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  • Hope
    291 21 16

    Welcome to the Darecat sobfest Jessica predicted, told in two timelines. Trish is pregnant with Matt's child and they need to think how they would have to change their vigilante lifestyle for this. Obviously, this leads to a whole bag of issues exploding for both of them... I'm not even sorry, this was a blast to writ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Listen to Him
    334 18 9

    Martha and the Doctor travel to Hell's Kitchen, where they have some interesting encounters... Most people would agree that David Tennant was a pretty creepy villain as Kilgrave, right? However, having watched him as the Doctor before made it even worse for me, because there were moments when his acting was just too f...

  • With Great Power Comes Great Mental Illness
    891 38 30

    Trish realises that being in a relationship with Daredevil and becoming a vigilante herself is nothing like she imagined it to be. Better in some ways, but also much worse in others. When some new side effects occur while Trish's new powers develop she tries to hide it from Jessica and Matt. But she gets him to invest...

  • Punch or Kiss Him
    1.4K 51 29

    Since his biggest enemy is about to be released from prison, Matt Murdock thinks he should be hiding to protect his friends. But Jessica Jones thinks that's bullshit and she decides to bully him into being less of an idiot. When she introduces the lawyer to Daredevil-Fangirl Trish Walker along the way she regrets it i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blind Bachelor
    1.1K 54 24

    Matt Murdock is forced to act as the star of a dating show to keep his identity secret. "Good to know I'm not too damaged for your little circus."

  • Rebirth
    39 3 1

    Karen reacting to a man dressed like the Devil of Hell's Kitchen beating someone up in her home after Fisk was released from prison. This is how I imagine that reunion of Karen & Matt to go down in season 3. Okay, Karedevil is my least favorite ship, but I'm trying to get on bord here. Maybe it's all the fanfics w...