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  • Love Triangle ¦ Markbam x Jackbam
    261 7 2

    Rejection~ it's a funny thing. It makes you feel like jumping off of a cliff. It also makes you want to punch someone. However, rejection is a motive. A motive to keep going. A motive to keep striving for your desire. Mark. The caring, loving hyung that will do anything to make Bambam happy and shows as much affection...

  • Mr. Possessive (ON HOLD)
    15.2K 587 19

    Mark is in love with a boy named Kunpimook Bhuwakul, also known as Bambam. Mark is also friends with bambam, but he has a bit of an issue. He clings to bambam, he is always with bambam, he spoils bambam, and bambam still doesn't accept his love. He has one other issue. He is possessive of bambam. He doesn't like peopl...

  • Leather Jacket
    27.6K 1.1K 29

    Don't you ever see good looking guys in leather jackets and think "wow what i would do to have a boyfriend like that.." well you don't want Mark, he's an ass, a badass at that, smokes, drinks, and hangs out with other asses what will Mark do when he sees a cute boy that catches his attention?

  • Stone cold
    12.4K 491 41

    Bambam a junior in high school always wears a smile to hide his feelings. He has built a wall around his heart afraid of getting hurt. Mark the popular boy of his school who everybody adores except for Bambam which he can't figure out why though. Mark has the perfect life a happy family, money, and social class While...

    Completed   Mature
  • Secret Touch | MarkBam |
    12.8K 610 21

    BamBam has been totally and hopelessly in love with Mark from the moment he first laid eyes on him. He wants nothing more than the love and affection he feels for Mark to be returned. When Mark cannot reciprocate these feelings, he gives BamBam something else... Pleasure.

  • Markbam: kik (Completed)
    21.2K 1K 73

    Basically Bambam meets a new admirer who knows him because of Jinyoung, come along and join them in this crazy story of love, with funny friends and crazy plot twists

    Completed   Mature
  • Confusion and uncertainties
    3.3K 120 3

    Jackson was Bambam's past. Mark is his current, but the past seems harder to get rid of, not like they expected to be.

    Completed   Mature
  • Suffer; Markbam (completed)
    14K 653 25

    "Will you ever get me out of here?" "Depends" "On what!?" "If you love me"

    Completed   Mature
  • Sugar Baby || JackBam √
    79.9K 3.5K 34

    The moment I saw you, I already know that you're the one I want to spend forever with.

  • Jackbam ❥ Common Interest
    19.8K 1.2K 11

    'You have 7 common interest with Kunpimook Bhuwakul' 'Kunpimook Bhuwakul liked you back' Kunpimook Bhuwakul sent you a message'

  • JackBam | Lost
    45.9K 2.3K 21

    "I don't know where I am. I'm lost. Can you help me?" Kunpimook Bhuwakul, or BamBam, has been living under a railway bridge for the best part of 3 years. He lost his family while they were out on holiday in the area. He's lost, away from his home in Thailand, and is stuck in South Korea. What will happen to him? He's...

  • In Love With The Same Bam
    4.2K 208 7

    Yugyeom is BamBam's bestfriend. The two do nearly everything together, they laugh together, cry together and stress together. Having a bestfriend is a wonderful thing. Being in love with you bestfriend is not. Yugyeom adopted by the Oh's is in love with his bestfriend BamBam... But he isn't the only one in teh Oh fami...

  • Forever
    1.8K 61 1

    In which Mark prove to Bambam that he loves the Thai boy forever.

  • ♾ GONE ♾ {MARKBAM} [YAOI] ft. GOT7
    3K 183 13

    i always running after you...stay behind you.. but i don't want to be at the back of you, not infront too. i want to stay beside you, can i?

  • мarĸвaм'ѕ
    16.7K 880 45

    Markbam book BEFORE WE START:) 1. Slow update. sorry~ ㅠㅠ 2. Plus(+) Other ships like Jinson, 2jae, Yugjae, etc. (will include more) and plus(+) for more/random info/s. [rare] 3. No. 2 is a warning because some of you might not prefer the ship I like ㅠㅠ 4. English is not my first language, that means I'm not a good wri...

