✅
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    #AStormOfFanfiction He was stone cold, with an icy stare that could freeze my whole world. But then, he melted.

  • Shades of Lambrose
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    What would happen if Lilly and Rikkard were to meet now and not 2 centuries ago? Strong ,intelligent, cold, arrogant, mysterious but handsome as hell Rikkard Ambrose is the richest man in London. The one and only thing he cares about is his hard earned MONEY. Money that he keeps hidden from the world. Never uses it...

  • My Storm And My Silence:East India Empire #1
    71.2K 2.4K 20

    This is a story based on Storm and Silence from Lord Dalgliesh's POV! This is my little insight of how Dagliesh (P.S. I am not TheSirRob so please keep that in mind, thank you ifrits!) This character doesn't belong to me but to Robert Their the very talented Victorian writer.

  • Storm of Bells
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    Never do what you're told, never boil your own head in vinegar and, most important of all, never ever marry a man-those have always been Lilly Linton's principles for a happy, carefree life. So, how the heck did she end up engaged to multinational industrial magnate Rikkard Ambrose? Right now she's too happy to care...

  • Finally, Silence : A Lambrose One Shots
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    "Mr Linton?" "Yes Mr Ambrose, Sir?" "You have only two options. Its either you will be mine-" "Excuse me Sir! I will never belong to a man! I'm an independent woman and will neve-" "-or I'll be yours." "*stunned silence*" ~~~~~~ Yiiiii Mr Ambrose you sly fox! 😍😍😍 This is a FanFic of #StormandSilence series Th...

  • Mr. Linton, Where Are You?!
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    Fanfiction of Rob Thier's Storm and Silence parodying Warner Brother's classic cartoon Scooby Doo, Where Are You? After their return from the Americas, Lily, Mr. Ambrose, and Karim travel to a property Mr. Ambrose is thinking of purchasing to investigate mysterious events that have transpired. The caretaker of the...

  • The Fiery Ifrit And The Stone-Cold Iceberg
    1.1K 70 4

    Mr. Rikkard Ambrose. The richest and most powerful business magnate in London has found the one person who could break his unbreakable façade, Lillian Linton. Lilly Linton is a fiery, independent suffragist who harbors traitorous feelings towards her stone cold employer, who cannot admit his own feelings to his privat...

  • Silenced by the Ifrit (A Storm and Silence Fan Fiction)
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    This is a Storm and Silence Fanfiction. I didn't make any of the character's and all credit goes to Robert Thier :) I'm just a huge fan of the book! This book will include one shot's from many POV's and will be a lot of your favourite Lambrose scenes as well as many new ideas I will have conjured up or seen in other...

  • One Fateful Addiction To A Certain Stormy Series - Storm and Silence FanFiction
    49.2K 1.7K 20

    Storm and Silence there aren't enough words to describe how amazing the book is in general. They also can't stop getting better and better as the sequel In The Eye Of The Storm was amazing and the current Silence Is Golden is just so mind blowingly brilliant. I can't sing these books praises long enough. I'm also in...

  • Storm and Silence Fanfictions: A Collection
    44.1K 572 40

    This is simply a collection of all the Storm and Silence, In the Eye of the Storm, and Silence is Golden fanfictions that I have come across. **Cover is not mine- if you know who's it is, let me know so I can give them credit :D

  • Storm and Silence FanArt
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    This is where I'll be specifically posting fanart of Rob Thier's characters from his series, Storm and Silence. I hope you enjoy!

  • Flowered Storm | a Strom and Silence Fanfiction
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    Mr. Ambrose drags Lilly to Portugal in order to do business. Little does she know, she's being led into war zone, where rutless populars just want to overthrow the governement. *** 'Listen carefully Mr. Linton. We are about to step foot in an unsteady land. These people are said to be sympathetic and welcoming, but at...

  • Therapeutic S&S fan fiction
    1.2K 100 6

    A somewhat linear story in the Storm and Silence universe. Gives a bit of insight to the mind and magic behind the great miser. Will try to keep it in character and plot as the later novels. All Ambrose perspectives, I prefer writing in male POV. All characters are the original works of Rob Thier. If you like this I...

