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  • Escape The Night
    83.4K 1.4K 20

    Based off of Escape the Night with Joey Graceffa. Enjoy!

  • Adopted By Zoella
    565K 16.1K 95

    What would you do if your parents suddenly weren't there anymore? Who would you turn to for help? Peppa had no one, and after her experience at a sleepover, she was depressed to say the least. The only person she could turn to was someone who had no clue she existed. Zoella. When a life changing event occurs in Peppa'...

  • Girl Online Guest Blog Post
    100 1 1

    Entry for the Girl Online On Tour Contest, and the character I've chosen is Bella. :)

  • Zoella and me
    10.2K 235 7

    Hello I'm Rosie, I am just one out of 9 million who has Zoella as their idol. What happens when Rosie has no one to turn to? Who can help her?

  • Unexpected [DISCONTINUED]
    212 0 14

    Everything was just so unexpected. Maia didn't expect to move to America. She didn't expect to go on tour. She didn't expect to fall in love. She didn't expect to have to leave. [currently discontinued as I no longer like this story/can't be bothered to write this, even though I have a clear plan of what I actually wa...

  • I Promise, I'm Not a Stalker.
    266K 7.7K 45

    After creating a YouTube channel one year ago, Baylee goes to Playlist Live and meets her two idols. Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil). They create an inseparable bond, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and Phil and Dan must go back to London and Baylee goes back to Idaho. Afte...

  • A Loser & A Nerd || danisnotonfire
    7.2K 267 23

    With her self harming problems, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and heart breaks and challenges in her life, Sierra is contemplating whether there is even a reason for her to live. However, she one day goes to London to visit her childhood best friend, Phil. There she meets the sarcastic nerd Dan who helps her fee...

  • Headphones // Phil X Reader
    104K 4.7K 26

    OLD / COMPLETED You have been moved into a brand new flat in London. It just so happens that you now live opposite Dan and Phil. You start to develop feelings for Phil. But does he love you back? Will you ever tell him? Or just keep ignoring your heart like you're listening to headphones?

  • I Got A Youtube Channel - A Joe Sugg Story
    55.9K 1.3K 13

    Olivia Sparks creates a youtube channel and catches the eye of the adorable thatcherjoe. And now she finds herself being friends with the people that inspired her to begin with.

  • Adopted By Zoella
    209K 5.4K 33

    Steph has lived in an orphanage for her whole life, and has given up hope of ever being adopted. Zoella and YouTube are the only things that make Steph happy, and when she meets her idol at a book signing, will Zoe open her heart and see the hopeful girl in front of her? #1 in adopted by zoella, #9 in zalfie Sequel i...

  • Adopted By Zalfie
    151K 4.3K 44

    Catherine Ash, a girl whose hope is all lost as she loves her day to day life in a adoption centre. Never did she expect her two YouTube idols to come in looking to adopt, but it happened, and she just happened to be the lucky one who Alfie and Zoe brought home. Throughout her time of having Zoe and Alfie as her pare...

  • A Smile Worth Living (Danisnotonfire X Reader)
    115K 3.2K 24

    (y/n) is a you tuber. She is going to Vidcon for the first time and meets Dan and Phil. when something happens to her dad in London, will Dan and (y/n) become closer? what will happen to her dad? Will the pressure and stress be too much, or will Dan help her through?

  • Never Been Hurt (Dan Howell x Reader)
    252K 6.9K 64

    After Y/n left her abusive relationship everything started to look up for her. She moved in with their best friend, her channel started to blossom. Loving the taste of freedom only became sweeter once she met Dan Howell. Upon meeting him she knew he'd bring her happiness, but didn't expect the happiness he'd bring wou...

  • Youtubers I Suggest
    939 32 16

    Youtubers i love and think you should watch.

  • Lost Without You (A Team Starkid Fanfic)
    14.2K 225 23

    Ready to have a new college experience, Charlotte Watson transfers to the University of Michigan for her sophomore year. Suddenly immersed in a new world with a great roommate, cute guy, and a great new friend group, Charlotte finds that the right people and the right amount of musical theatre makes for a great time...

