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  • higher two
    538K 27.9K 56

    started: 6/27/15 finished: 11/26/15

    Completed   Mature
  • Higher
    751K 33.5K 39

    started: O4.O9.15 finished: O6.25.15

    Completed   Mature
  • Bound by Desire | Completed
    2.1M 117K 51

    'So he wanted to have sex with me. My professor knows I'm an escort. And he wants to have sex with me.' Kyser "Desire" Moore was never supposed to be more than a statistic. With both parents gone and raised by her grandmother, she struggled not to fall victim to circumstance. She now finds herself in her second year...

    Completed   Mature
  • Honey and Milk.
    81.8K 3.7K 18


  • Can't Be Friends
    331K 14.7K 19

    {Book 2 of "Player's Prayer"} Ronny's finally got a girl. Candace looking for a man. But when jealously strikes... Somebody's gotta go.

  • Player's Prayer
    699K 28.6K 25

    Ronny has always been that cold-hearted thug. You know, the player type. There's always been one thing to warm his heart; his family. And then Candace came along. Can he handle it when the one he really needs comes his way?

  • Mine ♡
    4.5M 122K 98

    Mine is about a girl named Teyana King who is deeply in love with her best friend Khalil. They have been best friends since the 8th grade & their junior year of high school has just started. Khalil sees Teyana as a friend & not once has felt any type of feelings for her. Will Teyana ever get her man ? Find out in Min...

  • The Baby Momma
    84.6K 2.9K 17

    This is Book two.. Book one not out yet 😂

  • Monique's Desire {Complete}
    4.1M 100K 38

    Meet Monique Isabella Williams. A smart, successful and seductive young woman. She meets Tremaine. The most attractive, rich and mysterious man ever. The sexy multi-billionaire. The player. The man that every girl dreams of having. The freak that knows how to get you moaning his name, all night long. Monique quickly f...

  • One Big Mistake
    2.4M 85.7K 65

    Jessalynn Dawson is a normal Alabama girl. She's friendly, she's sweet and above all she's responsible... most of the time. As most people know or eventually learn, one mistake can change your life. Jessa soon learns this after giving her virginity to an old frenemy. The mistake itself haunts her but the consequence i...