  • The right hand man
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    Storm and silence fan fiction. Kareem's point of view. Nearly all characters contained in this story were created and belong to author Robert Thier, I do not take credit or own them. Thanks x

  • The Ambroses • S&S
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    The most treasured heirlooms are the sweet memories of family

  • Ifrit Aesthetics ❤
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    aesthetics to pass my time

  • What If • S&S
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    A wise woman once said, that a man who is too set in his ways will only be left behind. Rikkard Ambrose believed that change would never effect him, everything would remain the same as time would pass him by. Little did he realise that he would lose those closest to him and miss out on a future that could have been. A...

  • Behind The Cold Silence
    1.5K 113 10

    Lillian "Lilly" Linton goes to London on a mission. Due to some circumstances, she disguises as her dead twin brother. Rikkard Ambrose let's the new member in his gang but was surprised to see a woman who looked exactly liked him in his room. After a while, Rikkard learned all there is to know about Lillian's life and...

  • Lambrose?
    78.4K 2.5K 10

    ★★★Storm and Silence Fanfiction★★★ This is a collection of one-shots, short stories, and much more containing tons of Lambrose action, as the title says!! Viewer discretion advised. ( ̄ω ̄) ***This book will contain spoilers!*** P.S. Knowledge is power is time is money so get reading!! DISCLAIMER! The characters and t...

  • Storm and Silence (FANFIC)
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    This fanfic is written by yours truly, with some plot parts made by Daisy! (@GreyDaisy). Support also given by Jennifer (@amuse-me), Cindy (@shadowhuntercindy), Kasey (@little_koko) and Sam (@cakesandstars)! ENJOY!!! cx First part takes place after chapter 94. Spin-off I guess you could say. Second part takes place...

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    Helloooooo! If you are a reader of my other little book: Storm and Silence (FANFIC), then you'll know about this little book! Thank you for all that you've done for me all you readers! This one's for you!!! :* ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO SIR ROB AND SIR ROB ONLY (aka Robert Thier) (: These are one shots from the main big...

  • Seven Reasons to Love Rikkard Ambrose
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    Rikkard Ambrose, beloved character of Rob Thier's Storm and Silence Series, is the object many fan's fantasies due to his money, power, looks, and personality. Here are seven reasons to love Mr Ambrose... Warning: May Contain Spoilers All characters are from the Storm and Silence series and are property of Rob Thier @...

  • Storm and Silence-In Modern Times
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    Your favorite duo, but in modern times! Based on the series by our favorite writer, RobThier.

  • Lillian Linton and Rikkard Ambrose One-Shots
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    The title says it all. The characters belong to Sir Rob Their and credits to the artist of the cover. So without a further ado Dive in fello IFRITS.!!

  • The Heat Within the Storm
    11.3K 125 3

    One-shots based off of @SirRob's amazing series, Storm and Silence. I'm here to provide you with all of the smut you've been craving in Mr. Ambrose and Lillian Linton's relationship.

  • Her Storm and Silence (S&S Series One Shots)
    176K 4.7K 10

    This will be a collect of one shots about the Storm and Silence Series by Rob Thier! I assume you're here on a non-wednesday day and I am here to provide you with some fan-made content to try and fill up the small hole of emptiness that all S&S readers face while patiently waiting for Sir Rob's glorious updates. I wil...

  • Karim's Point Of View
    79.6K 2.3K 8

    Ever wondered what goes on inside Kairm's head? Ever wondered how he feels when he sees Lillian Linton the ifrit, and Rikkard Ambrose his boss, go all lovey-dovey? Now is your chance to find out. *** If you don't know who these characters are, what are you doing with your life? Hurry up and click: @RobThier the autho...

  • My Little Ifrit
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    These are one shots of the storm and silence series written by the talented Rob Their. I do not claim any of the characters, these one shot are solely based of the amazing watty award winning series.