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    °·.·° There's a little bit of loser in us °·.·° °·.·° just two weirdos who fell in love °·.·° [Boyf Riends Soulmate au]

  • Pins and Patches (Amnesia not the game AU)
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    Summary(I suck at these):Life changes for Michael and Jake when Michael wakes up with amnesia after a particularly scarring encounter with Heather C. Fandom(s): BMC, Heathers Pairing: Jake Dillinger and Michael Mell Based off an rp between me and @Vol_Voltron

  • #gaygroupchat
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    Wow another group chat story How original

  • Kik ↔ Tythan #Wattys2017
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    Stoneface: Maaaark! Where is my wallet!! CrankGamePlays: you got the wrong number A Tythan fanfic. Started: Mar. 12, 2017

  • Love Sick | Tythan
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    "I'll stay here with you till you remember me" "Then prepare to stay forever" In which Ethan Nestor remembers no one he's ever seen. *formally Permanently Ill

  • Tythan(Under Major Editing)
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    This fanfic is about the ship between Ethan and Tyler. Ethan is a not so known YouTuber who is sometimes in Markiplier's videos. Tyler is one of Mark and Ethan's friends. They like to call him stone face Tyler or one word Tyler. Ethan has feelings for Tyler but is scared to admit them. What happens when mark convince...

  • Tythan
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    Tythan...maybe some smut...but it feels awkward to type it. anyways, enjoy.

  • My Sole Purpose Is To Improve Your Life (JEREMY X SQUIP)
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    The Squip has been shut down. But not completely destroyed. He didn't want to ruin Jeremy's life like that. It was all part of the programming. What made the squip a supercomputer. Jeremy just recently recovered from the Squip-incident. He finds a half-dead human squip in his lawn. Will there be forgiveness? And what...

  • Garden of Roses : OHSHC
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    ❝LET THE ROSE PETALS SCATTER AND THE THORNS REMOVED.❞ [an ouran highschool host club one-shot book]

  • What if FNaF Had Facebook?
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    (Inspired by the story "What if FairyTail had Facebook?") Kevin Rodney, on a typical night watching over Fazbear's Fright, left his laptop and his phone in the office by mistake the week after the scary attraction has opened. What exactly happened? The FNaF animatronics now have access to the #1 website people used at...

  • LGBTQ+ Tumblr Textposts
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    Collection of lgbtq+ tumblr posts (Note: I do not own any of these posts, credit to original owner)

  • Spotlight « Season 2 ( C L o S E D )
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    We're back with Season 2. You're a talented author but still undiscovered? Need more confidence? Chase the biggest S P O T L I G H T and get the attention you deserve! • Period • October 18 - February 19 Closed for nominations ❎ 🔘 Score submitting period 🔘 Results are out ✖ No partiality ✖ ♡ Cover made by @sugerquiN

  • Numbered Souls (A "Dear Evan Hansen" soulmate AU)
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    THIS STORY IS ON HOLD A "Dear Evan Hansen" AU that fallows three different soulmate stories. Evan x Connor, Alana x Zoe, Jared x ...(read to find out!). A world where you are born with a "1" or a "2" on your wrist and your soulmate is born with the other. "I could only feel the pain of knowing where you were, the lo...

  • BMC/Sanders Sides Crossover
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    Be More Chill the musical and Sanders Sides in one story. How cool is that? BMC isn't mine. (rights: Joe Iconis, Joe Tracz, Two River Theatre, Ghostlight records. None of Be More Chill is mine.) Sanders Sides isn't mine (rights: Thomas Sanders) idk who made the fanart for the cover, I just found it on Google.

  • For forever (a Be more Chill and Dear Evan Hansen crossover)
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    An AU where Connor never killed himself, BMC and DEH are in the same universe, and they are all in college together. There are a few characters that I made up, and I don't know why I'm making this it's two in the morning. Also, bathbombs. Lots of bathbombs.

  • Sincerely, The Heeres
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    Ms.Hansen and Mr.Heere both lived very similar lives. They were both single parents who were left by their spouses to raise their teenage boys alone. But what happens when their lives cross? DEH and BMC crossover AU. Yes, it's complicated. Deal with it.

  • [COMPLETE] The Loudest Voice (Squip × Reader)
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    Y/N L/N made the mistake of taking a trip to Starbucks with one of Be More Chill's star actors- A trip that- although she can't quite remember, Resulted in many things. Some being 1. The implantation of a super computer in her head 2. The explosion of a local theatre in New Jersey 3. The death of one of those dear to...

  • | Be More Gay | Boyf Riends Oneshots
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    [Fluff] [Angst] [Gay] Drabbles, one-shots, short-stories, etc. featuring Michael x Jeremy from Be More Chill

  • Musicals Re-Casted with other musicals
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    Please Request. I'll have the ones here from my fandom book I don't own any of these musicals

  • Eclipse//phan
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    Words that come to mind when thinking of the word eclipse. For Phil, it was the moon, the stars, the mass of the universe. To me: darkness, loneliness, overshadowing. And that's exactly what happened to us. Notes: **Completed** This cover was made by me, but I don't claim the fan art

  • 30
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    In the distant future, after a century of nuclear war, there are 10 humans left surviving after the battle. However, there is still hope. Deep within the natural monuments of the world, lie 30 spirits. they've been corrupted by a force known only as Crimson Eye. Can they save the human race and the 30 spirits... befor...

  • The Mind Kingdom
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    In the Meye kingdom, there stands 4 kingdoms each ruled by a different trait. Dialectia of Insomnia, Creo of Imagination, Commentum of Paranoia, and Lagenam Larva of Emotions. This novel explains the comings and goings of this land of Meyen.

  • Against My Programming [Squip X Reader]
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    I wanted to write something dark and twisted. but of course there has to be the happy ending. that happy ending is your Squip "it can't be any worse then this." You said looking a the gray pill in your hand.

  • SquipXReader one shots/scenarios
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    why am I like this

  • Boyf Amily
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    The Boyf Riends and their adorable family.

  • Calmly || Be More Chill
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    There once lived a person who couldn't do many things. Sure, their grades were alright in their eyes, and their life was going smoothly for the most part. But there was something they were lacking, and that something was a purpose. The reason why all of the stories you read, all of the shows or movies you watch, and a...

  • Green Mountain Dew (SQUIP x Reader)
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    I freaking love the SQUIP, so why not make an x Reader for it? Also, in this SQUIP is a he, and reader is gender neutral. This will have some serious feels at some point near the end maybe I guess, so be wary. (This isn't a lemon. Also how would it be? SQUIP lives in its host's brain, so sex isn't exactly an option...

  • We're Never Not Gonna Be A Team | BMC |
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    "We'll always be a team" Jeremy claimed and smiled at his friend. Michael smile back "Always." Since they could remember, Jeremy Heere and Michael Mell were always at each others side - nothing could separate them. Eventually Michael finds himself falling in love for his best friend, and has to face the consequences o...