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  • Road Trip With Geek Boy! {Larry AU! Punk! Louis!}
    312K 8.5K 21

    "Harry!" "What?" "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" "Driving!" "Call this driving Geek Boy?" The two most unlikely boys were forces by their mothers to experience the worst thing ever... A Road-Trip from London to Shetland... Together. Outrageous tattoo and piercing clad Louis Tomlinson and shy, geek boy Harry S...

  • Divorce Reunion
    238K 8.9K 39

    Louis and Harry were one of the most happiest families. Anyone could look at the pair with their two sons and be jealous. But one day, when Harry came home, it ended. Louis held the divorce papers towards Harry with a frown. Louis took everything from Harry apart from his daughter. 6 years later when Harry finally sta...

  • Come back, kitten - Larry Stylinson (Hybrid!Harry)
    262K 8.1K 23

    (Originally name 'Here kitty, kitty') Harry styles gets taken off the street by a couple of scientist who knock him out cold, when he comes to, he had fluffy cat ears, and a two foot tail. He's caged until four lads adopt him.

  • This House (l.s.)
    78.6K 2.8K 19

    Harry and Louis have been together for 20 years. Harry cheats. Louis cries. Harry is given a year to fix their family. Copyright 2020 @hilourry on AO3 If you don't like the ending of this book, check out its companion book, No Longer Home, with a much different ending. Even if you did like this ending, check it out an...

  • I hate you...but I love you » L.S
    142K 9.5K 21

    "I love him, and yet I just dumped a dish of tapioca on him." [or where Louis loves Harry but doesn't know how to show it. Harry thinks Louis is an asshole for picking on him.]

  • Piano Lessons
    183K 9.7K 42

    "I know why you play the piano so beautifully." "Why's that?" "Because you're perfect at everything." {m!preg}

    Completed   Mature
  • Ch*ck with a D*ck || l.t. + h.s.
    156K 9.1K 29

    It all started with one stupid bet and a game of truth or dare. One that changed Louis Tomlinsons life...and gender. Liam Payne, Louis's best friend, dares Louis to dress and act like a girl for two months. He never turns down a dare. What happens when Louis ends up in an all girls school? Then add the neighboring all...

    Completed   Mature
  • If You See This Boy
    497K 21.6K 22

    It took little time for four year old Harry Styles, and the new kid on the block, six year old Louis Tomlinson, to become the best of friends. The boys spent most of their days together until a tragic mishap a few days before Louis' seventh birthday tears the boys apart in a manner that no one expected. Louis Tomlinso...

  • A Bounty Of Harrys ∥ l.s au
    160K 10.3K 31

    [C O M P L E T E D] Harry the First said he wasn't gay. Harry VII said he just wanted to be mates. Harold XVII said no. Harry XVIII dumped him. Everyone has a type. For Louis it's boys named Harry. All Louis wants to do is find the right one. With his moody, mysterious best mate, Louis ventures on a road trip to find...

    Completed   Mature
  • The purebred L. S. Mpreg ✅
    399K 25.8K 121

    The world has changed, people used to experiment on hybrids, this never happened to the werewolf's, witches or vampires. This lead to them getting very rare up to the point we are at now, they're as close to becoming extinct. This meant that after a lot of fighting and killing sprees the supernatural people had finall...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha Sirens
    334K 21K 100

    The Tomlinson twins are omegas a part of an underground movement meant to liberate all omegas under the Styles Pack. When the Styles triplets set their focus on the twins as mates, Louis and William see nothing but opportunity. Cover by toby-senpai Co-written with toby-senpai

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha to Mate, Larry Stylinson
    355K 18.1K 73

    AOB MPREG. TRANSLATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED. "you're an omega, he's an alpha, it'll work out perfectly!" "Nialler. I'll never get a chance with him." "chonces are for losers Lou, just go for it." ----------------- Louis, born as a small omega, loves his time in the ballet studio, working on the choreography for their nex...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finding you can change »L.S
    145K 8.5K 20

    "Call off the wedding." He hears Louis say after a few minutes of silence. "What?" Harry asks, dumb folded. "I said, call off the wedding." Louis demands. Harry crosses his arms across his chest, clearly pissed, "Your mother was the one who came up with the proposal. You shouldn't really be having a problem with this...

