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  • Ask/dare the au sanses
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    This story will be ask or dare this is my first book so don't yell at me if its not good.

  • Ask and Dare The Sanses and Me!
    5.9K 183 126

    Yyyeeee gimme good dares.

  • Ask/Dare All Sanses!
    3.5K 69 9

    You can ask/dare all Sanses...

  • Ask/Dare Au sanses
    18.5K 750 111

    This book will have slow updates at random times. Ask or dare any Au sans anything you want no matter how bad it is...

  • Ask Or Dare Reaper x Geno (Asks Or Dares Closed)
    17.4K 642 26

    So I was bored And I decided to make an ask for one of my ships, Afterdeath. No asks or dares will be judged, and all will be answered and done, so ask away in the comments please~ Warning: if you see this: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) DO NOT READ AHEAD IF YOU ARE 13 OR YOUNGER. Thanks! ~°Updates are twice a day°~

  • Ask and dare the Sanses!
    16.5K 492 24

    This is now an Undertale/ Underswap/Underfell/whatever the fuck else, ask and dare! For people who want to talk to any Sans and ask them stuff! Whether it's fucking stupid to completely serious! Now go and have fun! The Sanses are waiting over in the next room! :) *From the other room* Sans: * I STILL NEED H...

  • Ask Sans
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    Request a sans, or even a Papyrus. Ask questions. Even roleplay! Do as you please! In all honesty this entire thing has gone to crap and wouldve been easier if it was like tumblr but its kinda all a mess ._. Sooo im like almost never replying to this because there are so many people on here and i cant get to them and...

    2.7K 147 31

    Welcome to this AnD,people who will be joining this is my OC Flaire and me Ink sans Error sans Classic sans Blueberry/swap sans Fell sans And. possibly even more Hope you enjoy *cover pic not mine*

    33K 765 23

    So I have seen other people do these things so I thought why not do one my self so here I am. So ask away they sans are Undertale!Sans Underfell!Sans Under swap!Sans Aftertale!Sans Gaster!Sans Science!Sans Error!Sans Ink!Sans Reaper!sans Sanzy Fresh Greaser Sans So please don't be afraid to ask or dare these Sans

  • Ask The Sanses!
    5.5K 167 19

    AC: *grins* Hey! I'm AC, AND WELCOME TO ASK THE SANSES!! You can ask dares, ask truths, or just ask to be in it! Classic: Hey AC! AC: Hi Sans! Classic: Blueberry made some tacos. Lets go. AC: OK! *marches*

  • Ask Or Dare The Sanses Au
    29.1K 1.9K 129

    welp this is another askbox and darebox if that even exists but in my world it does, I would take questions if there's any so ask away and don't be shy.... PLZ NO HATE I'M NEW TO WRITING BOOKS!!! Plz leave comments on asking daring the sanses or something I could improve on but plz don't say you hate for no reason I d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ask or Dare the Sanses(Discontinued)
    758 21 7

    So i saw a lot of ppl doing this so i am like,,Why i fidnt do this? i should do it!!,, yep and the hardest part was to find a original photo ;-; Here are the sanses: Classic Underfell Blueberry Ink Error Reaper Fresh Geno Dance Cross Nightmare Dream Katana(i dont know a lot of her ;-;) Yandere(Yanderetale ... dont a...

  • Ask and Dare AU Sanses -on hold-
    15.9K 344 44

    Ask or dare any Sans. This ask and dare book is currently on hold because life is busy.

  • Ask ErrorMare (Error x Nightmare)
    34.2K 845 24

    Ask the ship, brace yourself for angst, depression, and cuddles! Nightmare: *Completely unwilling to do this* Error: *Doesn't give two shits* Author: *Wants this to be the best book they have.* Nightmare: Author, no. Author: *Hits publish* Author, yes.

  • Ask and Dare the Sanses!
    3.7K 112 16

    You can Ask and Dare the Sanses YAY!

  • Ask the Sanses (ON HOLD)
    3.1K 115 25

    Author-chan: Wassup in this story you get to dare the Sanses and maybe make some ships set sail for sea! ;) Anyway below are the Sanses you can dare. Sans by TobyFox Fell by (unknown) Swap by Popcorn Pr1nce Ink by Comyet Error by CrayonQueen Eraser by Blogthegreatrouge (I think that's her name) Fresh by CrayonQueen ...

  • Ask the Sans's!
    12.6K 253 11

    Ask ANY question that comes to mind, and possibly an occasional Truth or Dare game will come up, who knows.

  • Ask or dare the AU Sans'!
    12.4K 314 29

    Ye, you can ask close to ANY Sans' (the list because I said): -Undertale -Underfell -Underswap -Gaster (not W.D. Gaster but Gaster Sans) -Error

  • Ask/Dare The AU Sans Undertale (Completed)
    56.9K 1.2K 48

    Highest rank: #49 in Ask (how???) and #9 in askanddare (ok w h a t) Literally what the title said *WARNING* Slow update please be patient You can also send my storylines and scenarios. Just remember to follow the rules. People you can ask: Classic/Original Sans•Blueberry •Outer•Fell•Sci•Ink•Error•Gaster sans•Chess•Gan...

  • Ask/Dare The Skeles!
    32.9K 738 68

    Okay! Ask & Dare the Sans' is ready! The following characters are: Ships - Muliverse Shipper Sans - Undertale Outer - Outertale Blueberry - Underswap Fell - Underfell Cross - X-Tale Nightmare - Dreamtale Dream - Dreamtale Ink Error PaperJam Fresh AND MANY MORE! The Ships Are: Red x Blue Cross x Nightmare Ink x Error ...

  • Ask The Sanses
    26.3K 611 82

    I haven't really seen a lot of these lately so, why not? Also art on the cover does not belong to me credit goes to them.

  • Ask/Dare The Sans!
    5.5K 147 45

    This is ask or dare the AU sans and classic of course. Any sans if i dont know them then ill just research them ok k hope u enjoy and ask away!!! also theres more Sans then on the cover Word count:226

  • ask and dare error sans
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  • Ask or dare the au's
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    Hosted by me ERROR and ink and author-chan