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  • Chanhassen Holiday
    810 33 1

    2018 Purple Eggplant Finalist for Best Short Story What are the chances that she would bump into her favorite rock star? What are the chances that he would pursue her at all? A simple awkward meeting turns into a weekend holiday with Prince. (PG)

  • Eat, Drink, Love
    1.5K 94 5

    Prince is a serial dater. Martina is a waitress in Minneapolis' #1 'Where to bring a hot first date' restaurant, according to the The Star Tribune. Shenanigans ensue.

  • The Purple Corner 7
    12.7K 1.7K 200

    Where I talk about Prince stuff, songs, videos, interviews , funny related stuff, etc.

  • Tempus Fugit (Time Flies)
    1.3K 108 8

    A Secrets/Eye Crossover Event

  • We Are All Made Of Stars
    2.9K 182 9

    "He's not going to leave her for you. It's just not going to happen." Loosely based on The Wedding Planner.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hour of Darkness [A Secrets saga story]
    1.8K 94 6

    "Mommy?" Leah's little voice says behind me and I turn around to look at our daughter, in her bee pyjamas, with the phone in her hand. "Why is Papa sleeping in the lift?" Or: A moment in the Secrets saga that won't make it in the official storyline, but had to be written. 4/21 in another world.

  • What Will Survive of Us [Short Stories from the Secrets Universe]
    15.5K 902 73

    Short stories set within the Secrets universe

  • Future Baby Mama [PRN]
    4.4K 220 4

    Some mistakes are meant to happen for a reason. This one caused old flames to spark a new fire. © copyright reserved 2017

  • TIME || Prince & Andy Allo
    64.2K 2.3K 43

    What if time was all that you needed? With that, all issues would scatter and you'd finally be with the one you think you were destined to meet. No drama, no problems. This is a story about Prince & Andy Allo, and how time was a trick. © copyright reserved 2016/2017/2018/2019