  • Princes // l.s
    505K 25.2K 45

    "Does the one with the cheekbones know the prince is in love with him?" OR Where Louis and Harry are both princes who are destined to marry each other. (Arabic, Spanish and Italian translation available) •Larry Stylinson• © larry_smilinson

    Completed   Mature
  • Lace ~ L.s.
    100K 5.6K 22

    Hybrid!Harry When Harry shows up on Louis' front step without warning, Louis' anti-social, introverted, lonely life turns into something much more than he had ever expected in his twenty-seven years of living. Add a little pink, sparkle, and a bright-eyed boy with ears, and suddenly Louis' world is turned upside down...

  • Fading
    690K 28.1K 31

    Louis knows about beauty; the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. He creates that combination every day in the garments he designs while studying fashion at uni. The cut of the design, the color of the fabric, the intricacy of the stitching; it all comes together to create something beautiful...

    Completed   Mature
  • Frame of Hearts - l.s.
    548K 30.1K 54

    The abandoned tree house was something to poke Louis' curiosity. His secret is kept, until he finds someone else trespassing in /his/ tree house. © 2014, [larryuniverse]

    Completed   Mature
  • Rain Station
    69.4K 3.4K 6

    Length: [ 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5 + Epilogue ] Genre: AU, SingleFather!Harry, DayCare!Louis, slight angst, Romance Summary: Harry Styles returns to Holmes Chapel. Nothing changed except that he left empty handed and returned with a little girl.

    Completed   Mature
  • Polite//l.s
    260K 13.6K 39

    I've always been taught to hold my head high, to look presentable- to look better; to be better. I've always been told that to win, I have to be better than the others; turn everything into a competition worth winning. I've always been forced to be polite. But how can I compete? How can I rise above when I'm caught...

  • This Is More Than A Bromance: Larry Stylinson
    921K 22.3K 27

    Louis and Harry are best friends. They're also in this hot new boy band called One Direction. They thought that life was as good as it could get, and that they would always stay best buds. But what happens when Louis starts to feel more than just "brotherly love" towards Harry? Will it ruin the band - or even worse...

  • Secret's Out- Larry Stylinson
    178K 5.4K 24

    Harry was sure Evelyn was the one, and Louis was positive he was 110% straight. Until a stupid game of drunk truth or dare turns everything upside down and both of the boys lives will change forever, with some obstacles to overcome of course.

  • Let's Have A Baby! ☼ larry mpreg (OLD VERSION)
    212K 10.3K 43

    "lou babe what's it say?" "it's negative... again." all rights reserved © 2014 @ lovinglirry

  • one mistake from being together | l.s mpreg au
    938K 39.1K 65

    harry and louis are famous youtubers in university. harry gets louis pregnant. but they're not together. honestly.

  • I'll Make This Feel Like Home [Book Two] - A Larry MPreg
    127K 4.4K 25

    COMPLETED! *The sequel to "When We Were Eighteen"! You must read that to read this!* Four years later, Louis wants more and Harry will do anything to make his boyfriend happy.

  • Little Lou (Louis + Styles Triplets) -Major editing-
    144K 4.2K 30

    "Who the fuck are you?" "I'd watch my mouth, if I were you," Harry raised an eyebrow, "I'm Harry Styles." "H-Harry Styles?" Louis thickly gulped, "as in one of thee Styles triplets?" "Yes, love," the man replied, "now, who might you be?"

  • Freed From Darkness A Larry AU Mpreg Story
    523K 15.9K 92

    Harry is trapped in darkness, he goes throughout life devoid of emotion and feeling. Not even being able to stand the simplest touches from his adopted family. He is extremely wealthy and has everything money can buy but he has never felt so alone. Louis is a struggling Uni student at the cusp of adulthood. He is a c...

  • They Just Don't Know You (Larry Stylinson AU: A/B/O)
    549K 17K 50

    (Co-Written with Doggynikki97 aka Nicole aka BooBear :3) *This is what Nicole and I do when we're bored. We started this back in early spring and we have enough written already to make this story like... 70 chapters long. Rough Estimate. I don't see an ending in sight. Hope you all like it. x* Harry is the alpha that...

  • You're Ours, Little Doe (Styles Triplets + Louis)
    313K 14.1K 68

    Louis Tomlinson is a seventeen year old omega deer shapeshifter and has always dreamed of finding a mate of the same species as himself. What happens when he finds three of them? **** "What do you plan on doing now, sweetheart?" He asks me, an eyebrow raised at me in question. "You would like to know that wouldn't yo...

    Completed   Mature
  • .
    356K 23.7K 86

    "You're a pretty boy." "I can't be pretty, I have a dick." "Whatever, pretty boy." © All rights Reserved 2014 i wrote this when i was 14 pls stop reading it jdjdkkdks