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  • In Love with Miss Plastic Candy Girl (gxg)
    706K 18.7K 36

    Andromache was intrigue. Intrigue of what it felt like. What it feels to be a normal high school student. She only had read it on some books and watch it on T.V. She got curious on it since it's quite interesting to her taste. So she enrolled on a prestigious school where no one knows who she really is. She plans to b...

    Completed   Mature
  • *SAMPLE* Capture This [GirlxGirl]
    4M 23.1K 6

    Alex Valentine. 22. Model. She had a life of glitz and glam, unlimited riches, gourmet food and hot toy boys whenever and wherever. She was loved, hated, envied and admired. She lived the ideal life. Rose English. 21. Photographer. She came from an honest, working class family which was crumbling around her. And fast...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha to Omega (GirlXGirl)
    2.2M 74.7K 43

    ~COMPLETED~ GirlxGirl / TeacherxStudent. ~ ~ ~Being one of the most popular girls in high school, Kate Brooks thinks her life is perfect. She has money, people are automatically attracted to her, and life couldn’t get any better for her. Until the day she walks into her second hour to come face to face with Miss Riley...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dance For You (Lesbian Story)
    1.8M 45.6K 34

    Two dead parents and a brother in the navy, I was practically on my own. I, Vanessa Harrison, am 19 years old and working two jobs to sustain myself while my brother Joseph is away. I couldn't afford to go to college so I started working right after high school. My friend Kathleen decided to have a night out and watch...

    Completed   Mature
  • [First Draft] Crystals (girlxgirl) (studentxteacher) (lesbian story)
    2.9M 76K 57

    Lilly's family are different from other people's. They each have a crystal which controls who they fall in love with. They have two years, from their eighteenth birthday to their twentieth, to find this 'soul mate'. Lilly's big brother Harry died because he didn't find his in time and Lilly is petrified that the same...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kidnapping The Princess (Editing For Publication) (lesbian, girlxgirl)
    8.4M 253K 52

    Say hello to the perfection of Cybele- tall, gorgeous, millionaire. She's a supermodel by day and a kidnapper extraordinaire at night. When she took Princess Talia from the castle one night, the whole country was sent into chaos. Princess Talia was the only successor to the throne, and her absence baffled the kingdom...