  • When Heart's Are United GOT7 BambamXMark
    4.4K 218 7

    This story is a fan fiction about a confused Bambam who has feeling's for Mark and when it seems like a one sided love, things take a turn for the better. This story is also a oneshot.

  • My Pink, Your Blue. || markbam.
    21.9K 1.2K 34

    Pink and blue weren't just considered as colours. In fact, they represented violence and loneliness. Trust and friendship were issues for BamBam, his unwillingness causing them to be pushed away... until he met Mark. He no longer feared pink and blue, but rather the bolder hues. - Completed. Started: 18.12.16 Ended...

    Completed   Mature
  • unknown love ➢ markbam
    11.6K 726 14

    i'm right here can't you see me? can't you see my love for you? published >> 6 / 7 / 17 completed >> 8 / 11 / 18 [ ☁ ]

    Completed   Mature
  • Mission Sex Fast
    4.8K 121 5

    This is a markbam story. I got inspired to rift this book because i saw a video it'll be at the top before the story starts okay hope you enjoy it. Love you unicorns bye.

  • Resentfully//Markbam
    22.7K 950 21

    the blame game

  • my bae roommate ♡ { MARKBAM } [YAOI]
    2.2K 98 2

    one person speaks as short as 3 mm. but another one speaks as long as 3 km. "mark, if you still keeping quiet, i'm not gonna talk to you anymore." "ok" mark said •_• how am i supposed to deal with him

  • Students | Jackbam
    7.8K 350 9

    Two sides. Two lives. Two.... friends? The way Jackson lives his life seems to change when he meets someone named Bambam // Started 13.05.16 \\ Finished --.--.--

  • right number / markbam
    10.7K 453 28

    "I like like you" "I like like you too"

  • Rivals To Lovers?!
    15.8K 748 9

    Mark and BamBam was like, the worse enemy. Their teacher got irritated with their useless bickering everyday and decided to call their parents to plan something. What if both of them was forced to move in together for 2 months? What will happen? Will they remain as Rivals or become friends? Or even better, Lovers?! h...

  • ♡Playground♡(MarkBam)
    8K 299 7

    Mark and Bambam have always been close, all of Got7 noticed ever since they first became a group. They were inseparable, they were bestfriends. What happens on one movie night together? Read to find out~!

  • mark X Bambam ( Got7 FF )
    13.9K 423 32

    HONESTLY SO MUCH IS GONNA HAPPEN, SO THIS BOOK ONLY STARTS OFF LIKE THIS THEN IT GETS HEATED W OTHER STUFF! U R WARNED!! Marks cousin ( aka bambam ) that he hasn't seen in a very long time shows up one day, and his mom says that his cousin is going to stay with them for a year. And mark does not like...

  • BamBam | Hell
    15K 778 16

    "Get off me!" "Just one more..." How would you react if you wandered into a warehouse one night, only to be met by a blood-sucking, monstrous male? How will BamBam react when Jackson wants to keep him there, held hostage? Jackson can't stop hurting BamBam. Can't. So what is there to do? BamBam can do nothing, except...

  • The Unexpected| Jackbam
    26.5K 1K 19

    Bambam was always considered the 'unusual' 12th in the school. He came to Seoul, South Korea about a year ago from his original hometown Bangkok, Thailand. He was obsessed with K-pop especially the group known as Got5. It consisted of Jackson Wang, Mark Tuan, Im Jaebum, Youngjae, and a Thai/Korean member named Juwon b...

  • BamBam's arranged marriage with Jackson {jackbam•*}
    29.7K 1.7K 23

    17 year old Bambam lives a happy life with his older boyfriend mark , mark only begin 3 years older then him has work to do and sometimes does not have time to spend with bambam, bambam's mother notices that mark is never around like he used to be and sees bambam alone so when her friend moves into town again, she di...