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  • Sugarcrystals Graphics | CLOSED
    204K 27.2K 127

    CLOSED FOR CATCH UP. ⇢this is where I'll be posting all the graphics I make. Pre-Mades | Custom-Mades | Contest Entries Covers | Banners | Headers ⇢note: I may not take all requests. forms and other information inside⇢ Copy...

  • Graphics Shop [Open]
    18K 1.2K 57

    A cover shop! Examples inside :)

  • Shop Queen {a graphic shop}
    19.4K 1.4K 33

    hullo this is a graphic shop may or may not be all about covers may include other graphics but you see i like covers so i will make covers and you will request covers because you like me and want a piece of this awesomeness which is me because im a piece of cake im not easy but i am a literal piece of cake so shop and...

  • cover studio (cfcu)
    63.5K 8.5K 191

    In which a cover-maker showcases her graphics and takes requests. PM me with your requests after filling out the form in the first chapter. Enjoy!

  • neverland ; an insomniac's graphic book [ CLOSED ]
    51.3K 5.9K 47

    graphic portfolio + graphic shop current status: CLOSED AND NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS

  • the graphic book » closed!
    29.9K 1.6K 17

    THE GRAPHIC BOOK, my new and improved [and hopefully organized] area to show you what i can do in photoshop. ps, you can request sometimes. RA18 [ ] OPEN ; you may request all open forms to your heart's desire. [ ] OPEN SELECTIVELY ; not all requests will be accepted [ ] CLOSED FOR CATCH UP aka CFCU...

  • Celestial Covers
    35.3K 6.3K 81

    I have no idea man

  • Book Covers Shop
    18.1K 1.2K 23

    Cover Shop: *OPEN* In need of a good-looking, eye catching book cover? Well, look no more, I'm here to save the day! Inside the book are book covers that I personally made. You may comment on them as well as ask me to make covers for you. I can make just about anything.

  • Storm Graphics
    21.3K 2.5K 42

    Welcome aboard the train which is the second graphics portfolio of a girl who is busy procrastinating, patting cats, dreaming in wonderland and making graphics for you. Enjoy the rideeee!

  • Cover Shop | open
    81.2K 3.3K 23

    where monsters are born - 105 in Random 31.03.2017 -125 in Random 25.03.2017 - 157 in Random 21.03.2017

  • Graphic Shop 《TEMPORAILY CLOSED》
    3.9K 365 43

    » Let's see what I can do. « - Please be nice - I'm only a normal human being, and a student, so the cover will take their time sometimes up to 2 weeks I'm sorry! - Don't copy - I know this sounds stupid, but I've seen so many people copying not mine but a lot of others so please, even though the images I use for my...

  • Mint | Graphics Nation Presents
    3.1K 348 39

    Sooo.. you like food, huh? Why? Nothing much. Nope, for no reason. Although we have some food here and some animals. Don't tell me you don't like animals now? *Gasp* We're all animal lovers here. Anyway, this is a book where we present the winners - interview them, feature them and promote them. You can as...

  • Velaris Graphics (CFCU)
    42.6K 4.9K 69

    Welcome to the city of stars, my second graphic shop. Request & browse at your leisure, and don't forget to leave candy in the tip jar! OPEN- request here & now CLOSED- graphic hiatus CFCU- closed for catch-up FOREVER CLOSED- this graphic book is no longer being updated. "to the stars who listen and the dreams that ar...

  • Book Covers 3.0
    9.2K 1.4K 88

    Currently on-hold! Stay tuned for updates and check back later! Third Time's the Charm! Be sure to check out my first & second book for samples of my previous works! x leaving_forever

  • hella trippy [graphics + resources]
    104K 11.3K 200

    Check out my new book bitterue. This is a book that I hoped would be filled with both resources and graphics but, it was ended up more focused on graphics. The resources provided are various coloring psds located at the beginning and end of the book (and some free icons). The rest is graphics (covers, icons, posters...

  • trouvaille | a graphic book |
    21.7K 3K 123

    ようこそ! after the storm, there is always a rainbow, and after the eternal darkness, lustrous beams of light will shine. [ ] the light has risen; open and running. [ ] the kingdom is falling; closed to reclaim the crown. [ X ] the shadows have arisen; temporarily closed. copyright © 2016 by iridescity-. all r...

  • Overdose | covers v1
    152K 15.4K 166

    This is the place where covers are made upon request. All book genres are now welcome!! Previously titled 'strictly fanfiction', 'breathe fine' and 'gypsyhook'. [requesting status: CLOSED & COMPLETE] Copyright © 2016 by soundthealarm Graphic Wattys winner 2018: People's Choice for Best Simple/Minimal Covers Highest ra...

  • •moonglade graphics• CLOSED
    13.2K 2.1K 77

    in which a girl attempts to make graphics for you, procrastinates, pats cats, and procrastinates some more. welcome to •moonglade graphics•, please do mind your step when entering and exiting the moving whirlwind of bad graphics and, it would seem... butterflies? [highest ranking #316 in random] open { } closed { ✓ }...

  • Cover Shop
    141K 8K 198

    Where I will make absolutely gorgeous covers for you, utterly amazing people ❤️ [ status: OPEN ] #67 on 03.12.16

  • Lunar Covers
    109K 16.4K 199

    I make graphics instead of doing my homework. [ This is not a shop, please do not ask for a cover. ]

  • Best Completed Werewolf Stories
    676K 3.2K 149

    I have read all of the stories and i recommended all of this book just for you who obsessed with Werewolves stories. From the newest and hottest stories you ever read, to the oldest and undiscovered stories you never read. #2 on She #7 on Him #8 on Recommended