  • Adopted By Zalfie (on hold)
    26.5K 482 14

    Nikki is a 13 year old girl from Brighton, England. But she has a secret. She's an orphan. When her dad died of cancer when she was 9 months old and her mum was depressed her neighbours knew her mum wasn't capable of taking care of her. She was then placed into "Brighton's Orphanage For Girls". What happens when after...

  • Adopted by Zoella!
    17.6K 445 17

    (Set in 2014.) It can't be easy to live in a foster home when you are shy and introverted like Grace Beckett. Her mother died on a business trip and her father became an alcoholic. But what happens when the one and only Zoe Sugg and her boyfriend Alfie Deyes adopt her?! Find out in Adopted by Zoella. (Cheesy, I know.)

  • Adopted by YouTubers
    747 27 8

    Hey, Roxy here! Just letting you know I'm a kid and I need someone to adopt me. And luckily I do. But not by someone i would've thought....

  • Adopted By Zalfie
    111K 2.9K 53

    Enjoy a book of heartbreak, drama, sadness and most importantly happiness as Beth gets dragged into a world of youtube as her foster parents are Zoe Sugg & Alfie Deyes:)

  • Adopted By Zoella {EDITING}
    15.4K 456 12

    Lola has been through alot. She has to learn to speak English and leave her home and family. That's when Zoe finds Lola tired and hungry on the streets with just a little camera and old clothes. Zoe looks after Lola for the night, but what happens when Lola captures the heart of Zoe and her boyfriend Alfie?? Will they...

  • New Girl In Town
    2.6K 19 19

    Disclaimer: This is a Team StarKid fanfiction. Unfortunately I am not Pat Brady and I do not run or own Team StarKid. So any StarKid's that show up in this fanfic, do not belong to me. I honestly have no idea how to even begin to explain this story, I'm just going with what my fingers type for me. So enjoy!

  • Adopted by Zalfie.
    52K 1.2K 27

    From the same author as "More Than Friends". Zoe and Alfie want a child that can travel to events with them, and handle them always being on the internet. It's better off having a child that is ready for that straight away. So they adopt a girl who is one of their fans, and life goes on for the 3, or maybe 4 of them.

  • Take me home (adopted by zalfie)
    37.7K 1K 21

    Charlie's life was perfect. She had an amazing family, awesome friends and was loved by everyone. But when her life is flipped upside down there's only one person place she can turn to. Zoella's youtube channel. When Charlie enters a competition to meet Zoe , will her life change forever?

  • Finding Me (A Joe Sugg / ThatcherJoe Fanfiction)
    649K 11.2K 47

    A story in which a girl who grew up with nothing meets a boy who has everything. *WARNING: may contain some smut, swearing, cute scenes, and sad moments.

  • Binge
    867K 35.3K 4

    Pop-culture phenomenon, social rights advocate, and the most prominent LGBTQ+ voice on YouTube, Tyler Oakley brings you his first collection of witty, personal, and hilarious essays. For someone who made a career out of over-sharing on the Internet, Tyler has a shocking number of personal mishaps and shenanigans to...

  • She. Dodie Clark x reader in HOGWARTS!
    10.8K 319 17

    It's your first year at Hogwarts and what happens when you meet a gorgeous girl called Dodie Clark. This is my first fanfic so I apologise for it being bad. This is a for a female reader. I'm really bad at descriptions!

  • My Kawaii Queen ~ Connie aka Noodlerella x fem!reader
    153 6 1

    This is a Noodlerella x reader since I saw that there weren't many out there on Wattpad so I decided to write one. Hope yah like it! ;p

  • Adopted by Dan and Phil
    103K 3.5K 25

    An American girl named Liz was sent from her old orphanage to an orphanage in London where she got adopted by her 2 youtube heros. Warnings: Attempted suicide, cutting, blood and gore, homophobes, bullying, depression.

  • Adopted by Zalfie
    60.6K 1.1K 58

    What will 12 year old Megan think when she finds out she is getting Adopted By Zalfie...

  • Little Ones
    20.4K 551 16

    (Sequel to Two Lies, One Truth) A year later and Alfie and Zoe are invincible, having an amazing life raising Melody, Mason, and six month Meredith. But not everything will be that way. The people of the past will invade into the present.....